Did The Babysitter Burn Down The Ganahl Ranch With The Children Inside On Purpose?

Ever heard the perfect scary legend?

You know, the kind that curls your toes and your hair and keeps you from being able to sleep at night, no matter how exhausted you are from not sleeping the previous night because of the same story?

Did The Babysitter Burn Down The Ganahl Ranch With The Children Inside On Purpose?

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Updated 2/10/2020 – Here’s a good one.

You’re in the hills of Corona, California – already this story has creepy written all over it.

There’s this house…or there used to be, at least, thirty years ago or so.

It was called the Ganahl Ranch.

But it’s burned down now, and all that’s left is a messy, scorched basement filled with the few items that weren’t stolen over time, or that were too smoke-damaged to be stolen and fenced.

You know the items well, because you’ve been here before, and you’ve noticed how the items seem to have moved around by themselves each time you’ve left and come back.

And at first you’re able to convince yourself that it’s just someone coming along and moving them, but then you feel the cold spots in the remains of the house, and you feel the presence of whatever still lurks there from the previous tragedy, and you just sort of know that those things didn’t get moved around.

Something moved them, and it wasn’t anything natural.

The legend – hard to believe that word can apply to something that happened in the eighties, but there you have it – is this:

Mom and Dad leave the house for the weekend, and the kids are being watched by the babysitter.

The babysitter, possessed either by Satan or, at the very least, by her own teenage angst (and who is to say which is more frightening?) comes to be under the impression that the thing to do is lock the two children into the basement, and then she gets the directive from somewhere to burn the house down.

So she promptly does, killing herself and the two kids.

The babysitter seems to have faded into obscurity – perhaps just the victim of undiagnosed schizophrenia, perhaps the victim of something more sinister.

In either case, she disappears from the tale.

The children, however, seem to be out to seek revenge.

The children, however, seem to be out to seek revenge...

Photo credit: wikia/creepypasta

Residents of Corona have experienced very strange things near the burn site…

You notice things each time that you visit the house – and by this point it’s really become an obsession, so you can’t exactly stop.

You notice that sometimes there are toys in that basement, and you know that they weren’t there before, just like you know that they weren’t put there by anyone.

They just appeared.

You notice the shadows that move in funny ways, you notice the feelings of gloom that surround the place where the old house used to be.

And then one day, when you’re just right for what she needs, you actually see one of the children face to face.

And she sees you, through a face which has been horribly mangled by the ravages of fire.

And incredibly, through the mostly gone flesh and the sinews and musculature, with eyes devoid of eyelids shining bright and with blood running down her chin, she smiles at you.

You’ll do just fine.

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