5 Creepy And Mysterious Creatures Caught On Film

*To view these creatures for yourself, please scroll down* In the first video we learn about the Wessex Way monster, which is a legend in England. We see through the lens of a CCTV camera, watching a freeway at night, where a creepy humanoid animal races across the road on all fours, after leaping over a barricade. It looks like it’s half human, half animal – or worse.

5 Creepy And Mysterious Creatures Caught On Film

A scared girl holding ball

The second video is about the South and Central American Duende – which is known as a kind of evil pixie that likes to prey on innocent children – sometimes waiting in the walls to drag them off to the woods. We see two kids playing until a small creature runs across the floor in the other room. They run away – terrified and screaming.

The grotesque Montauk monsters are featured in the third video. Believed to be the results of germ-warfare experiments conducted by the Plum Island Disease Center near New York, these strange, animal hybrids are washed on shore, then quickly disappear – after sightings of men in strange uniforms in the area.

Footage of an Albino Bigfoot is captured in the fourth video, by a man in Carbondale, Pennsylvania. When his wife heard strange sounds coming from the woods at night, he sets out and searches through the trees. We see a big, white creature with black eyes startled by the man and his flashlight, before it takes off.

The fifth video shows what is known as England’s Tree Fairy. A man is playing with his kids in the back yard when he spots what he thinks is a strange insect in a tree. When he moves in for a closer look, we see what look like Dragonfly wings, which happen to be attached to a small humanoid with long legs, who flies off when they get too close.

Watch the video:

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