Are Psychics Always Right About Love and Future Relationships or Can They Be Wrong?

Can psychics be wrong about relationships? You're about to discover the truth.

Can psychics be wrong about relationships? You’re about to discover the truth.

Many people want to visit with a psychic for guidance on their love lives, careers, and health.

But at the same time, people are wary of seeing a psychic because they worry about accuracy.

Maybe you’ve considered seeing a psychic but aren’t sure how accurate they are.

You might wonder, can psychics be wrong about relationships?

What if I take advice from a psychic and it turns out to be wrong?

How often are psychics right? The truth is, your results will vary based on who you see, how open you are, and the unique abilities of your psychic.

Whether you’ve already had a relationship psychic reading that hasn’t come true or you want to get one but don’t know whether it will help, there are plenty of questions surrounding psychic abilities and accuracy.

Here we’ll look at whether psychics can be wrong, and how often they get things right.

Updated 2/9/2020

Can Psychics Be Wrong About Relationships – Both Present and Future?

Although many people swear by the results they get with a psychic, it’s possible for them to be wrong.

After all, psychics are still human! And with the methods each psychic uses to develop his or her readings, variations will occur.

Still, while it’s unlikely you’ll get the exact same result from multiple psychics, don’t be surprised if there are commonalities between multiple readings. On the whole, psychic readings are quite accurate. Then again, the odds depend on who you talk to and what their personal experiences were with having a reading done.

8 Reasons a Psychic’s Love Reading Can Be Inaccurate

Of course, there are reasons that a psychic’s love reading can be inaccurate.

Here are eight reasons why a reading can prove to be inaccurate, despite the best intentions of your psychic.

1. You’re Resistant to the Reading

If you’re a nonbeliever but decide to see a psychic anyway, they’ll pick up on that energy. However, while you’re getting a reading “just for fun,” the psychic will be trying to complete a serious session.

People who visit for a reading and spend the entire time asking specific questions about what day they’ll meet their soul mate or whether the psychic can tell what they had for lunch are just wasting time—both their own and the psychic’s. Taking the reading seriously is crucial for an accurate result.

Walking in with a sense of negativity won’t help you have a productive session, nor will it help create a positive relationship with your psychic. If you lack a good connection, you can expect a less than desirable result—and a reading that leaves you with more questions than answers.

2. Free Will Versus Fate

Although some things are effectively set in stone for your future, much of it is up to chance. That means free will has a bigger impact on your future than you might think. After all, just because a psychic gives you a recommendation doesn’t mean you have to take their advice.

Similarly, a suggestion that your relationship will implode, for example, may not be accurate if the pair of you decide to enter therapy or otherwise work things out. There’s always room for people to impact the paths their lives are on, and it doesn’t always require guidance from a psychic to do that.

Then again, fate will also determine some things—though it can be challenging to tell which things are unchangeable. Of course, there’s no real way of knowing precisely what will happen in the future because there is so much up to chance.

But seeing a psychic can help guide you toward the right path as well as prepare you for unexpected events, the ultimate in navigating the free will versus fate conundrum.

3. Off Days Affect Everyone

Another reason a psychic’s love reading can be inaccurate is if they are simply having an “off” day. It could be their stress level, an illness, or simply clashing personalities that cause a psychic to predict some less-than-accurate events.

Ideally, you’ll want to see or chat with a psychic who’s experienced and in a good place mentally. And overall, most psychics are likely less susceptible to bad days than everyone else. After all, they have a bit of extra “sense” that most of us don’t have.

Still, any psychic can have an off day that impacts their intuition, so it’s something worth noting when considering having a reading done.

4. The Future Hasn’t Arrived Yet

It’s overwhelmingly common for people to visit a psychic and hear about great things that will come in their futures, only to be disappointed when those things don’t happen. But in many cases, it’s simply the fact that the future hasn’t yet arrived rather than a prediction being wrong.

It all depends on the individual psychic, but many people prefer not to dictate specific timelines for predictions. On the other hand, people are innately impatient and want to know exactly how and when things will happen.

Sometimes, all it takes is a bit of patience to see your fortune through to fruition. This is especially true in relationships and romance since meeting the right person always tends to take time.

5. You’re Giving Off Vibes

Try not to give off too many vibes otherwise your psychic will pick up on your feelings and could give you an inaccurate reading.

Try not to give off too many vibes otherwise your psychic will pick up on your feelings and could give you an inaccurate reading.

Part of what a psychic does is read not only your future but also the current “you.” They will pick up on your feelings and could misconstrue something because if it. For example, if you feel strong emotions about your current relationship, the psychic may interpret the relationship as more serious than it is.

While the influence of your emotions and the vibes you’re giving off can enhance your reading, it can also cause an inaccurate reading. Much of a psychic’s work comes from reading not just the universe and their alternative senses but also paying attention to you and your feelings.

As experts acknowledge, over 60 percent of our communication is nonverbal, and that includes when we’re chatting with our psychic! Nervous habits, tics, or signs of stress can influence your reading, whether your physical communication is in response to the predictions or not.

To that end, remaining calm and somewhat neutral can help enhance your reading and get the most accurate results.

6. Not Neutral Enough

In general, a good psychic will need to stay neutral and maintain a sense of detachment.

This is difficult to achieve if the client is a personal friend of the psychic or the psychic has background knowledge of the person.

