The Horrific Story Of This Texas Bridge Will Make You Sleep With The Lights On

There is a bridge in Copper Canyon, Texas that few dare to cross.

Shrouded in legend, the bridge is the supposed home of a horrible, satanic half-man, half-goat entity.

According to the story, the bridge has been the site of many satanic rituals in the past.

The Most Popular Legend in Copper Canyon

Updated 2/11/2020 – While a new Alton Bridge has been constructed, the old Alton Bridge is still intact.

Recently, rumors of another entity has grown regarding the bridge.

A few locals have reported seeing the ghost of a woman walking nearby.

Local paranormal investigator, Lauren (name changed for privacy), was always intrigued by the story, but grew skeptical about its authenticity when nobody in Copper Canyon was able to provide photographic evidence of the goat-man creature, or the recently described lady in white.

One day she decided to search for the infamous entities in the hope of obtaining proof of their existence.

Please tell us what happened, Lauren.

“Well, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, so I parked my car about a half mile away from the bridge and decided to walk the rest of the way.

“I had my camera in hand, ready to capture anything and everything that moved in the area,” she said with an assertive nod.

Were you scared at all?

“Yes, I will admit that I was scared.

“It didn’t help that it was early, and it had rained overnight, so there was this dense fog in the area.

“It almost seemed like the closer I walked to that bridge, the closer I got to entering the set of some horror movie, you know?” she said with a quiet laugh.

“But as I made my way there, the more I thought to myself that the most likely reason why nobody had ever captured a picture of the goat-man creature is simply because he doesn’t exist.

“And it’s really only that thought—and that thought alone—that kept me going.

The Tall, Dark Entity

The Tall, Dark Entity


“I finally made it to the bridge, and found a way around the locked gate.

As I stood there I began to pace in a small, slow circle, so I could watch the area from all angles,” she said, making a circle with her finger.

“Minutes passed…then an hour…then another hour.

By the end of hour three I was 100% convinced that both spirits were nothing but a local myth.

But that’s when the white lady appeared, dressed all in the white, right behind me.”

What happened next?

“The first thing I noticed was that she was definitely not alive, but she wasn’t scary looking like I had imagined.

Initially I wanted to run in fear, but then I realized she looked scared, and was staring over my shoulder.

I slowly turned to see what she was looking at when this extremely tall, half man-half creature figure walked passed me over to the woman.

“I was so scared, I couldn’t move.

The dark entity approached her and I could tell just by the way they interacted that she was terrified of him, and he enjoyed it.

I decided it was the best time to flee, while he was distracted with her.

“I spent many nights thinking about what happened afterward,” Lauren whispered.

Everyone in Copper Canyon speaks of the white lady with fear, but I think she is innocent…it’s really just the dark creature that makes Alton Bridge so petrifying.”