These 20 Signs Will Tell You If You’re Ready for a Serious Relationship or Better-off Single

Wondering if you're ready for a relationship can be scary, but it's healthy too.

Wondering if you’re ready for a relationship can be scary, but it’s healthy too.

If you’re single, you might get a little disappointed when you see other people pairing off.

In fact, you might feel desperate to find that special someone.

There are many benefits of being part of a committed twosome, but there are some negative aspects to long-term love, too.

If you love your independent life, you might be confused about whether you really want to leave it behind to settle down with someone.

In this article, I explain how to recognize if you’re ready for a relationship.

There are some telltale signs that can help you decide whether to start getting serious or continue to date around.

Updated 2/9/2020

3 Ways To Know When You’re Ready For A New Relationship

“It’s not him, it’s you.” Although you might feel like you never end up connecting with that perfect person, one of the biggest factors that go into making a commitment is your attitude and readiness. Are you prepared to put aside your needs for someone else’s? Are you enthusiastic about the give-and-take that’s involved in a partnership? If you’re not willing to do the work (with yourself as well as your partner), you might not truly be willing to fall in love.

1) If You Notice These 10 Signs, You Should Probably Hold Your Horses

1. You Seem To Be Meeting The Worst Guys For You

You’re open to meeting someone new. You have plenty of dates, but no one seems to really connect with you. Or even worse, you’re getting involved with guys who don’t want a serious relationship.

If this is happening, your subconscious may be trying to tell you that you’re not ready to get involved with someone else. The part of you that’s wounded, as opposed to your healthy, balanced soul, may be doing the attracting.

I would recommend that you get comfortable with what you really want and need. You should find utmost fulfillment within yourself; no one else can complete you. When you access the part of you that feels worthy and abundant, you’ll be ready to give yourself freely in a committed relationship.

2. You Won’t Be Happy Until You Meet The One

Again, your happiness comes from within. You can’t control other people, and relying on someone else to make you feel blissful will always end in failure. No one can satisfy all of your needs.

You need to establish your happiness on your own. Once you do that, you will have plenty to share with someone else.

3. You Need A Project

In a healthy partnership, both parties boost each other. Your partner may make you a better person, but you shouldn’t enter into a relationship with the intentions of fixing someone. If it’s already broken, chances are that more problems will reveal themselves as time goes on.

Getting involved with men who need rescuing will only lead to you losing yourself. What’s more, you may end up loyally attached to someone who is emotionally volatile or controlling. Someone who is unable to cope with life won’t be able to give you the attention and compassion that you deserve.

4. You Lose Your Passions When You Meet A Man

If the only thing that you’re interested in is falling in love, you have more work to do before you can reach that goal. Do you sense a theme here? You will be a better partner when you have a variety of interests and the drive to pursue them.

Continue to follow your passions, and you’ll likely meet someone who is interested in similar pursuits. You’ll also have plenty to offer in the relationship when you’re not waiting around for someone else to motivate you.

5. You’re Buried Under Your Last Breakup

If you haven’t resolved the emotional scars that resulted from your last breakup, you need to heal before you begin a new relationship. Of course, all of our past experiences shape us. To some degree, you may always hold your ex(es) in your heart. However, if the drama from a past connection is still ruling your life, you have to let it go before you can create the space to bring someone else into your life.

6. You’re Changing Yourself To Find The Right Man

If you’ve been struggling to make deep connections, you might fall prey to insecurity. This can lead you to change the way you look and act in an attempt to make yourself more attractive.

That’s an exhausting charade to continue. You’ll be ready for a relationship when you accept yourself in your true glory. Then, you’ll find that the right person also appreciates your strengths as well as your weaknesses.

7. You’re Busy With Other Aspects Of Your Life

If you’re writing the great American novel or busy getting a degree, you simply might not have the time to give to someone else. That doesn’t mean that you should avoid dating, but you might not want to focus on another person’s needs while you’re attending to your biggest life goals.

On the other hand, if you do meet the right person during this time, they may be willing to support you and give you the space you need to work on yourself.

8. You Freak Out In The Face Of Criticism

Although this may not seem like it’s directly related to your relationship woes, it indicates that you need to learn to communicate more effectively. In a partnership, you must be willing to accept feedback. Your significant other should be able to tell you if you’re not giving him what he needs without sending you into angry fits.

In fact, anger can damage a relationship quickly. Focus on your cooperation and compromise skills. Every relationship requires some sacrifice, and being open to making concessions will help you maintain a long-term connection.

9. You’re Afraid Of Change

It’s easy to become complacent even if we’re not living our ideal life. Secluding yourself in a bubble of singledom feels safe. You don’t have to answer to anyone and you don’t have to make sacrifices. This may also prevent you from allowing someone else to care for you, though.

Relationships involve change. Being part of a pair can be unpredictable. You can’t always forecast how the other person will behave.

Therefore, you need to be open to change, and potentially a lot of it, if you’re ready for a relationship.

10. You Don’t Want To Be In A Relationship

This seems like an obvious reason to steer clear of commitment. If you don’t have the urge to be tied down, don’t do it.

