10 Abandoned Buildings in Florida Haunted by Black-Eyed Kids

Scattered amongst fabulous beaches and tourist attractions, Florida is also home to many abandoned buildings.

While city officials perpetually clamor to have these structures demolished, many remain, gathering dust.

But lately reports of several buildings being occupied by bizarre looking children have been turning up.

10 Abandoned Buildings in Florida Haunted by Black-Eyed Kids

Photo credit left: flickr/Far Enough right via PurplePort.com

Updated 2/10/2020 – Today we examine those buildings, and the black-eyed monsters who inhabit them.

Ten Abandoned Buildings in Florida Haunted by Black-Eyed Kids

10) Howey Mansion – Winter Haven, FL

The Howey Mansion just needs some repairs, upkeep, a few renovations, an exorcism, and it'll be as good as new.

Photo credit: flickr/skynoir

In 1927, William Howey, a well-known citrus grove developer, had his mansion built in Winter Haven.

The house was left to his wife until she died in 1981.

The couple who purchased the house were unable to afford it, and it has been abandoned since 2008.

It’s rumored that a local photographer came to visit the mansion only to find a group of black eyed young girls on the front lawn.

The females started to run at the photographer screaming, and he narrowly escaped their clutches by driving away in his car.

9) Kenansville School – Kissimmee, FL

There's something extra terrifying about an abandoned school, as opposed to other structures. It's hard to explain. You won't understand until you experience it.

Photo credit: flickr/kevinborland

This two story brick building was built in 1916.

The school was closed down in 1961 but reopened for nearly a decade before being abandoned in 2003.

Nearby residents have recently claimed that they have seen black eyed kids standing on the school roof late at night.

It’s been said that when local authorities come to investigate, they forget why they are there the moment they step onto the property.

Many believe the strange children are telepathic and are controlling the minds of these officers.

8) Harder Hall – Sebring, FL

Harder Hall has recently been given a new lease on life, so to speak, but will things be any different this time?

Photo credit: highlandstoday.com

Built during the 1920s, Sebring residents are convinced that every owner of this once hotel has died on the property due to suspicious circumstances.

One night it’s been said that a local gang broke into the abandoned hotel to vandalize it.

The gang was seen fleeing from the scene and screaming about a black eyed little girl.

When questioned further, one of the gang members swore on his life that the girl started levitating right before their eyes.

Harder Hall has recently been purchased again, but time will tell if the creepy little ghost kids stick around or not.

7) Tuckahoe/Leach Mansion – Jensen Beach, FL

The Leach Mansion is boarded up these days, and you've got to climb through some serious weeds and brush to get to it, and hop at least one fence. Is it worth it? Is terror ever worth it? They say it's the journey, not the destination - but this is a sinister journey that takes you to an even worse place.

Photo credit: flickr/magikchef

Located inside the Indian Riverside Park, this mansion was built in 1938.

The house, once part of a local university, was officially closed in 2009.

While the house is occasionally used as a wedding venue, it sits empty most of the time.

When an engaged couple came to tour the house it’s said they encountered a young man with pitch black eyes.

When the fiancé saw his future bride kissing the strange boy, it’s believed that he stabbed himself in the chest and crawled out of the house.

6) Arabian Nights Building – Orlando, FL

This themed-attraction has seen millions of people come through the doors over the years, and each and every one of them left a little piece of themselves.

Photo credit: port-canaveral-transportation.net

The Arabian Nights Dinner Theater opened in 1988, and was considered a great attraction for a many years.

However, the owner decided to close its doors in 2013 when the production failed to make a reasonable profit.

When a family of tourists were misinformed that the restaurant was still open, they found their way inside.

It’s said that as they turned to leave, one black eyed little boy reached out from beneath a table and grabbed the little girl of the family.

They only safely escaped after the father was said to have stomped on the hand of the creepy looking boy.

5) S.H. Kress and Co. Building – Tampa, FL

This was a five and dime store for decades, now it's just a place for spirits to congregate.

Photo credit: flickr/sautterry

Mr. Kress opened this five and dime store in Tampa in 1900.

The company was bought out in 1964, and the store closed its doors in 1981.

According to a recent local legend, a couple broke into the building to be alone, away from their parents.

As the couple laid down and began to undress, the girl looked up to see a black eyed young woman on the ceiling, watching them.

As the girl screamed and told her boyfriend to look up, it’s said that the black eyed woman flew at them from above, attempting to bite their faces.

4) The Book Worm – Pensacola, FL

Is it possible for a book to be haunted? If so, how would you ever determine which one?

Photo credit: thinkingcloset.com

This family owned bookstore has now been closed for a few years.

Many believe it went under due to increased competition from big-box book stores and ordering online.

They can’t offer the same great customer experience, but they still put the smaller shops out of business due to lower prices.

According to a few Pensacola residents, a man explored the building with the hopes of purchasing the property.

An elderly woman who was walking past was startled when she saw the man pounding on the front door, with a look of terror on his face.

A young man with black eyes grabbed the man’s tie and pulled him out of view.

3) The Ambassador Hotel – Jacksonville, FL

The Ambassador Hotel now servers as a hub for ambassadors of the underworld.

Photo credit: flickr/royalhurlbert

This hotel first opened in 1924.

Expensive repairs and numerous drug busts caused the building to become condemned in 1998.

Many years later it is said that a graffiti artist broke into the building.

The building was investigated when the teen was still missing three days later.

It’s believed that when his family found him, he had a frozen look of fright on his face.

On his phone was one photograph: a blurry picture of two children with eyes as dark as night.

2) Fort Clinch State Park – Fernandina Beach, FL

Fort Clinch is the type of place where you just get a strange feeling as you get closer and closer. A lot of what happened here has been documented in history books, but some of it hasn't. Yet.

Photo credit: flickr/rnrobert

While abandoned, this 19th Century fort has been well preserved and integrated into the park system.

Some local residents believe the fort has become the home of black eyed children.

It’s said that the ghastly looking kids have been seen speaking to the children of families who visit the fort.

Once back at home, these children have formed a habit of trying to gouge their own eyes out, claiming they want to be like ‘their friends at the fort.’

1) Old St. Anastasia Catholic School – Fort Pierce, FL

This school was first built over 100 years ago, and has seen many children come and go. Some of them stayed.

Photo credit: flickr/ebyabe

This beautiful little school was built in 1914.

It, along with its neighboring church, served the Catholic community until around 2008, when the school was severely damaged by two hurricanes that year.

According to a new local legend, the school is now the gathering place of many black eyed children.

A few locals have reported seeing these children perform animal sacrifices and Satanic rituals on the front lawn of the school.

It’s said that when an elderly priest went to sprinkle holy water on these macabre looking children, a black eyed little girl drove him mad with psychic visions.

Many believe the priest resides at the abandoned school as their servant.


Florida may be an ideal spot for family vacations and fun, but very few people have witnessed the black eyed children who fester these buildings and have lived to speak of it afterward.