How to Prepare Yourself for a Psychic Reading; A Step-By-Step Guide

Before you get ready know the type of psychic reading you want

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Are you getting ready for your first ever psychic reading?

Perhaps you’ve had a reading in the past, but weren’t quite sure how to prepare and felt that inhibited your results?

A reading with a psychic can be an incredible experience.

The good news is, a little preparation and knowledge before your appointment can help make your experience even better.

The following guide will tell you exactly how to prepare for a psychic reading to ensure you are relaxed during the reading, and the experience goes smoothly.

Updated 2/11/2020

How to Prepare for Your Psychic Reading in 10 Simple Steps

Check out my top tips to get the most out of your reading!

1) Know What to Expect Before Your Session Starts

The first aspect in preparing yourself for a reading with a psychic is to be sure you know what to expect during your session.

The reading may not run precisely as you imagine it will, but it’s key to have a general notion of what you ought to expect.

Generally, it will take place via an in-person session, over the phone, or online through webcam or chat.

The psychic will guide you through the reading, but it is essential that you are as relaxed as you can be.

Energy must continue to flow properly throughout the duration of the reading.

Even though the psychic will do the majority of the talking, it’s perfectly fine to speak up now and then.

Client participation is important not only to communicate your questions and issues to the psychic but to help ensure the energy isn’t blocked.

Perhaps you have a loved one who recently had their own reading with a psychic.

Consider asking them about their personal experience, what it was like, the length of the session, and so forth.

Asking these types of questions will not only help answer some of your own but give you a clear idea of the kind of psychic you should speak to.

2) Decide The Type of Reading You Want Beforehand

Another key component is to identify the kind of reading you want.

If you have a basic understanding of how these sessions work and you are still interested in booking your own reading, think about what you want.

There are many various types of psychic readers that have a range of specialties.

How to Prepare for a Psychic Reading

Think about the type of psychic you want to get a reading from before your session starts.

For instance, some psychics can help you connect with previously departed loved ones in spirit, while others won’t.

On the other hand, you might search for an intuitive reading to get some answers about how to proceed next.

No matter what type of psychic you have in mind, always make sure that the reader you’re looking at specializes in the area you require.

The most common psychic readings include:

  • Dream interpretation
  • Analysis of your previous life
  • Love readings
  • Tarot
  • Spiritual readings

3) Find the Right Psychic For Your Needs

Of course, in order to be ready, you have to find the right psychic in the first place!

It can be tricky to find the right psychic to ensure that the medium reading your future is 100% genuine.

Keep in mind it might take some research to locate the best psychic for your needs.

However, that’s why I’m here; to help you!

Whether you want to prepare for a psychic reading over the phone, online, or some other method, I’ve got you covered.

Here are some helpful ways to shorten the search and find the reader you’ve been looking for:

  • Word of Mouth — Always feel free to ask friends and family for referrals if anyone you know has visited a trusted psychic. Word of mouth is one of the most efficient, dependable methods of finding a reader that is worth your time and money.
  • Call — If you don’t want to limit your search, why not pick up the phone and call a prospective psychic? I highly recommend this option, as calling a potential reader not only gives you a chance to see if they are suitable for the kind of reading you need but also assess if they are a good fit for you personally.
  • Internet — The internet is a valuable tool to locate and select psychics. You can look through plenty of pictures and reviews from previous clients to see if the psychic you’re considering is the right fit.
  • New Age Shops — Plenty of new age shops sell things like sage or tarot cards, but they often rent office space out to psychics. New age shop owners often vet psychics by obtaining a personal reading to prove the medium is trustworthy and worth clients’ time.

Never fear, there is a psychic medium out there for you!

Just take your time to do the research needed and get a feel for the reader before you lay out money and book a session.

4) Check the Price

A more practical but nonetheless crucial aspect is to consider the pricing of the session ahead of time.

You should know that a higher price doesn’t always been a more high-quality reading.

The connection between you and the reader is what matters the most.

Different psychics charge varying amounts for readings, based on the method of reading the client is requesting, their experience, their popularity, etc.

Bear in mind, just because a reader charges more money for a session doesn’t always mean they are more accurate than psychics offering sessions at much lower price points.

When searching for the best psychic medium to perform your reading, keep the following components at the forefront of your mind:

  • Ethics
  • Experience
  • Ability and skill
  • Intuition
  • Professionalism

Another great way to help make sure you pick the best psychic for your needs is to keep an eye out for reader recommendations.

For instance, perhaps you’ve been searching for a psychic online, but the one you are considering is really over your budget.

