10 Amusement Parks In California With Insane Paranormal Activity

Did you know that some of the best amusement parks in California are also some of the most haunted places in the state?

From shudder-inducing ghouls to frightful fiends, some people visit these amusement parks for the attractions, and encounter something quite supernatural instead.

Updated 2/9/2020 – Some people believe that finding a real haunted house is the only way to enjoy some scares.

However, they don’t realize that their nearest theme park may have real hauntings.

If you’re in the mood for a genuine scare, be sure to check out these incredible amusement parks and the specters that call them home.

The Best Amusement Parks In California To Spot A Ghost

10) Raging Waters – San Dimas, CA

Raging Waters in San Dimas is considered by some to be one of the best water parks in California.

Whether you have kids and want to teach them to swim in the kid zone, or you’re looking to relax in the lazy river, this water park is sure to not disappoint.

Be on the lookout for the ghost of a little girl who once drowned in the wave pool.

Many children have claimed that the ghost has tried to drag them down to the bottom of the pool as the waves crash overhead.

9) Simpsons Land – Los Angeles, CA

There are plenty of fun things to do in California, and Simpsons Land in is one of them.

Diehard fans of the television series can fully immerse themselves in rides, the Lard Lad Donut and a Duff Beer at Moe’s bar.

Stay alert if you visit the Beer Garden, however.

Recently visitors have reported seeing phantom hands reach out for them from under the surrounding foliage.

Those who have seen the hands say they were not connected to a human body…

8) Disneyland – Anaheim, CA

Disneyland Haunted Mansion

Photo credit: latimes.com

There are plenty of California amusement parks, and Disneyland is definitely one of the most popular.

Folks who visit this massive park greatly enjoy the haunted mansion and the spooky details and personnel within the house.

What most people don’t realize, however, is that the haunted mansion is genuinely haunted.

A creepy elderly man with a cane has been seen walking in and out of the walls in front of visitors.

Those who have dared to approach the man claim that he coughs up blood everywhere.

Some believe the hauntings are at least partially due to families scattering the ashes of their loved ones in the park.

7) Rockin Jump San Diego – San Diego, CA

Of all the theme parks to visit, Rockin Jump is one of the most unique.

Challenge yourself to the rock climbing wall, or show your competitive spirit by playing a round of trampoline basketball.

Watch out for a misty apparition that hangs out by the jousting bar.

The entity has been known to scratch visitors as they wait in line to joust.

6) Children’s Fairyland – Oakland, CA

Children’s Fairyland is considered one of the best amusement parks in California if you have kids.

Children love the extensive playground area, designed to look straight out of a fairy tale.

Just be sure to stay with your children if they enter the Alice in Wonderland card maze…

Rumor has it that ghostly orbs have been seen hovering near the center of the maze.

Some children claim that the orbs speak to them and whisper terrifying things about dying.

5) Sonoma TrainTown Railroad – Sonoma, CA

TrainTown not only has a kiddie train that kids love to experience, but it also has a petting zoo filled with gentle animals to feed and enjoy.

If your kids want to experience the miniature town at the park, it’s advised you stay with them through the duration…

According to some locals the ghost of a little boy has been seen wandering the area.

The ghostly entity has two broken arms that are bent at disturbing angles as he wanders.

4) Golfland – San Jose, CA

Golfland is one of the California theme parks that is great for people who enjoy a round of putt putt as well as a large water slide that kids love.

Recently, guests have witnessed seeing a black shadow roaming around the arcade shortly before closing time.

Those who have dared approach the swirling mass claim to have been viciously scratched and cut by its unseen hands.

3) Magic Mountain – Valencia, CA

Magic Mountain is considered one of the best theme parks in California.

Enjoy a delicious funnel cake before (or perhaps after) a turn on the adrenaline-pumping X-2 rollercoaster, or the noteworthy Tatsu.

If you wait in line for the Colossus ride, you may see a young ghost boy who likes to hide under the tracks.

Those who have seen him have said that his clothes are covered in blood and he screams the moment the coaster starts to circulate.

2) Santa Maria Fairpark – Santa Maria, CA

The Santa Maria Fairpark is a great place to take the whole family.

Whether you want to spend time with the farm animals, or play on the rides, Fairpark has a little something to offer everyone who is young at heart.

Rumor has it that a dead woman is sometimes seen standing by the rides.

Locals believe that she was killed in a deadly accident while on one of the rides because her eyes are swollen shut.

She has been known to grab people as they walk past her.

1) Fright Planet – Sacramento, CA

Fright Planet is a haunted theme park open during the month of October.

The staff at Fright Planet are enthusiast and genuinely want to show you a chilling good time.

The best part about Fright Planet is the fact that underneath the stories and attractions, there are some genuine paranormal occurrences taking place on a regular basis.

Such as sightings of an old woman with frizzy white hair and a vomit covered nightgown.

Some employees say this woman is the angel of death, and if she speaks with you, it is a horrible omen of your impending and untimely end.

Have you been to any of these theme parks?

What did you experience?

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