How Do Psychics and Mediums Get Their Information?

how do psychics know things about you

Photo: flickr/Jeremiah Morris

Whether you are curious about the psychic community or a bit skeptical, you’re not alone if you’ve ever thought to yourself, “How do psychics get their information?”

Clients that seek out the advice of a trusted medium or psychic typically come from a range of experiences and backgrounds, making it impossible for someone off the street to simply guess certain facts.

As such, the way that psychics get their information is a source of intrigue and puzzlement to many, leaving people guessing about how they could possibly know the personal things that they do.

Some psychics maintain that they receive truths during readings with their own unique methods, meaning that their approaches aren’t necessarily representative of all other psychics.

With that said, while the method of interpretation varies based on the psychic, there are some common approaches they use to receive the information they communicate to clients.

The simple answer to how psychics know specific things is that these gifted individuals open their mental consciousness to the universe around them.

They often use divination tools as well.

But let’s dig deeper into the question, “How do psychics know things about you”.

Updated 2/11/2020

They Open Their Inner Consciousness to Psychic Energy

The primary method psychics use to know the “unknowable” is by opening their inner consciousness to the psychic energy around them.

The key aspect of gathering information as a medium is the ability to communicate with your higher self.

Some people have adopted the term “energy internet” as a way to explain what people with psychic abilities are able to use as a means to access personal facts and experience heightened intuition.

Just like the internet is a wealth of knowledge, so is the same energy that psychics glean details from, filling their consciousness and sharpening their powers of intuition.

Sometimes, psychics enact a short ritual to bring themselves into a heightened state of consciousness whereby they can access the power that fuels their intuition.

A psychic may use this method alone to gain entry to the energy internet (some can even see this energy while giving a reading).

Others may decide to use psychic tools in order to secure the information they transmit to clients.

The key component to understand is that psychics and clients must try to maintain clear and open lines of communication.

The needs of the client are best matched to a spiritual advisor who specializes in their relevant area of interest, in order to ensure the most accurate reading.

They Use Tools of Divination

If you’re still mystified, it is important to understand that with time and practice, mediums assess how they can best access the energy internet.

A common method many of the best psychics use to access energy is by using tools of divination.

The divination tools I am about to discuss are very popular among practicing psychics.

They frequently use these tools as guiding instruments to help them gain entry to the innermost recesses of their consciousness, thereby providing clients clear readings.

Tarot Cards

Most people are familiar with tarot cards, which offer psychic readers specific messages and images they can interpret and relay to clients.

A psychic tarot reader may choose to use only one tarot card or perform a more complex reading with an entire spread of cards.

The following are some of the most common tarot card spreads used to glean information from the ether.

  • Tetraktys — Used to explore both your spiritual and physical elements.
  • Cross and Triangle — Used to investigate questions regarding your life’s direction.
  • Celtic Cross — Used to help illuminate many areas of your life.
  • Relationship — Used to take a close look at your relationships by assessing the viewpoints and needs of both individuals.
  • Astrological — Each card is read individually with its own unique representations.
  • Planetary  — Used to provide insight for various elements of your life.
  • Mandala — Used to investigate your spiritual self.
  • Star Guide — Used to explore the answer to a very specific query.
  • Birthday — Used to help you align your path towards reaching certain goals by your next birthday.


Crystals are a favored divination tool for many who practice clairvoyance.

Clairvoyance is often referred to as second sight, occurring when a psychic has the ability to access visions and the answers from the universe to answer client questions.

If you’re wondering how crystals can provide answers, it is not as complicated as you might think.

Psychics use a range of different crystals, with each carrying its own unique energies for various purposes.

A skilled psychic knows which crystal will be most helpful for the particular client’s situation and will aid them in channeling their focus to the right source of information.

Psychics use tarot cards, runes, and crystals to get their information.

Psychics use tarot cards, runes, crystals, and other tools to get their information. Photo: flickr/Helen Gurova

Angels & Spirit Guides

In addition to crystals, psychics may also refer to angels and spirit guides to acquire the information their clients are seeking.

Mediums have the ability to interpret messages from the spirit guides that go beyond human understanding to relay answers to clients.

Angels and spirit guides may provide very specific wisdom or their guidance could be very broad in nature, based on the situation at hand.


Runes are another favorite psychic tool.

Runes are special symbols that originated in Norse mythology.

Very much like tarot cards, the spiritual reader can draw or cast the runes, then lay them out flat to read the future.

It is said that the gift of rune reading was first given to humans by the Norse god Odin, providing a valuable tool for the psychic to access the deep recesses of their subconscious mind.

Runes are typically a set of 22, individual stones, but the number can vary depending on how many the reader deems it necessary to use.

Each rune symbol has a particular meaning.

When the psychic asks a question of the universe and selects a rune from the bag in response, the meaning of the symbol they pull out could have a specific message for the client.

A seasoned spiritual reader is skilled in examining and translating the symbols to provide information.


Although not technically a tool of divination, the ages-old science of astrology has been used by psychics for thousands of years to predict and foretell certain events.

Astrology goes as far back as ancient Greece when the Greeks used it as an instrument of learning to interpret the wisdom of the planets and zodiac.

Through the centuries, this wisdom has been passed down by generations as a way to predict future occurrences.

By studying astrology, mediums and psychics can acquire valuable methods that combine their knowledge of this science with their natural powers of intuition to access and provide information to clients.