Move To These 7 Small Towns In Northern California If You Love The Paranormal

Many people considering a move to California decide to head north, in the hopes of getting out of the hustle and bustle of ordinary city life.

But between the historical museums and buildings, and the antiquated and charming traditions of town life, there is the occasional ghost or supernatural entity.

Updated 9/23/2019 – Still, despite their paranormal forms, these small towns are ideal destinations for those seeking to settle down somewhere beautiful.

7) Sutter Creek, California

Do you have a desire to step back in time, to the good old days?

At Sutter Creek, that is entirely possible.

This charming town is like stepping into the late 1800s, only with greatly improved amenities.

Watch ornaments being crafted at Chaos Glassworks, or marvel at the wonder of the Black Chasm Cavern.

Looking for something to do at night?

Be sure to check out the Amador County Model Railroad Club…recently folks have begun to say the bar has a strange room that produces strange effects in people.

Some believe it is a portal into Hell.

You be the judge.

6) Murphys, California

This charming little town is tucked into the bottom of the Sierra Foothills.

Murphys has a number of festivals that are now historically famous, including the frog jumping contest, first implemented in 1865.

Other Californians flock to Murphys for their Grape Stomp event every October, where the town takes over Murphy Park to mush grapes into wine.

How about exploring the Moaning Cavern?

Some locals believe that this cavern is the secret home of a black magic witch, who takes to the skies in the early morning hours.

5) Volcano, California

With a whopping population of 115, Volcano definitely has the small town vibes down.

Originally created during the peak of the Gold Rush, some say that Volcano survives on historic significance alone.

Many of the original buildings from that era are still intact today.

If you or someone in your party enjoys flowers, be sure to check out the ever beautiful Daffodil Hill.

Every spring, over 300,000 flowers bloom on this hill.

Volcano was the first town in California to have a circulating library, and law school.

It is also the first town in the state to hang a man.

Now, a couple of residents think that the man’s apparition still appears, wandering the streets downtown.

4) Sausalito, California

Sausalito, which is Spanish for “willow grove” is a town within the San Francisco Bay Area.

Due to development during the second World War, Sausalito is now a small paradise for artists and eclectic individuals.

What is truly unique about Sausalito is the sheer number of house boats that call the town their permanent home.

Situated on the north and south ends of town, houseboats often get a spectacular view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Unfortunately, the Golden Gate connects Sausalito to San Francisco, so the small town is privy to shadowy spirits, appearing down by the water when the moon is clear in the sky.

3) Tiburon, California

Tiburon is named after the leopard sharks that are often seen in the surrounding waters.

The town caters to tourists and natives alike, with an abundance of unique boutiques and fine dining.

What is perhaps most charming about this quaint little town is its now state-renowned event called Friday Nights on Main.

During the spring and summer months, Main Street is entirely closed off to motorized vehicles.

Instead, the local restaurants and bars open their doors and place outdoor seating all over the street.

The entire community dines together under the stars.

Of course, Tiburon is not without its paranormal history.

According to a local legend, a girl once fell from the ferry and drowned in the bay.

Today, Tiburon residents believe they see her from time to time, standing on the ferry when it isn’t in operation.

2) Mendocino, California

Founded in 1850 as a logging community, Mendocino is considered an ideal location by vacationers and visiting artists.

It’s panoramic views of the Pacific simply can’t be beat.

Now, many bed and breakfasts are scattered throughout this beautiful town, so when your inlaws are visiting, there’s a lovely place for them to stay.

This town is also home to three state parks, if you happen to be a nature lover.

But perhaps above all else, the town of Mendocino is best known for being the town in which Murder, She Wrote was filmed in several episodes.

Not to mention that a few routine visitors believe that a large, unidentified creature lives somewhere near the shore of downtown…

1) Lakeport, California

This picturesque little town is located on the shore of Clear Lake.

It was first established thousands of years ago, by the Native Americans.

Not only is this town known for its festive, brightly colored houses, it is also well known for having a strong community who love to put together events.

From watching a classic film, to having bi-monthly wine tasting and art shows, Lakeport is definitely the place you want to live if you have an interest in the finer things in life.

Everyone in town is so enamored with the town, they often forget that an Unidentified Flying Object has recently been spotted, hovering over the lake this past spring.

Have you lived in any of these towns?

What was your experience like?

Tell us in the comments below.