Spectral Stars on Catalina Island

Nobody knows why beautiful Catalina Island attracts so many restless ghosts and spirits.

All we know is, it does.

The little paradise off the Southern California coastline is so well-known for paranormal activity that ghost tours are one of the main tourist activities offered there.

Of the many ghost stories told on Catalina Island, one of the most striking is that of the White Lady.

Spectral Stars on Catalina Island

Photo credit: flickr/sparth

Updated 2/10/2020 – White Ladies are actually one of the most common types of spirits.

They take the form of a woman dressed in a flowing white dress, often with pale white skin and hair.

These spectral entities are usually not malevolent, but instead, serve as a warning or message.

White Ladies have been seen across the United States and date back to British legends.

The White Lady of Catalina Island carries a little bit of Hollywood glamour.

She haunts Banning House Lodge, originally built in 1910 as a summer home for two wealthy residents.

Her story is unknown but has a shocking connection to yet another nearby ghost.

The Mysterious Death of Natalie Woods

Natalie Woods

Natalie Woods, famed film star of yesteryear, drowned near Banning House Lodge in 1981.

Her ghost has often been spotted at the site of her demise.

Woods’ death was controversial and mysterious.

Although it appeared to be an accident, the repeated sightings of a White Lady bring up some hard questions.

The arrival of a White Lady signifies a nearby murder.

The White Lady may be the victim herself, or she may be searching for her lost loved one.

Many have taken the White Lady’s appearance as a sign that Woods was in fact murdered.

Contradictions and coincidences surround the story, and everyone from the captain of Woods’ yacht to her husband Robert Wagner has been implicated.

The official record still shows that Woods’ drowning was a tragedy, but that no foul play occurred.

The police have long since closed the case, but supernatural eyes may yet seek the truth.

Is the White Lady of Catalina Island trying to tell us something?

Is she a friend or fan of Natalie Woods, here to proclaim that her death was not an accident?