Will Your Relationship Last a Lifetime? 3 Ways to Know If You’ll Stay Together Forever

Will your relationship last or is it likely to fall apart? You're about to discover the truth.

Will your relationship last or is it likely to fall apart? You’re about to discover the truth.

Maybe you’ve met the ideal man.

You might think you have the perfect relationship, and you may even be considering marriage.

But will your relationship last?

Every relationship has its challenges, and it’s often hard to tell whether you’re experiencing minor growing pains or more severe issues.

Doubts might begin to creep in as you notice new things about your relationship.

Even if nothing seems wrong on the surface, you may feel worried about your relationship because of past experiences or your partner’s reputation.

Especially if you’re with someone new, it can be daunting to wonder whether you have a future together.

Relationships are a lot of work, so you want to be sure that the person you’re with is worth it.

Updated 2/9/2020

3 Ways to Know If You’ll Have an Everlasting Relationship

However in love you feel, there are so many influences on your relationship that ultimately determine whether it will work or not.

From signs it will last to signs it won’t plus how to learn more about your potential future, here are three ways to know if you’ll have an everlasting relationship.

1) 9 Signs Your Relationship Will Last Forever

Though nothing is guaranteed, there are a handful of signs that can signal whether your relationship has staying power. Here are positive signs that you and your partner may truly last forever.

1. You Have an Equal Partnership

Part of being in a partnership is just that—being a partner. Couples who share happiness and tend to each other’s needs have better odds of staying together long-term. You should both be motivated by love to create a multi-dimensional relationship, not one that’s one-sided.

2. Selfishness Has No Place

Being selfless is key in a relationship, but it’s most beneficial when the pair of you both possess the quality. Being considerate of your partner and aiming to always put them first speaks volumes about the future of your relationship. If both of you are selfless and focused on what you can achieve together, it’s a sign you’re heading in the right direction.

3. Compromise is Constant

You don’t have to share every interest or dislike with a person to enjoy a rewarding and healthy relationship. You do, however, have to compromise sometimes. Learning to compromise can be difficult, but it’s also a sign of an everlasting relationship as couples work to understand and validate one another.

4. You Keep Communicating

In a serious relationship, you should be able to talk about everything from your feelings to your sex life. Couples who maintain open communication are better equipped to handle the ups and downs of normal relationships, giving them better odds of lasting longer.

5. You Have (and Discuss) Intimacy

Being physically intimate is a big part of most healthy relationships. However, being comfortable talking about sex and intimacy is a sign that your relationship is serious. After all, the open communication that you maintain has to apply to every part of your relationship. Otherwise, neither partner will have their needs met.

6. You Share Friends

Mutual friends are great for relationships because they mean you have a solid support network behind your coupling. If you both enjoy each other’s friends, you’re likely more compatible than you thought. Plus, if his friends are in your corner, that’s a clear sign your man is in it for the long haul.

7. Common Interests Drive You

Research has shown that long-term relationships involving commitment benefit from partners who are similar. Having interests, values, goals, and other characteristics in common can help deepen your relationship with your partner.

8. Your Partner Looks at Others Less

The more invested your partner becomes in your relationship, the less likely they are to look at other attractive people. In fact, studies have shown that people who look at attractive people for shorter lengths of time are less likely to cheat on their partners. If your man only has eyes for you, that’s a great sign of longevity for the relationship.

9. Your Man is Up for a Commitment

If he's open to commitment, it's a sign you'll last a lifetime.

If he’s open to commitment, it’s a sign you’ll last a lifetime.

Whether you’re in a relatively new coupling or you’ve been together a long time, learning how to keep a relationship together is challenging. But if your partner is fully committed to your future together, that’s a sign you’re meant to last.

Whether it’s keeping in close contact in a long distance relationship or planning weekly date nights, if your man is putting the work in, he’s likely aiming to keep you!

Although there are many signs that your partner is fully engaged in your future, ensuring that you have a healthy relationship is part of planning for the long term.

2) 9 Signs Your Relationship Isn’t Going to Work

If you’re unsure what the future holds for you and your partner, taking note of the smaller details could give you some perspective. Though nothing is impossible for partners who are committed to making things work, several signs can indicate things are going downhill between you and your love.

1. The Relationship is Unequal

However you wound up together, if one of you “pursues” the other more, that could mean your relationship is on rocky ground. After all, both partners need to be equally invested in the relationship to ensure that it’s healthy and functional.

