Native American Spirits Lurk at Live Oak Park in Berkeley

Berkeley, California is home to one of the oldest established public parks in the area.

Live Oak Park, which sits just outside of Berkeley, is 5.5 acres of art, recreation and natural beauty.

From basketball and tennis courts, to a theater and art center, Live Oak is a place where the local community can rally together to enjoy the simpler things in life.

Native American Spirits Lurk at Live Oak Park in Berkeley

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Live Oak Park has a Historic Presence

Updated 9/23/2019 – Many locals believe this area is significant far and beyond how it serves Berkeley neighborhoods today.

Some believe that this area was once frequently visited by local Native American tribes.

While today, they serve no practical purpose, some folks believe that the local tribes would use boulders in the area to crush up acorns in order to make bread.

Some even claim that if you look closely at these boulders you can see indentations where the Native Americans would bash into them with other rocks.

But that’s not all.

A few residents of Berkeley have made calls to the local police department, on account of seeing an apparition of a Native American woman grinding acorns on top of the boulders.

Most law enforcement officers are believed to be skeptical of the apparition.

However, it’s interesting that they allegedly receive many calls about it.

A Call of Distress

One, now retired, police officer, who asked to be kept anonymous, recalls his first time being called out to Live Oak Park.

“At that time it wasn’t exactly clear what the disturbance was,” he informed us.

“I just remember being asked to go scope things out because a hysterical woman had called and kept blubbering incoherently about the park.

“My partner and I figured it was just a typical domestic disturbance call, but nevertheless we hauled ourselves over there to take control of the situation.

The moment we arrived at the park, this teary-eyed woman was hovering by my door, covering the lower half of her face with her hands.

I remember beginning to think that perhaps we had underestimated the situation,” the retired police officer admitted.

“But when I asked her what the trouble was, she proceeded to tell me that she had just seen a ghost.

And that’s when things felt ridiculous all over again,” he laughed.

“But she was so serious, so visibly distraught, we asked her to explain what she had seen and where.

“’There was a girl, a girl by the boulders!’ the woman blubbered some more.

‘I was just looking around and all of the sudden she was behind me and—terrified, terrified!’

My partner elected to stay with the woman and try to get her to calm down, which meant that I was volunteered to go hunt down the alleged ghost.

“When I arrived at the boulders, everything appeared to be completely normal.

Nobody else was in the area except me, and nothing whatsoever seemed amiss,” he recalled.

“I was just about to return to the car to write a report when I heard this strange scratching sound start up behind me.

“It wasn’t like metal but it was definitely a repetitive grinding noise, and I couldn’t help but imagine two rocks being twisted against each other.

I searched the entire area again, and while the noise continued, I didn’t see a single person nearby.

As I turned to walk away I heard the sound of a little girl giggle directly behind me.

“I got many other calls since that day in Berkeley, but found that experience to be the creepiest.”


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