The problem is that many of us live our lives based on what we think we should do instead of what we want to do. By the time you’re in your 30s, most of your friends are probably settling down. Your parents might pressure you to “find a nice man to take care of you.”

Many people ignore their gut feelings and live life according to someone else’s plan. Being considerate of your inner desires is important. Marriage may not be the right option for you at this time in your life, or ever.

You wouldn’t be alone in that sentiment. Staying single is becoming more popular than ever.

2) If You Notice These 10 Things, The Universe May Be Giving You The Green Light

If you're ready for committment, it's a positive sign you're ready to move forward with a relationship.

If you’re ready for committment, it’s a positive sign you’re ready to move forward with a relationship.

1. You’re Ready for Commitment

There’s a fine line between needing a partner and wanting one. If you feel the urge to open your heart to someone and know that you have a lot to give, you might be ready for a relationship.

Think of it as looking for a teammate instead of a caregiver. If you love the idea of cooperating with someone else in your daily routines, you might be ready to take the leap.

2. You’re Not Afraid Of A Broken Heart

There have probably been times in your life during which you felt like a broken heart might destroy you completely. If you still feel like that, you might want to try focusing on the things that make you amazing.

Build yourself up so that you’re confident enough to know that you’re incredible no matter what someone else does or says. When you reach that point, you won’t cling to the wrong people out of desperation and fear of loss.

3. You Want To Share Your Love Even If It’s Not Returned

Thomas Carlyle said, “A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge.” If you live your life from a place of love regardless of what’s going on around you, you have the energetic maturity to enter into a relationship without getting wounded if something doesn’t work out the way that you expect.

4, You’re Not Feeling Pressured To Be In A Relationship

Society can impose subtle pressure to fall in love, settle down or get married by a certain age. Family members and friends may also make seemingly innocent comments about the fact that you’re single.

But you should only get serious with someone if you feel like it’s a good time and you’ve found the right person. Don’t let other people’s beliefs compel you to do something you’re not ready for.

5. You Have No Trouble Trusting People

If someone has broken your trust, it makes sense that you would be paranoid moving forward. However, lack of trust can be hard on a partner who hasn’t done anything wrong.

Expressing vulnerability is vital for a healthy relationship. Allowing someone to care for you takes a lot of trust.

6. You Enjoy Being Alone

This may seem counterintuitive. Why would you want to be in a relationship if you delight in being alone? If you like being by yourself, you can be certain that you’re not searching for a relationship just to have someone to watch Netflix with.

7. You Don’t Have A Lot Of Rules

People who have a long list of deal breakers and essential traits for a partner might be too immersed in themselves to give a relationship a chance. Once you let go of expectations, you’ll probably also be ready for the give-and-take that’s necessary in a partnership.

8. You Know How To Say No

Some people get stuck in relationships because they don’t want to admit that something isn’t working for them. If you’re a people pleaser, you might get caught up in the romantic ideal of a relationship even if you don’t really want it. Someone who knows how and when to say no is apt to make healthy decisions when it comes to love.

9. You’re Ready To Grow

Pairing up with someone is bound to make you grow. If you believe that you’re perfect as you are and you’ve reached the pinnacle of development, you might not have the flexibility that you need to look at yourself as well as your partner when things aren’t going perfectly. On the other hand, being receptive to personal growth is a good sign that you’ll be amenable when a partner pushes your limits and tests your boundaries.

10. You Love Yourself

Once you find satisfaction, comfort and security within yourself, you might be ready to shine that light of love on someone else. When you accept yourself wholeheartedly, that’s how new relationships start because you can accept another person no matter what their flaws may be.

3) Get Answers From Someone Who Can Tell You The Truth

If you're feeling confused about being single, you can talk to someone who cares - and can help you decide.

If you’re feeling confused about being single, you can talk to someone who cares, and can help you decide if you’re ready.

Sometimes, it’s hard to get past our conscious desires and dig deeper to learn what we’re really seeking.

Are you just lonely?

Loneliness can manifest as a deep need for connection. However, a real relationship won’t satisfy your longings if you haven’t done your own soul searching along the way.

In Jungian psychology, the ego represents your consciousness. It isn’t negative; it’s simply the part of you that you can access with your mind. You may be able to clearly state what you think you want: love, deep connection and commitment.

However, your unconscious mind has desires too. These may be based in experiences that were engrained in you as a child. For example, if you had overbearing parents, you might revel in the freedom of being alone. Unless you accept your unconscious desires and integrate them with your ego, you might not live in a way that correlates with your authentic self.

You can look at your external circumstances to begin to understand your deeper desires. If you have trouble maintaining a relationship, there is part of you that might truly want to be free.

Love psychics can help you look at your unconscious desires and help you integrate them with the actions that you take in life. In a sense, a psychic can see your “truth” even if your ego makes you avoid it by filling you with guilt and shame for not living the life that it says that you “should” be living.

You may be so wrapped up in your own emotions that you have trouble breaking through the ego’s barriers and clearly understanding what you’re really ready for.

The future awaits you, and it may take a little nudge to learn what you need to do in order to open your heart.

When you get a relationship psychic reading, you can start to recognize the healthy actions that set you up for the life that you sincerely long for.