Browse around the same website to locate other genuine, trusted readers.

Many psychic network sites offer a plethora of resources to potential and current clients with recommendations for other mediums.

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5) Prepare Specific Questions

Have pen, paper, and questions ready before your psychic session

The next key aspect prepping yourself is to have specific questions in mind in anticipation of your psychic session.

The majority of clients aren’t just getting readings for fun.

Usually, they have a specific reason or question in mind that they require guidance with.

Have a list of specific questions prepared in advance of your reading.

You won’t improve your reading by asking very general or vague questions, just to test the medium out.

By having questions already prepared, you can increase the connection with your reader and ensure you obtain the guidance you’re searching for.

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6) Be Sober

While this may seem like a pretty obvious, don’t ever show up to your psychic reading under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Some psychics have reported clients showing up to in-person sessions while under the influence.

These actions are not only disrespectful to the medium but will block proper energy flow and impede your judgment throughout the duration of the session.

It is a matter of common courtesy to arrive at your reading alert and unimpaired by intoxicants of any kind.

7) Don’t Expect Everything to be 100% Accurate

Sometimes, psychic mediums don’t get the whole picture when receiving information to relay to the client.

They may only get pieces of information.

If this occurs within the session, don’t let it dissuade you or make you feel disappointed.

No medium anywhere can be 100% accurate all the time.

If you’re getting some hit and miss information, but the psychic is still providing you other valuable insight, you can still rest assured that you underwent a successful reading.

8) Empty Your Mind

Clear your mind in preparation for a psychic reading

Clear your mind in preparation for a psychic reading.

Be sure to clear your mind in preparation for the session.

It’s natural that if you’re going to get answers from a psychic, you probably have a lot of thoughts and questions already plaguing your mind.

However, if you want to get the most out of your session, do your best to relax your mind and body in the days prior to the reading.

You should especially focus on clearing your mind and relaxing your energies the day of the session.

Try meditation or perform some deep breathing exercises to keep your mind and body both balanced and calm.

If your energy is off-kilter, your reader may easily sense that, which could throw off the whole reading.

9) Get a Notepad Ready

Something else you’ll want to do is to remember to bring a notepad or journal so you can take a lot of notes throughout your session.

After spending your hard earned dollars on your reading, you don’t want to forget it all once the session has ended.

You could record the reading, or you can simply take notes by hand to keep track of the most important information that you receive.

Also, there may be things that arise in your reading, which are unexpected and don’t make very much sense at the moment.

However, if you write the matter down, these notes could prove valuable for reference in the future.

Another reason I recommend you take a lot of notes when getting your reading is so you can go back later to mark off things that have come to fruition after your psychic predicted them.

10) Schedule a Reading

After you’ve chosen the reader you want to go with, simply set your appointment.

Choose a date and time where you’ll have a sufficient window ahead of and following your session to relax and focus.

schedule an appointment with a psychic so you're ready to go

Some psychic networks and companies allow you to schedule your reading over the phone.

If you would rather do a phone reading instead of an in-person session, you will have considerably more options when picking a reader.

In addition, telephone psychic readings are very flexible and save more time because you don’t have to leave the house and travel to your session.

And of course, you could speak to a medium anywhere in the world without issue.

Bonus Tips

If you found this article, it’s likely because you were searching for guidance and how to prepare for a psychic reading.

If you’re contemplating setting an appointment with a psychic, you likely have a plethora of unanswered questions on your mind.

Here are my final, last-minute tips to help ensure you have a positive experience.

  • Feel free to take notes during your reading. Many psychics actually advise note-taking, especially because you will never be able to remember all the information provided to you. So, bring a notepad or journal to your reading so you can write down the key points.
  • The day prior to your reading, think about the questions you want to ask the psychic. It’s fine to be a little nervous, but try your best to relax first.
  • If you speak to a psychic by phone, or get a psychic reading online, be sure that you are in a quiet, comfortable, and distraction-free place with a strong connection.
  • If your session is online, switch off your mobile device so you can focus all your energy and attention on the information being relayed.
  • Chat with the psychic for a few minutes to achieve a heightened comfort level and help the session move with greater ease.

Finally, don’t forget to relax and enjoy your session!

It’s perfectly acceptable and advisable to participate and speak up from time to time during your reading.

Ask the psychic any questions you have and enjoy the reading.

By understanding how to get everything set up properly and thoroughly, you will not only be in a more centered, calm state of mind when the session takes places, but you will ensure that you get the most out of your experience.