Is He The One For You? How To Tell If Your Boyfriend Really Is The Right Man To Marry

Is He The One? Here's How To Know If Your Boyfriend Is The Man To Marry

Answering the question, “Is He The One?” is critical to your future happiness.

It seems like the people who are the luckiest in love “just know” when they’ve met the man that they’re going to marry.

For the rest of us, relationships can be confusing.

Sometimes, it’s clear that we’re just in a relationship for fun.

Other times, we’re convinced that we’re committed to making a long-term relationship work, and then something happens to sway us in the other direction.

If you’ve been dating someone who makes you laugh, is a great partner and feels right for you overall, you might feel like it’s time to take that next-level leap.

But is he the one?

Here’s how to know that you’ve met your true love so that you can give the right answer when he asks you to marry him.

Updated 2/9/2020

Elements Of The Perfect Match

Maybe you’re a Libra and he’s a Gemini, so you know that your zodiac signs are compatible.

There’s more to a perfect match than an astrological connection, though. Things have to work on a human, emotional and spiritual level too.

Compatibility is one of the best predictors of a successful long-term relationship. This doesn’t mean that you have to have the same interests or act like the same person. Some factors that do play into compatibility include:

  • Similar needs for sociability
  • Attuned autonomy needs
  • A harmonious sense of humor
  • Congruent sexual needs

These elements don’t have to be the same, but they have to work well with one another. For example, if your partner is extremely sociable, that’s perfect because you love staying home alone while he goes out with his friends, and neither of you feel as though your needs aren’t being met.

So I guess that’s really what it boils down to: if you have the perfect match, your partner meets many of your needs.

Some people assume that this means that their partner should meet their emotional needs. That’s where things can get confusing.

VeryWell reports that marriage counselors agree that only you can truly satisfy your emotional needs. Understanding your partner’s emotional needs is important, but you can’t expect him to fulfill you if you can’t fulfill yourself.

Still, your partner should make you feel valued, respected and love. He should make you feel like a better person (although focusing on self-development on an individual level is important too). Remember, though, no one can fulfill all of your needs. That’s why it’s important to have relationships on a variety of levels, including family members, close friends, colleagues at work and other people to turn to when you feel like connecting in a specific way.

Keep reading to learn how to recognize when the man you’re with is the one who meets the needs that you may look for in a longtime partner.

3 Ways To Know If He’s “The One”

The early stages of a relationship are often filled with passion, deep connection and pure delight.

That blissful form of love always seems to fade over time. On a scientific level, that happens because different areas of your brain are activated depending on what phase of the relationship you’re in.

No matter how logical this idea is, it can make it hard to answer the question, “is he the one?” If you’re still in the infatuation stage, you might not know whether you can trust the whirlwind of love that you feel. If you’ve moved on to the attachment stage, you might wonder whether you should overlook certain flaws in the relationship (because everything takes work) or view those shortcomings as a signal that all things must come to an end.

You can gain clarity about whether your boyfriend is a good man to marry by reading his signals, talking to people who are close to him and getting objective advice from an external source.

1) Read His Signals: 10 Signs You May Have Found Your True Love

If he is really meant to be in your life, he’ll probably give you these subtle clues.

1. He Considers You One Of His Top Five Priorities

The man you’re going to marry should want to spend as much time with you as possible. Of course, you’ll probably find him more interesting when he has his own passions. Plus, an independent man is pretty sexy.

He should have enough of his own life that he’s not clingy, but he should also view you as one of the most important parts of his life. If you can count five things that are way more important to him than you, perhaps he is not the one.

2. He Is Trustworthy

Trust is an important component of true love, but it can be complicated. You may completely trust your partner for years only to be betrayed at some point.

Still, there are some ways to tell if your partner is trustworthy. These include:

  • He has strong and loyal relationships with others
  • He doesn’t have to tell you that you can trust him; he simply lives honorably
  • He doesn’t gossip
  • He takes responsibility for his action and doesn’t blame others
  • His kind or flattering words come from a place of sincere interest in you instead of his own agenda
  • He is completely open about his emotions and vulnerabilities
  • He is consistent and dependable
  • He is direct

Even if you’ve been burned in the past, try to look at this relationship as completely different—because it is. If your partner has the qualities listed above, he’s probably a person you can trust.

3. He Puts Your Needs Above His Own

If he puts your needs above his own, it's a positive sign he's the right guy for you

If he puts your needs above his own, it’s a positive sign he’s the right guy for you.

Someone who is willing to drop everything to make you feel better is a keeper. It shows that he has empathy and isn’t narcissistic. If you have the same urge to help him out even when you’re not in tip-top shape, you guys are likely meant to be together.

4. He’s Not Scared Off By Your Quirks

Whether you still sleep with your childhood stuffed animal or weep when you watch movie trailers—even if they’re not remotely sad—your guy should love this about you. If he makes you feel less than perfect for your idiosyncrasies, run. However, if you ask him why he loves you and he mentions some of your peculiarities, give him a big hug and keep him around.

