10 Scariest Haunted Things To Do In Long Beach This Weekend

There are always plenty of fun things to do in Long Beach this weekend, but if you’re looking for places that are both entertaining, unique, AND creepy, then look no further than this list.

We have rounded up some of Long Beach’s best attractions, parks and restaurants that also happen to be haunted by ghosts and spirits.

Updated 2/10/2020 – So, get your camera and your spirit box ready for a paranormal packed weekend.

Enjoy all the spooks!

10 Scariest Haunted Things To Do In Long Beach This Weekend

10) The Queen Mary

Be sure to visit the Queen Mary’s special Halloween tours this month.

There are multiple spooky mazes to choose from, as well as a carnival ride.

Be on the lookout for a young female ghost who tends to spit up blood if you attempt to speak with her!

9) Aquarium of the Pacific

Aquarium of the Pacific is filled with beautiful, educational exhibits and tons of interesting sea life to observe.

Also be sure to check out the Lorikeet Forest where you can feed sugar water to birds.

Just keep an eye out for the supposed resident ghost…

It’s said to pop out of the trees and scream at visitors toward evening time.

8) The Promenade (Harvey Milk Park)

Named after Harvey Milk, this area offers a six block walkway to numerous restaurants, shops and entertainment venues for easy and efficient trip planning.

Be sure to occasionally check behind you as you walk…

Recently, visitors have described being followed by a creepy black mass as they walked.

What’s creepier?

The black mass is said to be a premonition of an impending death of you or somebody that is close to you.

7) Livingston Drive Park

Livingston is definitely one of the things to do in Long Beach this weekend if you have kids.

There are three large play areas based on age range, and tons of sandboxes to play in and explore.

Just instruct the kids to avoid the tree line…

A woman recently saw an apparition hanging by a rope in one of the trees.

She ran away screaming all through the park.

6) 39 Degrees

In the mood for sushi?

39 Degrees has a casual and relaxed atmosphere, but food that is worthy of a gourmet restaurant.

Their happy hour is perfect for foodies with a tight wallet.

Avoid looking at the mirrors in the bathrooms, though.

Sometimes a yurei is said to appear, standing in the corner of the room behind you.

5) El Dorado Nature Center

Explore a one to two mile trip into nature at El Dorado.

Enjoy the various turtles, squirrels and lizards in this quiet and peaceful park.

Keep your eyes peeled for a grotesque looking half-human, half-fish creature that is said to lurk in one of the ponds, waiting for an unattended child to get too close…

4) Long Beach Museum of Art

Enjoy this small but engaging museum for free every Friday.

Their colorful and interactive installation pieces are an entertaining way to spend a morning.

Don’t be alarmed if you see the ghost of a young man pop out of a wall as you walk past

…some locals believe he was buried under the building long before it was an art museum.

Now his restless spirit tries to frighten people away from his eternal resting place.

3) Blackbird Café

This American style café has a diverse menu that offers up options for the most discerning palate.

Enjoy its casual, family-friendly atmosphere and convenient location as well.

Rumor has it that an unseen spirit likes to tug at people’s pant legs as they wait for their food at their table.

2) Shoreline Park

Enjoy a beautiful view of the city from this park at night.

If you’re nocturnal, the late night snack stand will keep you from getting hungry.

If you see a series of ghosts slowly walking towards you, try your best to avoid them.

It’s been said that if you get too close, you will become violently ill for several days.

1) Adventure City

Of all the things to do in Long Beach this weekend, Adventure City is sure to be a hit with the children.

Enjoy kid-oriented rides, petting zoo, and even an arcade.

Be wary of an unseen entity that is believed to hang out in the gift shop.

Some patrons say it has been known to scratch and bite visitors as they walked by the back of the store.

Have you been to any of these places?

What did you experience?

Tell us in the comments below.