3 Ways to Know If You Will Ever Find Love – and What to Do If You’re Scared You Can’t Meet Someone Special

If you're wondering, "Will I ever find love?" don't worry, we're here to help you answer that question.

If you’re wondering, “Will I ever find love?” don’t worry, we’re here to help you answer that question.

It’s hard to look around you and see people in loving relationships when you feel as though you haven’t been able to make things work.

As the years go by, you worry.

Will you ever find love?

This concern can make you feel lonely and desperate whether you have had a deep connection that just didn’t work out or never found that special someone.

It might make you rethink your beliefs about whether there is really a perfect person out there for you.

You might even start to doubt whether you’re deserving of this kind of love.

Updated 2/9/2020

Do Some People Never Meet That Special Someone?

What are the chances of meeting “the one”?

You can find a wide range of mathematical odds on dating advice websites. However, some people never meet their true love. That said, I’d like to suggest that you refrain from panicking.

First of all, the idea that “the one” is out there waiting for you may be misguided. This is a myth that is perpetuated by romance novels, movies and cultural stereotypes. There was a time when divorce was frowned upon. During that time, the idea of finding one person to love forever was supported. It’s an ideal that has been preserved today.

There are other reasons why some people never meet “the one.” Are you waiting for that magical creature that has no flaws and jives with your every desire? That may be unrealistic.

Humans are complex, and we all have the ability to connect with others in a variety of ways. You can think of yourself as a being with thousands of sockets. Our loved ones fulfill us by plugging into those sockets.

However, it’s virtually impossible to find someone who fills all of those sockets. Your lover may plug into you spiritually but have issues with financial responsibility. You may find a significant other who is an amazing parent and life partner but doesn’t inspire you creatively.

If you wait for someone to plug into all of your sockets, you might end up disappointed. A major factor in finding love is digging deep into your internal desires and becoming clear about your priorities. Also, you may not be able to establish a gratifying relationship with someone else until you develop a fulfilling relationship with yourself. More on that later.

Why Some People Never Come Face-To-Face With Their Soulmate

There are many theories about what soulmates are and how they come together.

The concept of soulmates is derived from Plato’s The Symposium. He says that in Greek mythology, humans originally had four arms and four legs. Worried that they would become too powerful, Zeus cut them apart, dooming them to live their lives seeking out their other half.

However, we are not unchanging puzzle pieces with fixed attributes. We are continually evolving, leading us to seek out people who fulfill us at any particular moment.

Soulmates seem to be cut from the same cloth. They’re powerfully connected to us, but they don’t have to be romantic partners. Some believe that we can have multiple soulmates in the form of friends, family members and lovers.

Depending on your spiritual values, you may imagine that certain souls sign up to meet in this human life to help each other evolve.

According to karmic law, what many people consider to be a soul mate is actually a twin flame. A twin flame is a type of soulmate that exists as our one and only counterpart. Allegedly, twin flame partners come from the same energetic soul, which was split into two long before this lifetime. You and your twin flame share the exact same frequency.

You may or may not choose to come together in a particular lifetime. If you consider your true soulmate to be your twin flame, you may not be ready to meet them in this human form. Sometimes, you’re not ready to join together with a twin flame because you have growing to do on your own before you can unite.

On a more tangible level, you may not be able to receive love if you can’t give it. This includes loving yourself. Louise Hay states that “there is only one thing that heals every problem, and that is: to know how to love yourself.

If you’re at odds with yourself, you can’t fully accept who you are. When you live like that, you’re often creating friction between your unconscious and conscious minds. You allow the low-frequency vibrations of your hidden shadow self to rule your life, and you don’t even know that this is happening.

Loving yourself, including the parts of you that society (or your ego) judges as shameful, irresponsible or otherwise “negative,” allows you to bring yourself into wholeness. In wholeness, you vibrate at a higher frequency, and you attract energies of similar frequencies. Loving yourself is how you find love.

3 Ways To Know If You Will Ever Find Love

Love can take you by surprise.

You may feel like finding it is hopeless. Then, the moment you’re hit with the energy of love, everything changes.

It is human nature to want to know what lies ahead. Knowing that we will find love is comforting and may even allow us to live mindfully in the present without worrying about the future. There are a few ways to know, “Will you ever find love?”

1) Look At The Reasons You Are Unique And Have Value

Sometimes being single can be tough but always remember how amazing you are.

Sometimes being single can be tough but always remember how amazing you are.

You are amazing.

You have unique, valuable attributes that are poised to attract a lover with unique, valuable attributes.

However, if you focus on the negative within yourself, you’ll attract the negative in the people with whom you surround yourself.

