Scary Videos: Shadow Figure Attacking Baby Caught On Camera

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We want to start off by warning you that this scary video may be disturbing.

It’s a video of what appears to be a ghost, or a shadow figure attacking a baby.

Scary Videos - Shadow Figure Attacking Baby Caught On Camera

Photo credit: youtube/Fails Dr: MUndo

Updated 2/10/2020 – This isn’t one of those “screamers.”

This is a genuine video you’re about to see, so be warned that some people may find it to be too intense.

Paranormal Activity Caught on Camera

The video was shot with a security camera / nanny camera that parents have had set up in their home.

As a matter of fact, it’s very similar to the “Paranormal Activity” sort of films.

The footage is in black and white, along with the date and time code in the upper-right corner of the video.

The camera angle remains consistent throughout the video.

The camera seems to have been placed in the hallway, while the infant is located in the bedroom on the righthand side.

Even though we don’t get to see the baby, you can hear the child crying and making noises.

As the video starts off, there are only two note-worthy things in the hallway: a vacuum and what appears to be a clothes basket.

The audible sounds of a child playing can be heard in the background.

However, you can definitely see that there’s a  dark presence looming in the footage.

Simply put, something feels off about this whole situation.

As the footage plays, you begin to notice a black, shadow-like figure emerge on the walls, and it begins to move along them.

It’s clear from the footage that the shadow person is making its way towards the child’s room, and all you can do is watch hopelessly.

Eventually, it makes its way into the bedroom, where it remains for a period of time.

This is when the sounds of a playful child turn to the sounds of a child crying.

Eventually, the shadow person re-emerges, exiting the baby’s room and making its way back, presumably to where it came from.

It’s unclear as to what exactly happened, so we can only speculate.

One thing’s definitely clear, though: this is a scary video.

Watch The Scary Video

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