Your Worst Nightmare: Paranormal Terror On The Canyon Lake Trail

Canyon Lake is a small lake town near San Antonio.

Canyon Lake has more than 80 miles of scenic shoreline and is one of the deepest lakes in Texas.

Canyon Lake is perfect for every type of water sport you can think of, from fishing to tubing down the Guadalupe River.

Paranormal Terror On Haunted Canyon Trail in Texas


Updated 2/11/2020 – Nearby, you can find the Gorge and view fossils and rock strata which are more than 100 million years old.

Or, you can hike the Madrone trail and take in the views of the lake.

The trail is moderate, but good for both beginners and experienced hikers alike.

You’re bound to enjoy the trail, as long as you don’t mind getting a taste of your worst nightmare.

Strange things lurk on the Canyon Lake trail

A girl named Melinda (Name changed for privacy) spent a weekend at Canyon Lake with her sister and brother.

The three of them live miles and miles away from each other, so they spent a weekend at the lake to reconnect and bond as family.

It did not go well for Melinda.

As the siblings sat down to rest around midday, Melinda began to feel strange.

“Sometimes, I wonder if it was the spot,” she said.

“There were two trees on either side of me, so I was just leaning back to rest my back against one of them when I felt the heat.”

And while heat is not very welcome when the weather is in the 80s, Melinda was mostly fine with it.

“I liked it,” she said, “It lured me in.”

She admits to almost falling asleep and hearing her brother and sister call her name.

Then she realized it was getting hotter.

Immediately after, she realized she couldn’t move.

“My sister kept asking me if I had a fever,” she said.

“I couldn’t answer her.

“I was watching in horror as flames consumed my feet, then my calves and knees.

I wanted to scream, I wanted to move, but I couldn’t.

The heat was consuming me, the flames changed colors, from acid green to turquoise.”

When the flames turned white, Melinda knew she was going to burn.

The pain was unbearable.

Finally, she managed to scream, and her brother picked her up.

As soon as her skin stopped touching the tree, everything stopped.

Eyes blurry, Melinda saw a dark shadow detach from where she’d been sitting and disappear into the trees.

You better run when you feel the heat

Strange things lurk on the Canyon Lake trail


There is something lurking on the trail, according to the locals.

Rumor has it that the trail is riddled with pockets of paranormal activity that manifests as flames.

Other locals, and spiritual psychics, believe the pockets are gates to Hell itself, and that if the gate is opened, all sorts of creatures that feed on fire and brimstone will enter our world.

They say that if you find the right spot and feel a strange heat, you need to run.

They say that if you let the flames consume you, they will enter our world.

The flames cannot be put out.

If you burn, so will everything around you.

Water doesn’t work on the flames.

They will burn until they consume everything – the trees, the plants, and life itself.

So, be careful when you hike along the Canyon Lake trail, and watch where you’re taking a rest.

It might just be the last thing you will ever do.