10 Haunted Day Trips In California That Will Make You Tremble With Fear

You can’t go wrong with vacationing in California.

You’ll get your fair share of the sun, sand, and sights regardless of where you are.

Even if you can’t afford going away for days, you can pick from hundreds of day trips in California.

Updated 2/9/2020 – But keep in mind that California is constantly bustling with paranormal activity.

So, you may not get the rest you need.

Worse – the entities may put you to sleep for all eternity.

The following ten day trips are extremely haunted, so go there at your own risk.

You’ve been forewarned.

10 Haunted Day Trips In California That Will Make You Tremble With Fear

10) Water Sports in Avalon Bay – Catalina Island

Catalina Island is one of the famous haunted places to visit in California.

But if you’re strapped for time, plan a trip to Avalon Bay.

In addition to a wide range of water sports, the area is famous for the ghosts of Natalie Wood, Gabrielino Indians, and illegal Long Beach smugglers.

But these spirits are nothing when compared to the ghosts of the Gold Rush miners.

Scuba divers have heard the cries of miners forever trapped in the underwater mines.

While snorkeling, a woman claims that a cold hand grabbed her.

When she turned, facing her was a rotting corpse-like creature that yelled “help me” through a lipless mouth.

9) Horse Riding in Hells Gate – Corona

Hells Gate in Corona, California

erin s./yelp

Part of the Death Valley National Park, Hells Gate is a great place to go horse riding.

But it’s even a better place to spot a ghost.

If you ride up in the hills towards the old signal tower, you may come across a burn site.

According to local records, a house burned down in the 1980s, killing a nanny and two children.

Many have seen the nanny lurk around.

A woman even clicked a picture of her near the ruins.

The children are just as active.

After going through a ‘cold spot’, a couple were surprised to see a toy on the road.

The same toy kept on appearing in front of them as they rode by.

Scared, they rode faster.

But the toy kept appearing ahead.

Finally, they rode back and left quickly.

8) Full Day Spa in the Fairmont Spa – Berkeley

Fairmont Spa in Berkeley, California


The Fairmont Spa offers a relaxing getaway through steam rooms, whirlpools, and various therapies.

But if you decide to wander into the Claremont Club & Spa Hotel, your R&R efforts will go to waste.

The luxury hotel is bustling with the paranormal.

Guests and visitors have smelled smoke in No Smoking zones.

Some felt ghostly eyes watching them and heard heavy footsteps run behind them.

A few guests even saw shadowy entities form before blowing through them in full force.

If you want to remain relaxed, avoid going to the fourth floor of the hotel.

The whole floor is haunted by the ghost of a young girl.

You may hear her giggle or be the victim of her pranks if you go near Room 422.

7) Wine Tasting at Bartholomew Park Winery – Sonoma

Bartholomew Park Winery in Sonoma, California


One of the many exciting things to do in California is wine tasting.

But if you want to tremble with fear as well as excitement, head to Bartholomew Park Winery.

The winery has a dark history.

According to Sonoma Magazine, it was built on the same land of a women’s prison, a hospital, and a morgue.

Therefore, there’s no end to the number of tortured souls there.

A renowned local ghost hunter spent weeks in the winery to track the ghosts.

He discovered many cold spots, especially in the basement.

At one point, the temperature became too cold for him that he ran upstairs for warmth.

He also heard the choir of the previously incarcerated women.

However, Madeline is the entity that earned the winery’s position on this list of haunted day trips in California.

A patient of the asylum between 1920 and 1930, her remains were discovered in the basement in the 1970s.

Since then, she’s locked many visitors in or thrown large items at them.

6) Picnic at China Camp Village – San Rafael

If you want some quality time with both the living and the dead, plan a picnic at China Camp.

Part of the China Camp State Park, it’s a pretty yet creepy place to explore.

Even during sunny afternoons, many experienced an unsettling feeling near the abandoned radio towers.

But if you really want to have a paranormal encounter, choose a picnic site near the hiking trails.

A couple packing there stopped for water.

Suddenly, the female felt the bottles shake in her backpack and heard a sinister laugh.

The couple didn’t wait to find out whether it was the spirit of a Native Indian or Chinese ghost.

And neither should you.

5) Cycling on Bass Lake Road – Bass Lake

Bass Lake Road in Bass Lake, California


If you seek day trips in California with scenic routes, you’ll love Bass Lake.

There are many trails which you can hike or cycle on.

But you’d better be able to peddle fast enough to escape the ghostly entities haunting Bass Lake Road.

While there are harmless ones such as the old man smiling on a bench, there are others out there to get you.

The girl in a white gown is one.

Seen near the reservoir at the bend, she screams whenever she sees the living.

A woman fainted after hearing the screams only to wake up to the girl hovering over her.

With dark sockets for eyes and grey flesh, the ghost was a terrifying sight.

While the woman may have lived to tell her tale in her blog, you can’t guarantee your luck.

4) Hiking through Angel Island – San Francisco

Angel Island in San Francisco, California


If you love hiking through historical places, you’ll love Angel Island.

The former Ellis Island of the West Coast, it was the prison for immigrants heading to the Gold Coast.

Many lost their lives in the cramped facilities on the island.

And, unfortunately, their souls are still there.

One ghost in particular attacks women.

A teenage girl suddenly felt a force squeeze her chest.

The intense pressure prevented her from breathing.

She tried to scream to attract the attention of bystanders, but no sound came out.

The pressure stopped when she managed to say a prayer.

3) Fun at California’s Great America – Santa Clara

California’s Great America in Santa Clara, California

sable s./yelp

California’s Great America is one of the best vacation spots for the whole family.

Keep your loved ones close though because this amusement park is constantly brimming with the paranormal.

Many of the park’s workers have reported hearing sounds and cries, especially from the Kidsville and Drop Zone.

Some even had heavy things thrown at them or felt ice cold fingers on their necks.

That’s why they instruct everyone to stay together at all times.

One ghost you should especially beware of is the “smoky dark figure” in the water park area.

A woman working there in 2009 saw him bending repeatedly near the wave pool.

When she gasped, she felt an ominous aura engulf her and fainted.

2) Fishing at Sand Cove Beach – Sacramento

Sand Cove Beach in Sacramento, California

jean s./yelp

Part of Sand Cove Park, Sand Cove Beach is the perfect place to plan day trips in California.

You can swim, fish, or birdwatch to your heart’s content.

But what you may not know is that the park is terrifyingly haunted.

Visitors have heard a female voice saying “te papa” near the Sacramento River.

A couple fishing after 3am felt hands touch their backs.

After the wife was pushed down, the husband heard soft giggles and soft drum music.

Between such stories and the drownings taking place there, Sand Cove is DEFINITELY haunted.

1) Sailing from Dana Point Harbor – Dana Point

Whether you enjoy sailing open party sails or charters, Dana Point Harbor is a getaway that has it all.

Just avoid looking at the houses near the harbor.

Many experienced chills as they felt unseen eyes observe them from the haunted houses.

The water isn’t safe either.

Attracted by a shining light near the boat, a child leaned over the charter’s ledge.

His mother saw a dark claw-like hand grab the child and drag him into the water.

Though she jumped to save him instantly, the child was nowhere to be seen.

The boy was never found.