These 10 Evil-Infested Lakes in California Are Absolutely Terrifying

Instead of attempting to fight the crowds at the beach, many people flock to a slew of lakes in California.

On these lakes you can swim, enjoy recreational sports, lay in the sand…and perhaps encounter something paranormal in origin.

These 10 Evil-Infested Lakes in California Are Absolutely Terrifying

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Updated 2/9/2020 – Today, we have gathered ten California lakes that seem to offer something a bit more frightening than your uncle in a Speedo.

If you’re looking for a fun day, mixed with some creepy uncertainty, then look no further than the lakes on this list.

These 10 Evil-Infested Lakes in California Are Absolutely Terrifying

10) Lake Shasta – Lakehead

Lake Shasta in Lakehead California is only haunted at night, and during the day.

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For those who like to camp, Lake Shasta has nearby RV campgrounds.

You can rent various recreational sports equipment and spend a fun filled day in the beautiful, turquoise water.

For those of you on powerboats, watch out for a black mass that likes to appear out of the water…

Those who have seen it believe it deliberately tries to make people crash.

9) Echo Park Lake – Los Angeles

Echo Lake Park in Los Angeles California has several spirits haunting the waters.

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Once known for having a seedy reputation, Echo Park Lake in Los Angeles has been recently renovated and is a beautiful place to visit once more.

Rent a paddle boat, and explore all of the new things this lake has to offer.

Word to the wise: bring some life jackets.

A strange force has been known to bump into paddle boats, and scare people along the lake.

A local psychic has testified to it’s sinister nature.

8) Twin Lakes – Mammoth Lakes

They say there are twin ghosts who haunt Twin Lakes in Mannoth Lakes, CA.

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If you’re looking for a dip in the water with spectacular mountain views, then look no further than Twin Lakes.

This lake also provides cabins for those who want an extended trip.

Just be sure to utilize a buddy system when swimming…

Rumor has it that the spirits of people who have drowned in this lake are still there, and they like to grab people’s ankles as they swim by.

7) June Lake

June Lake in California is haunted, make no mistake, but it's still beautiful.

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June Lake is considered one of the prettiest lakes in California, especially during the fall.

The water is surrounded by thousands of trees, all of which look to be on fire at this time of year.

As you explore, be sure to keep a sharp lookout on the water.

Some folks have said that yellow apparitions have appeared, walking on the water’s surface, accompanied by eerie singing.

6) Cachuma Lake – Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara isn't one of the most haunted areas in California, but Cachuma Lake certain is.

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Cachuma is an ideal lake in Santa Barbara for those who like to fish.

Along these fishing spots are cleaning stations so you can take your catches straight to a nearby camp or house to cook.

Last summer, a few gentlemen began to report that they caught what appeared to be human bones within the lake, but the moment they pulled them out of the water, the bones disappeared.

Those who witnessed it refuse to fish at Cachuma now.

5) Lake Jodie – Newberry Springs

If you're near Newberry Springs and you're interested in visiting one of the most haunted lakes in California, Lake Jodie is a must-visit.

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Ready to finally learn how to water ski or wakeboard?

This attractive yet quiet lake is the ideal place to do so.

While crowds gather at nearby Lake Elsinore, you and your friends can enjoy a quiet day by yourselves at Lake Jodie.

Recently a few folks, including psychic spiritualists, have reported seeing strange figures standing on the shoreline, clad in hoods and robes.

When these figures are approached, they disappear, but leave a strange black residue behind.

4) Lake Skinner – Winchester

Lake Skinner in Winchester California is quiet and still during the day, but things can get really crazy once the darkness emerges.

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If you like to constantly be on the move, Lake Skinner is for you.

There are numerous hiking trails along the lake, as well as boat rentals and tons of water sport equipment.

If you have kids, be sure to stay with them at all times…

Some folks say that the kids splash pad area is haunted by a black-eyed little girl who will bite the other kids if they refuse to play with her.

3) Lake Berryessa – Napa County

Lake Berryessa in Napa is well-maintained, comfortable, and absolutely home to an elevated amount of unexplained energies.

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This large lake in Napa County is another ideal place for enjoying a boat ride and soaking in some sun.

Many people come to Lake Berryessa for tubing and wakeboarding.

Just keep your wits about you if you enter through Markley Cove…

There have been reports that a malevolent spirit will attack the bottom of boats as they launch into the water.

Some believe the spirit is attempting to reach humans in order to strike at them and pull them into the water.

2) Donner Lake – Truckee

Donner Lake in Truckee is home to a strange old figure who slowly paces around off in the distance, but seems to disappear before anyone can get near.

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Donner Lake is a great place to do some stand-up paddleboarding, or take a hike through some abandoned train tunnels.

Hop in the water, or have a picnic, this is the perfect backdrop for a snapshot of your travels.

Of all the lakes in California, Donner Lake as developed a strange reputation.

Some visitors who visit this lake have sworn they have seen a frightening looking creature lurking in the water.

Each stated it had large, pointed teeth, and webbed hands.

Some theorize that it was once a human who everyone believed to have drowned in the lake.

Now the creature has evolved and is looking for a mate.

1) Jenks Lake – Mentone

Mentone, California is home to Jenks Lake, which is home to a strange entity that doesn't take a human form.

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Want a calming place to take the family for the day?

Be sure to check out Jenks Lake.

The lake itself is very peaceful, and there are numerous hiking trails around the perimeter, as well as designated picnic zones for lunch.

Some families have said that the ghost of a little boy lives at the lake.

He will try to persuade your children to come play with him in the water when you aren’t looking…

Have you visited any of these lakes?

What did you experience?

Tell us in the comments below.