Don’t Stroll On These 10 Haunted Beaches In California Or You May Regret It

There are many beautiful beaches in California, but not all of them were created equal…

While some have developed a reputation for being flooded with tourists each and every summer, there are others with much more creepy reputations.

Some of the best California beaches are not just home to killer waves and white sand.

Updated 2/9/2020 – Some are home to paranormal entities—ghosts and specters that emerge at night and haunt the shoreline after dark.

If you’re feeling brave, or looking for a genuinely spooky experience, look no further than these ten supernatural beaches.

Visit at your own risk!

Not all of the spirits at these beaches are friendly…

The Ten Scariest, Most Haunted Beaches In California

10) Capitola City Beach – Capitola

Capitola City Beach is a great place to spend a lazy Saturday morning.

Surfboards are available to rent right on the beach, and various boutique shops and restaurants are within walking distance from the clean, white sand.

Just be sure to avoid this beach around 3 AM.

Many locals have reported seeing a grayish apparition patrolling the shoreline.

One local claimed to charge at the entity one night.

As he connected with the apparition he blacked out.

When he woke up the tide had come in.

If he had remained unconscious just a few minutes longer, he likely would have drowned.

9) Baker Beach – San Francisco

Baker Beach is a lesser known gem located in San Francisco.

Immerse yourself in the sand and enjoy a panoramic view of both mountains and the legendary Golden Gate Bridge.

Feeling brave?

Consider visiting this beach after sundown.

Rumor has it that Baker Beach is a favored haunt for a ghostly woman who sings by the shoreline.

Some mystics and psychics believe the woman’s voice has hypnotic powers and she will lure you into the ocean under her spell.

Many people have disappeared in this area.

A psychic, who is also a gifted Tarot reader, visited the area and believes the disappearances are due to the ghostly woman.

If you’re up for more scares, check out the nearby Sutro Baths.

8) Natural Bridges State Beach – Santa Cruz

Of all California beaches, it is easy to see why Natural Bridges State Beach is considered one of the most picturesque.

The swell is often bigger here than the nearby boardwalk beach, making this an ideal place for boogie boarding and surfing.

Up for a spooky adventure?

Recently, nearby residents have seen strange orbs floating around on the beach late at night.

Curious folk have come to take photos of the light orbs…and found that their noses started bleeding within minutes.

What’s worse?

90% of those people wound up in the hospital the following morning because they kept suffering from inexplicable hallucinations.

7) Santa Monica Beach – Los Angeles

Santa Monica Beach is a famous place to explore next time you're in LA. Higher populations can sometimes lead to more paranormal entities, even in California where some of the most haunted places are the smaller areas.

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Santa Monica is a wonderful beach for individuals who are looking for a place to lay out and relax under the beautiful California sun.

Do you have friends who are interested in the paranormal?

Be sure to dare them to hang out by the bathrooms around midnight.

Legend has it that a headless apparition can be seen wandering in the area around this time.

Just don’t get too close!

The entity has been known to try to choke anyone who attempts to speak with it.

6) Marina Beach – Marina del Rey

Unlike many beaches on the California coast, Marina Beach has water that resembles glass, making it an ideal place for kayaking and water yoga.

Seals are often seen in the area as well.

If you’re looking for scary thrills, be sure to scope this beach out around sundown.

Rumor has it that a shadow person likes to come out of the water around this time.

Just be sure to look at the entity through your peripherals only…Many people who stare directly at it suffer from temporary blindness and a heightened sense of paranoia.

5) Venice Beach – Venice

Venice Beach is easily considered one of the best beaches in California.

It is a favored spot for tourists and locals alike.

Those of you who are interested in learning how to surf should look no further than this popular spot.

Surfing instructors can be found on the beach each and every morning.

However, many homeless people like to set up makeshift tents along the beach late at night.

Some of them have reported a horrible looking horned entity stand outside their tents at night, whispering in Tongues.

While the entity itself has never been seen with the naked eye, many people believed the creature is demonic in origin and will possess anyone it comes across.

4) Will Rogers State Beach – Pacific Palisades

Will Rogers State Beach in the Pacific Palisades is especially spooky when it's misty. Visit during a California rain for full impact.

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Looking for a quiet, easily accessible beach where you can enjoy the sun as well as a good book?

Look no further than Will Rogers State Beach.

This area has a strong undertow, making it less popular for tourists and locals with families.

There is also a nearby snack shop in case you get hungry.

Be advised that this area is not safe to visit after sundown.

Those who live nearby have seen a ghostly woman wearing a wedding dressing wailing and crying by the water.

If she sees you, she will mistake you for the man who left her at the altar and will scratch you until you flee the beach.

3) Downtown Manhattan Beach – Manhattan Beach

Downtown Manhattan Beach is one of the beaches in California that is ideal for people-watching.

Whether you want to watch seasoned surfers, or tourists, this is a great place to go.

There are also several restaurants nearby that fit practically any budget.

Do you consider yourself to be a bit of a ghost hunter?

Be sure to check out beneath the pier just before sunrise.

Some locals claim that they have seen the ghosts of dead children crawling out of the surf around this time.

What is particularly disturbing is that the ghost children seem to bleed from their eyes and mouths the moment they emerge from the water.

2) Hermosa Beach – Hermosa Beach

Enjoy recreational sports?

Hermosa is a great place to round up your friends and family for a competitive game of beach volleyball.

Those who spook easily should steer clear of Hermosa a few hours after the sun goes down…

Rumor has it that a half human-half fish creature comes out to hunt at night.

A few people who have come here for a nightly swim have been bitten and needed to be treated at the hospital due to this terrifying creature.

1) El Segundo Beach – El Segundo

Those who are interested in marine life should definitely visit El Segundo Beach.

Many Sea Lions like to hang out in this area and can be seen swimming not far from shore.

Those who are interested in the supernatural should also visit, as El Segundo is home to the ghost of a little girl who once drowned nearby.

If you see her, do not attempt to speak with her.

She has been known to scream and twist her head around backwards when approached.