10 Haunted Day Trips In Texas That Will Make You Tremble With Fear

Who would expect to encounter the paranormal when deciding on fun things to do, like day trips in Texas?

These haunted locations will have you thinking twice before venturing into the unknown, even though the lure of thrills and chills might be more powerful than the fear of coming face to face with nasty ghosts.

Updated 2/11/2020 – From underwater spirits to the whispers of lost souls, you’re sure to come across the paths of terrifying entities when visiting these creepy destinations.

You might want to make sure you are not alone, in case these ghouls and specters decide to bring you over to the other side of the veil.

10 Day Trips In Texas That Will Make You Tremble With Fear

10) Rio Bosque Wetlands Park – El Paso

There are many canals at this location, where locals say the curse of angry Native Americans caused several pilgrims to drown over one hundred and fifty years ago.

A group of men who decided to check out the canals were terrified when they saw ghostly hands reaching out from beneath the surface of the water.

They reported that they hadn’t been drinking, although they assumed they were hallucinating, until they traveled to the next canal and saw the creepy hands reaching up and thrashing about – like they were still drowning.

It wasn’t long before they ran back to their cars – still hearing the splashes behind them.

9) South Texas Maize – Hondo

South Texas Maize in Hondo, Texas

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Families looking for interesting things to do in Texas often flock to the popular South Texas Maize, but once inside the corn maze, fun soon turns into fear.

One terrified woman advised that she’d allowed her young daughter to branch off on her own, but was mortified to hear her shrill screams about twenty minutes later.

Her parents started calling out as they frantically tried to get to her.

When they finally found her, huddled and crouching in a dark corner, they followed her gaze to the other side.

Several shadow figures were retreating into the wall of the maze – cackling and laughing with evil voices that chilled them to the bone.

8) The North Texas Outdoor Pursuit Center – Carrollton

The North Texas Outdoor Pursuit Center in Carrollton, Texas

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Considered one of the most fun day trips in Texas, this location has rock climbers scrambling for more reasons than just a desire to get to the top.

Some visitors have reported crazy winds whipping up with occasional, angry voices yelling and screaming in the ears of unsuspecting climbers.

One seasoned climber advised that he was enjoying himself until he got three quarters of the way up one of the rock faces.

He steadied himself when he felt a strong wind whipping around him, while a loud voice yelled so viciously he nearly fell.

Apparently the voice was yelling in another language, but it was still terrifying.

7) Heritage Farmstead Museum – Plano

Heritage Farmstead Museum, Plano, Texas

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According to witnesses, you need to stay away from the schoolhouse at the Heritage Farmstead Museum – even if it is a replica of the original.

It is believed to house a really nasty ghost of a woman who used to be a teacher back in the day – and she doesn’t like children – particularly girls.

One young family met her one day and advised they will never return, after the apparition of the dark figure lunged at their seven year old daughter and scratched her face.

The girl screamed and pointed upwards, where her parents saw the vicious face of an old fashioned school mistress glaring down at them.

6) Westcave Preserve – Round Mountain

Westcave Preserve in Round Mountain, Texas

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One of the more beautiful places to go in Texas is the Westcave Preserve, where the main grotto is apparently haunted by a demonic force, according to locals.

Several witnesses reported a sense of deep fear and dread when entering the grotto, even though it was breathtaking to look at, from any angle.

One amateur photographer was taking pictures and became annoyed when he saw they didn’t come out.

All he saw were empty frames, until he looked up and saw a black mass hovering over the water inside the cave.

As he backed away, the mass flew out and hovered over him, before retreating into the grotto.

5) Cadillac Ranch – Amarillo

Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas

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Some say that the soul of woman who died in a horrific car accident somehow made it’s way to this location and became stuck, unable to move on.

Witnesses report hearing a deathly scream before she appears, darting around the cars – seemingly searching for the car she died in.

No one knows who she is, but she appears to be emanating flames and wisps of smoke.

One couple reported they smelled burnt flesh but they were soon running away when they heard the bloodcurdling scream.

The woman said she looked back and saw a female ghost peering out of a broken window of one of the cars.

She said she’ll never forget the horror of seeing the woman’s blackened face.

4) Caldwell Zoo – Tyler

Caldwell Zoo in Tyler, Texas

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Many visitors advise that this is one of the best day trips in Texas, stating that the Zoo is well kept and that the animals are well taken care of.

That is, until you step foot in the North American Herpetarium – where the snakes are known to enjoy mesmerizing children – especially babies and toddlers.

One young father reports that he took his two year old son in to see the snakes and was puzzled when he saw a strange apparition inside one of the exhibits.

He didn’t notice the large snake slithering up to the glass, staring at his son.

When he looked down, he saw the frightened child faint after screaming in terror – with his tongue poking out.

3) Caverns Of Sonora – Sonora

Caverns of Sonora in Sonora, Texas

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Beware the whispering ghosts in the caves, who enjoy leading people astray in order to make them lose their way.

According to several visitors, it starts with a strange hissing sound which makes people jerk around – trying to see if a snake’s nearby.

Then the incessant whispering distracts them into breaking away from the group.

One old man was found hours later – shivering and crying while speaking gibberish.

When he was asked what happened, he finally got up and said that voices told him that he was going the wrong way.

Disoriented, he begged to be taken out of the cave before they came back to “reclaim” him.

2) Lost Maples State Park – Vanderpool

Lost Maples State Park in Vanderpool, Texas

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This State Park is thought of as one of the most enchanting places to visit in Texas, but some visitors warn to stay away from Llama rock.

Considered a lesser known location in the park that people hike to, many have witnessed small apparitions rushing towards people in an attempt to push them over the cliff.

Two older women stated that they were taking pictures of the Llama carving near the edge, when eerie laughter came from behind them.

Thinking that they were mischievous children, they were horrified to feel small hands pushing against their lower backs.

They advised that they had to struggle to get away.

1) North Texas Jellystone Park – Burleson

North Texas Jellystone Park in Burleson, Texas

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A popular getaway in North Texas, this location boasts more than breathtaking views and fun activities for the whole family.

Some claim that there are invisible entities under the water at the Pirate’s Cover water park.

They are said to pray on the young and the weak – grabbing ankles and dragging people under.

A teacher who had several children in his charge during a field trip reported that he saw one of the kids thrashing about under water.

When he raced over to help him, he saw the terror in the child’s eyes when he dragged him up.

He was screaming, “Make them let go! They’re trying to drown me!”