2. One of You is Selfish

If your partner regularly keeps the best for themselves and makes their interests a priority, you’re getting the short end of the stick. A selfish partner is a surefire sign that you won’t last in the long run, because who wants to be with someone who doesn’t care about anyone but themselves? At some point, the less selfish party will become resentful, and it’s all downhill from there.

3. It’s All About Passion

If the only connection you and your romantic partner have is a physical one, you might not be true relationship material. Experts note that if all you feel is lust when you connect with someone, “only passionate love” isn’t enough to sustain you long-term.

4. You Can’t Be Yourself

A relationship where you feel like you’re constantly on edge or trying to impress your better half may mean they’re not your better half to begin with. If you can’t be honest and upfront with your partner, there’s likely no future for the two of you. After all, will your relationship last if you’re not really being you?

5. You Don’t Communicate Well

Either he doesn’t answer your texts promptly or he outright refuses to discuss his feelings, but either way, a lack of communication doesn’t bode well for your relationship. Communicating is essential to maintain an honest and worthwhile relationship. If you can’t talk about tough issues—and everyday ones—you’re not building something strong.

6. Friendships Divide You

If you don’t like each other’s friends by now, odds are you never will. And while neither you or your partner should have to give up friendships for your relationship, the incompatibility may strain things. After all, if you want both your friends and your partner in your life long-term, they have to at least be civil.

7. You Change (In a Negative Way) For Each Other

If you meet someone new and immediately realize you have nothing in common, it’s tempting to continue to try to make a connection. Dating is hard, after all, so you might find yourself agreeing on topics just to have something to talk about. But changing yourself—or appearing to—isn’t healthy in a relationship and doesn’t suggest you’ll last.

8. Your Partner Picks on Others

During the honeymoon phase of your relationship, your man may have showered you with love, affection, and gifts. But at some point, if he’s rude or unkind to others, he’ll eventually start treating you that way, too. Pay attention to how your partner treats waitstaff or customer service workers—this can tell you more than you realize about your man.

9. Ex-Girlfriend Drama

By the time you’re getting serious with someone new, they should have stopped talking about their ex.

Of course, talking about past relationships is healthy because it helps you understand your partner better. But waxing poetic about a long-gone ex isn’t a good sign in your relationship—it means your man is hung up on his ex in some way and not ready to move forward with you.

Though none of these signs alone is confirmation of an impending breakup, a combination of negative signs could be cause for reflection on your relationship. After all, it’s better to call it quits earlier rather than later to save yourself some heartache.

3) Get Advice from a Professional

If you're not sure if you'll last, talk to someone who can give you an unbiased answer.

If you’re not sure if you’ll last, talk to someone who can give you an unbiased answer.

If you’ve looked over the positive and negative signs in your relationship but still find yourself unable to figure things out, you could benefit from an outside opinion.

Going to your friends or family may give you a fresh perspective, but these people also know you best and therefore hold a bias.

Instead, speaking with someone outside the relationship who is unbiased can offer better results. That’s why the best love psychics are renowned for their ability to give accurate relationship information that’s not clouded by preconceptions.

Getting advice from a professional could help you predict the path your relationship will take and determine whether it’s a place worth going to! If you’re feeling unsettled about your man or your future, a comprehensive reading could help you achieve deeper understanding.

Speaking with or chatting with an online psychic may not give you all the answers, but it’s one way to look more deeply into your relationship and your own personality. By speaking with an expert, you’ll receive a love reading that can give you guidance on how to handle obstacles in romance.

Not only does a psychic elicit information from you, but they also pay attention to your body language, subconscious reflections, and more to give a comprehensive reading. While you may feel deeply engaged in your relationship, a psychic may be able to pick up on other feelings that may not otherwise surface.

There are no guarantees with love readings, but you may gain insight into your relationship and your partner’s motives. In many cases, a psychic love reading can even tell you whether your partner is being unfaithful, has doubts about the relationship, or is ready to make a lifelong commitment to you.

Many people report positive results from consulting with an honest and professional psychic. You should keep in mind, however, that results are often not immediate, and once you receive predictions, you need to allow them time to come to fruition.

It’s understandable to be impatient, particularly when you feel your relationship is at stake, but over time, you’ll come to realize that life is more complicated and interconnected than you ever thought possible. At the same time, unraveling each part of your life and understanding yourself better can help you achieve more rewarding relationships and even romance.