This concept is drawn from the Law of Attraction, which states that “like attracts like,” and your thoughts create your reality. It also corresponds with the Hermetic principle of correspondence. In other words, “As within, so without.”

Both of these notions take into account the fact that you call things into your life by personifying them in mind, body and spirit. If you spend time affirming the fact that you’re a valuable, worthy, lovable human being, then you’ll attract people who find you valuable, worthy and lovable.

This is a complex matter, though. Experts say that your unconscious mind rules your behavior. Some say that approximately 95 percent of your thinking is outside of your conscious awareness.

If you have deep-seated beliefs about a lack of self-worth or inability to find love, you have to uncover them before you can truly move forward, some say. Looking at your external circumstances can enlighten you.

Your world reflects your unconscious desires, and you can’t live according to your true intentions if you’re not aware of or accept those desires. For example, if you tend to attract men who criticize you and make you feel small, there may be part of you that wants to be criticized and feel small. Maybe you had an experience in which you were rewarded when someone treated you this way, and it has been etched on your subconscious as the only way to feel love.

Understanding this and accepting it as part of who you are will make you mindful of yourself as a whole person. Once you’re aware of your unconscious desires, you can make better decisions on a conscious level about what you actually want and don’t want.

You can set intentions that are in line with your desires. When you are in alignment like this, you might notice that you finally begin attracting the types of relationships that bring you bliss.

2) Read The Signs From The Universe

Looking at what’s going on in the world around you can tell you more about what you really want so that you can find love.

That’s one way to read the signs from the universe to change your situation.

You can also become more in tune with the energies around you to deduce whether love is on its way. Some signs that what you want is coming to you include:

  • Seeing love everywhere around you – You might get frustrated if you see couples displaying affection everywhere when you’re single. However, this could be a sign that it’s going to happen for you soon.
  • Noticing baby steps that are leading toward your big desires – Love may not happen instantly. You may notice that you start connecting with more compassionate people with similar interests as you. Pay attention; these are stepping stones to the real deal.
  • You feel really happy – Sometimes, you feel completely content even though nothing in your life has really changed. This is an indicator that you’re aligning with what you want, which creates a feedback loop of getting more of what you desire.
  • You’re running into roadblocks – Roadblocks don’t necessarily exist to stop you. Emotions or information that you’ve repressed in the past may be stuck in your psyche. It may come into your awareness so that you can release it, allowing you to receive what you want.

3) Get An Answer From Someone Who Already Knows

If you're wondering if you'll always be alone, you can get an answer from someone who already knows, and wants to help you.

If you’re wondering if you’ll always be alone, you can get an answer from someone who knows, and wants to help you.

If you’re having trouble aligning yourself with your desires, seeing your inherent beauty or staying positive about finding love, you might consider talking to an online love psychic.

Psychics are able to receive messages from the universe and tune into energy that you may not be able to feel with your physical senses. They can often provide messages that help you work on the factors that I’ve discussed so far in this article.

For one, a psychic advisor can elucidate your positive attributes as well as your shadow desires. Carl Jung discussed the shadow self in detail. He explained that your shadow can wreak havoc in your life and control your thoughts, emotions and actions.

Wouldn’t it be helpful to know if your shadow self is responsible for the self-destructive behaviors that prevent you from finding true love? A psychic can help you retrieve your shadow personality traits, which may include characteristics like self-approval, confidence and assertiveness.

You can also ask them if there is anything that your shadow side wants you to know. You may be able to “speak” to this hidden self through the psychic, revealing steps and actions that you can take to integrate your whole self.

They can also translate the signs from the universe that indicate that you will find meaningful love connections. It’s not always easy to notice these signs because we have been trained to ignore them or told that seeming synchronicities are just coincidence and don’t mean anything. The ebb and flow of modern society has disconnected us with the messages that come from the universe.

However, the universe is always communicating with us. Our subconscious picks up some messages and tries to relay them to us in the form of intuition and dreams.

Sometimes, we don’t notice. Other times, we’re simply resistant to hearing what we’re being told.

Hearing the messages from an outside source, such as a psychic specializing in love readings, may be exactly what you need to open your eyes to other signs and omens. Therefore, they may not just tell you what’s going on in your life but help you develop your own ability to see more than the superficial reality.

One thing to keep in mind if you ask a psychic if you will find love is that you have free will. They can get a sense of the direction in which you’re already headed, but you have the power to change your circumstances. Often, love and relationship psychic readings will help you determine the actions you need to take in order to bring about that change.

Love readings are an excellent tool for self-discovery. And although you may feel as though you need the tools to make someone love you, all you really need are the resources to love yourself.

When you reach self-acceptance and have a deep understanding of who you are, you can build the life that you really want. If that involves meeting a man who is crazy about you, then you can eliminate your fear of never finding love.