Although it’s possible to build up a relationship with a psychic over time, it’s also possible that such a close relationship can influence your love reading. The psychic may know that you’re hesitant to give up on a relationship, for example, so they’ll downplay the negative events they can see coming.

If your psychic is concerned about hurting your feelings or telling you something you don’t want to hear, their efforts toward being a good support system and possibly a friend can backfire in the form of an inaccurate love prediction.

7. Underlying Bias Overcomes

For some psychics, personally held beliefs can impact a reading.

For example, if you and your psychic have contrasting political, religious, or lifestyle views, that can impact how they read your future. They may skew a prediction in favor of their preferences rather than what the future truly suggests.

Just as people in a typical workplace allow unconscious biases to affect them, so do psychics who are not cognizant of their biases. Common types of cognitive bias include:

  • Confirmation bias, where a person gives more credence to their existing perceptions than what reality proves—essentially, they’re looking to confirm that their assumptions are correct so will only look at information that agrees with their opinion.
  • False consensus effect, where you assume other people think and behave as you do. This can affect a psychic’s reading because of how they share information with the client. Being too vague and assuming the other person understands what you mean can negatively influence a reading.
  • Self-serving bias, which blames failure on anyone but one’s self
  • Fundamental attribution error; where we judge people based on their characteristics rather than external factors that could have influenced them.

Of course, if you are consulting with a professional psychic who maintains their integrity, their predictions should always be honest, even if they are not one hundred percent accurate in the end due to other factors.

8. The Future is Always Changing

The final reason why psychics can be wrong about relationship predictions? It’s because the future is always changing. Nothing is concrete, especially given the presence of free will, so it makes sense that the future is fluid.

It also means that you have the power to change your future, and the people around you have the power to change theirs as well. After all, you can break up with a toxic boyfriend, quit a dead-end job, and myriad other decisions that will then affect how your future plays out.

Also, psychic predictions change over time as outside influences change. This means that having multiple psychic readings won’t necessarily give you the same answers even as they predict future events.

Especially if there’s been a time lapse between sessions or you’ve already made life changes based on the first prediction, you can expect things to change from reading to reading.

Should I Believe What I Was Told About My Love Life?

The question of whether to believe what you were told about your love life rests in your hands.

The trick is, you often have a gut feeling already about the predictions. Seeing a psychic can often confirm your intuition, encouraging you to leave a problematic relationship or recommit to one that previously seemed too good to be true.

At the same time, if a psychic predicted that your partner was unfaithful, and you had found signs that suggested the same, you would do well to take their advice and leave the relationship. Often, you’ll find real-world signs that corroborate the predictions your psychic has made.

At times it may seem like these are coincidences, and no one would argue that coincidences don’t happen. However, psychic predictions combine parts intuition and observation, meaning that a psychic can sense more than we can about relationship dynamics.

Also, a love prediction may be particularly accurate if you and your partner attend a reading together. This gives the psychic the opportunity to read you both, as well as pick up on nonverbal and other indicators of how the relationship is going.

When it Seems Like They Got It Wrong, What Should I Do?

Let’s say that you asked if your ex will come back, and she told you yes—but now he’s engaged to someone else.

Or maybe a psychic told you that your boyfriend is not “the one” but your partner later proposed. What should you do when it looks like your psychic got things wrong?

The first option is typically to return to your psychic for another reading, or even visit another psychic for a “second opinion.” Of course, since things have changed, maybe the psychic’s predictions will differ, too.

The other course of action is to look at things from another perspective. For example, maybe you asked if your ex would come back, but you failed to specify which ex. If you have multiple exes, maybe you’ll reconnect with another one—and maybe you won’t be in a relationship, but rather, mend your friendship.

And if your boyfriend wasn’t supposed to be “the one,” but he proposed and you said yes? There’s still time for the relationship to fall apart before you walk down the aisle. The question is, do you want him to be “the one,” or were you hoping for a different outcome?

This is where our intuition and self-awareness come into play. We ultimately have control over our lives, meaning we can change the future to some extent. And since many of us stay in bad relationships because we’re so invested in them and afraid of the alternative, a great love reading won’t necessarily be the push we need to change our course of action.

That means even if you ask a psychic to tell if someone loves you, they may have the answers, but what you do with the information is ultimately up to you.

Where it Appears the Reading is Incorrect, but May Still Come True

Another difficult situation arises when you receive a psychic prediction but it hasn’t come true yet.

However, many psychics refrain from giving specific dates or timelines for their predictions. This is because people are naturally impatient, so hurrying up to get to the future can cause them to miss out on the present.

Because of the chance of a psychic getting your reading incorrect, along with the fact that the future is so variable, you might think that your reading is just plain wrong. If the events you’re expecting haven’t happened within a set timeframe, you may feel misled by your psychic.

But the truth is that things change all the time, and your free will, plus the will of everyone else on the planet, can affect what comes to you.

Also, a psychic may give you a subtler reading such as “you’ll meet someone in a few months,” while acknowledging that you’re still recovering from a recent breakup. But as most of us realize, “few” can mean anything from about three months to nearly a year.

This open timeline means you’re not rushing to find your soulmate; rather, you’ll relax and let them come to you. And while you may feel like a psychic has misled you, they may be helping you out.

By keeping you from getting over-involved in a relationship too soon after heartbreak, your psychic might be giving you the space that experts say you need post-breakup.