12 Sure-Fire Signs and Symptoms That You Have Clairsentience


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Individuals who are clairsentient have the ability to sense and feel things with clarity about the places and people around them.

Clairsentients can sense what other people are thinking or feeling without anyone ever saying a word.

If any of the following describes you, you could have this unique gift:

  • You think to yourself, “I know exactly what’s going on with her!”.
  • You feel emotionally drained after spending long periods around groups of people.
  • You trust your gut feelings over what you see at face value.
  • You can read a room within moments of walking in.
  • You know what people are thinking and feeling without even having to ask.
  • You feel other people’s emotions as strongly as they do.
  • People sometimes think you’re overly emotional.
  • Friends and family have commented about your sharp intuition that is always on point.

Sound familiar?

Top 12 Ways To Know That You Have Clairsentience

Updated 2/11/2020

1) You Feel Drained of Energy After Being With a Large Group

Individuals with the gift of clairsentience engage with the energy surrounding them from people and their environment, sensing the aura very strongly.

Because clairsentients are so in tune with the energy around them, spending significant periods with large groups of people can be extremely draining.

They can easily sense and gauge the emotions of the people they are with.

As such, it is normal for a clairsentient to feel very worn out after group gatherings, requiring time to rest and recharge with a quiet time of peaceful solitude.

2) You Can Feel the Energy in a Room

Have you ever entered a room after an argument ended and could just sense that a conflict had happened, without any real way of knowing a fight had taken place?

Situations like conflict fill a room with negative energy, even after the argument has ended and the parties have walked away.

That remaining energy is both noticeable and tangible to individuals with clairsentience, which is one reason why they feel so drained after spending too much time with crowds of other people.

It is not uncommon for clairsentients to carry a protective object like a black tourmaline crystal with them to help combat conflicting energies and balance their aura when out in public.

3) Your Instincts About Places, People, and Situations is Usually Accurate

clairsentient traits

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Have you ever had a “gut” feeling or instinct about someone or a situation, and it turned to be to completely spot-on?

If you can sense other people’s intent and feelings without them verbalizing these thoughts or any logical reason to support your intuitive assessment, this can be a definite sign that you have the gift of clairsentience.

Clairsentients are deeply intuitive people.

They often just know how a situation is going to turn out or what a person will do, without any palpable explanation for it.

You might find that your friends come to you for insight, such as for advice about a potential partner after their first date.

Perhaps in the past, your gut intuition told you to stay away from someone, and they turned out to be bad news, proving your initial assessment correct.

Maybe you previously found yourself in the midst of a challenging situation where the way forward seemed murky, but you just had a feeling about how it would play out, which eventually came to fruition.

Whatever the situation, if you are clairsentient, you can be sure the ability will reveal itself time and time again, giving you uncanny insight regarding the people, places, and situations you encounter.

4) You Suddenly Feel Random Emotions And Don’t Why

Do you often feel overcome with a variety of emotions for no apparent cause?

These random emotions don’t necessarily mean your hormones are out of balance — instead, this could be a clear sign of clairsentience.

The spirit guides and energy are everywhere, surrounding you wherever you go.

So you will feel these energies keenly and their aura can impact you more deeply at times than others.

5) You Experience Other People’s Emotional and Physical Pain Like it’s Your Own

Have you ever been with a person who was in physical pain, and somehow felt their exact pain yourself?

Individuals with clairsentience don’t just feel mental energy, but physical pain as well.

If you frequently find yourself feeling other people’s emotional and physical pain, it is best to extract yourself from these types of situations as best you can for your own sake.

6) Your Gut Feelings and Intuition Are Unusually Strong

If you frequently get gut feelings that are not only strong but accurate, this is another clear indicator of clairsentience.

Individuals with this ability can pinpoint the thoughts, feelings, and motivations of other people without saying a word to them.

If all the signs indicate that you are clairsentient, you should trust your gut, as it will serve you well for many of life’s twist and turns ahead.

7) When Someone Has a Bad Day You Can Tell Without Trying (Even When They Attempt to Hide It)

Have you ever met up with a friend, asked them how they were doing, and knew right away when they said “I’m good!” that it wasn’t true?

If you’ve ever had friends ask you how you knew exactly what they were feeling, this is another indicator that you have clairsentience.

Even when your friend appears bright eyed and bushy tailed to the outside world, with a big smile and cheery disposition, you know right away what’s really going on in their head.

8) Watching the News Bothers You on a Deep Level

If you try to avoid the news, such as radio stations, TV programs, and the newspaper at all costs, this is a frequent sign that you have psychic clairsentience.


Because it is so easy for you to pick up on vibes and energy, and upsetting news stories are bursting with negative, and even destructive energy.

For example, if you read a story about families who lost their homes in a hurricane, you will feel their anxiety, despair, and terror just as keenly as if you were experiencing their tragedy yourself.

9) Emotional Movies Easily Bring You to Tears

While it’s natural to feel emotional when you watch some of your favorite Hollywood flicks, if you’re clairsentient, you’re going to feel things way more than the average movie viewer.

If clairsentience is one of your abilities, you will be so in tune with the energy of the characters in the movie that you will actually be able to feel the emotions they are portraying on screen.

It’s not surprising that after a two-hour film, you might feel completely wiped.

10) People Ask Why You’re So Sensitive

a symptom of clairsentience is being an empath

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Are you tired of people telling you that you’re just too sensitive?

Perhaps your friends and family have called you empathetic in the past as a way to describe your keen sensitivity to the thoughts and feelings of others.

If you are clairsentient, this couldn’t be more spot-on.

Individuals with this ability who also feel things physically are often called empaths.

Empaths can pinpoint the thoughts and feelings of other people.

If you are someone that your friends and family turn to when they’re going through a difficult period because they know you’ll understand their pain, this is another sign that you have clairsentience.

11) You Are Completely “In-Tune” and Sensitive to Your Environment

Do even the slightest changes in a room or your environment affect you?

When you see clutter in the space you’re in, do you feel your mind start to race and impede your work?

Individuals with the ability of clairsentience are extremely in tune with their environments because each space comes with its own unique aura.

For example, if you are hunting for an apartment and the environment gives you the wrong energy, you might decide not to rent it.

If changes in your space throw you off balance or make you feel on edge, these are clear signs that you could be clairsentient.

12) You Look Beyond the Surface

A final sign that you are clairsentient is when you look beyond the surface to see the truth in any situation.

While others may take things at face value, you don’t just trust what people tell you.

Instead, you trust your intuition and how you feel about a person, place, or scenario.

Because of your gift of clairsentience, you can read individuals and environments in ways that others can’t even imagine or understand.