Dead Girl In A Blue Dress Haunts This Abandoned Mill In California

In 1918, a mill was built in Murrieta, California.

It was intended for local farmers to be able to buy grain in bulk.

The KEA Mill ran successfully all the way through the early 1970s.

However, it is said that the mill had a fire and never fully recovered from the loss.

The KEA Mill was then boarded up in 1991.

Today, it still sits empty, save for the many spirits who are said to now make it home.

The Most Haunted Place in Murrieta

Updated 2/10/2020 – Ranked as one of the most haunted places in California, many locals believe the site is haunted by a little girl in a blue dress.

When Mitchell (name changed for privacy) first heard about this rumored haunting, he decided he wanted to check it out for himself.

“I wasn’t sure if it was true, and the only way to find out was to see for yourself,” he reasoned.

“So I waited until it was dark and I snuck in with only a headlamp.

The place is definitely eerie, so I could see how even looking at that outside of the building, one can make assumptions about it.

I had to battle the urge to leave the moment I got there.

“I took my time exploring, wondering where most people had seen the little girl in the dress.

‘Is there anybody here?’

I called out, hearing it echo all around.

I wasn’t sure if the girl would actually respond but I figured it was worth a shot,” Mitchell said.

Laughter in the Dark

“After about a minute or so I thought I heard this faint, girlish giggle.

It was distant, but I could tell it was coming from somewhere within the building.

The sound made all the hairs on the back of my neck rise up.

I pretty much shaking in my boots.

“I gave myself a little mental pep talk, and forced myself to keep walking.

Proof was what I came for after all.

I heard the giggle again, this time a little closer, and I took off after it.

“I went up a couple flights of stairs, but each time I heard the giggles after that it seemed like they were emanating from the exact place I just left.

Either somebody was doing a stupid prank on me, or it was the ghost of the little girl, and she was trying to play a game with me.

Either way, I did not exactly feel comfortable,” he muttered, looking pale.

“’If that is you, little ghost girl…Please give me some kind of sign.

I’m not here to hurt you.

I just want to know if you are real or not,’ I called out, trying to sound friendly and playful, despite my voice shaking.

“Suddenly I heard the giggles again, but this time it felt like they were all around me, coming from all directions.

It was overwhelming and I found myself wondering if it had been a joke, how someone living could have possibly done that.

The very thought had me running scared out of that building in two seconds flat.

“After I was safely on the ground again, I looked up at the mill.

I stared at each of the windows, trying to catch a glimpse of something, anything.

Then, out of nowhere I saw movement.

“It had passed the window so quickly, I’m still not sure what I saw to this day.

All I can say is that it looked like a flash of blue cloth.”