5. He Seems To Glow When He’s Around You

If you feel like the two of you totally vibe, it’s probably because you do. When you’re involved in activities that are aligned with your true nature, your energetic vibration is high.

You can often feel this emanating from the other person. You’ll feel it within yourself when he’s right for you too. If he makes you feel low and dull, he’s not the man you should marry.

6. You Trust In Divine Timing

One of the early signs you’ve met someone special is that you don’t feel the need to push the relationship at a faster pace than is necessary. If your relationship is meant to be, it will unfold naturally, and you’ll trust in that.

When your gut knows that the relationship isn’t meant to be, you might respond by trying to cling to something that isn’t there. That can manifest itself as needy behavior, insecure emotions and an urge to rush things. If either of you are behaving in this manner, you might need to take a good, hard look at your connection.

7. You’re Completely Comfortable With Him

The man that you’re supposed to marry isn’t overly critical of you. He won’t be afraid to tell you whether the red or the pink lipstick looks best, but he doesn’t start every conversation with a negative evaluation of you.

Therefore, you feel totally comfortable. You know that he will love you even when you’re at your worst. You can be yourself and let go of the need to change who you are in order to please someone else.

8. He Shows You Off

You know that he’s really meant to be in your life when he is open about your relationship in public. His friends and family know that you’re a huge part of his life, and they treat you as such. Consider it a warning sign if he mentions you to his mother and she says, “who?”

9. He’s Planning The Future, And You’re In It

If he’s scheduling future plans with you, take the hint. That means that he doesn’t want you to go anywhere anytime soon. On the other hand, if he’s evasive about pinning down a vacation a few months from now or hesitant about being your “plus one” at that wedding in June, you might want to question the reason.

10. Your Intuition Tells You He’s Right

I’ll admit that it’s not always easy to tell when your gut or your ego is talking. That little voice inside your head might be born of your childhood fears, or it might be your higher self trying to get in touch with you.

The fact is that you ultimately know whether someone is perfect for you. If you have a nagging feeling that this relationship isn’t going anywhere, you should probably listen.

2) Have A Heart-to-Heart Talk With His Parents

Because you can’t always trust your own lovesick heart, you might want to look outside of yourself for relationship advice.

I don’t always suggest that people stray from their energetic center for approval or confirmation that they’re on the right track, but looking at external cues can help you put pieces of the puzzle together.

Talking to your man’s parents can achieve a few things. It can help you get a better sense of your guy’s background and values. If he’s been swearing to you that he is devoted and reliable but his parents and siblings tell you that he’s a player, you need to get to the bottom of who he really is.

Also, meeting with his family can tell you whether this is an environment in which you’ll thrive. It’s fine if his mother is completely nuts. However, if she forces herself into his life to the point of making you crazy, you might want to avoid moving further or learn to set boundaries the size of the Atlantic Ocean.

Most people who give advice about relationships say that you should date a family-oriented man. Strong family ties indicate that your guy will stick around even when things are tough. They denote a sense of loyalty and support. They also show that your guy appreciates connecting with other people.

You can get a sense of how robust your significant other’s relationship is with his family by talking to his parents. Alternatively, if his parents don’t know anything about you after you’ve been dating for a while, he might not consider you to be marriage material.

3) Get Advice From Someone Who Cares

Your friends, your family and his family may be biased when it comes to the advice they give you. An online love and relationship psychic isn’t. Psychics use objective tools to get information for your readings.

Anyone can tune into the energy that exists in the universe. Unfortunately, most people don’t practice doing so. Many of us don’t even know how to trust our own intuition, much less gain access to the information that’s available to us outside of this living, breathing, thinking environment that we refer to as “reality.” In a very basic sense, psychics tap into the energetic realm, ask for information and translate the answers for you.

Just because they can pull data about you from the universe doesn’t mean that psychics know everything about you. They can usually access the information that’s relevant to your life now.

However, they may also be able to see multiple future paths. Nothing is set in stone. You have free will, and you can change your destiny by the actions that you take every day.

A psychic can see all of this about you. They may be able to get in touch with your significant other’s messengers and guides, giving you some insight from his point of view.

Here are some great questions to ask a psychic to find out, “is he the one?”

  • Can I trust my partner?
  • Is anything blocking me from finding the best partner for me?
  • How does my partner feel about our relationship right now?
  • Are there any patterns that I must stop repeating to allow this relationship to reach its full potential?
  • Are our energies compatible?
  • What am I learning from this relationship?
  • What should I know about this relationship?
  • How can I follow my heart?

As you can see, many of these questions are open-ended. That allows a psychic to see all of the opportunities in your future while leaving you the ability to use your free will. The answers you get will certainly guide you toward making aligned decisions.

The knowledge that you gain from a psychic isn’t always what you would expect. It often involves change or getting out of your comfort zone. Both of those things can interfere with the coziness of the status quo.

However, chatting with the best love psychics online can give you the confidence that you need to understand that the path you’re about to take is the right one even if it feels scary.