45 Jaw-Dropping Views from the World’s Most Amazing Hiking Trails

Do you enjoy looking at a stunning view?

Great! Because you’re about to discover 45 jaw-dropping views from the world’s most amazing hiking trails.

There are so many different kinds of landscapes to enjoy.

You can hike up tall mountains.

You can explore hidden valleys.

And, of course, lakes and oceans are gorgeous as well.

45 Jaw-Dropping Views from the World's Most Amazing Hiking Trails

Rim to Rim Grand Canyon View

Updated 2/9/2020 – No matter where you are in the world, there are hiking trails with an incredible view nearby.

Some of these hiking trails are pretty tough, but others are great for families.

Take some time to research these locations, and see if one fits your vacation needs.

All of these places are picture perfect, and we promise that they’ll live up to your expectations.

From tropical places to desert spots to highlands and mountain ranges, there is something for everyone.

The best part is that the hikes can take as long as you want.

Need a day hike? No problem!

What about a week? Sure!

Even longer? There’s a spot for you.

Read on to see our favorite picks.

45 Jaw-Dropping Views from the World’s Most Amazing Hiking Trails

1.) Yoshida Trail, Mount Fuji, Japan

1.) Yoshida Trail - hiking trails

If you want to visit Mount Fuji, try out this hike.

Instead of a week of tough activity, there are 9 mile hiking trails that gives you awesome views.

Most people can hike this section in one day.

That makes this spot a great place for a day trip or overnight visit.

2.) Tonquin Valley, Canadian Rockies, Alberta, Canada

2.) Tonquin Valley - hiking trails

One of the best parts of this area is the gorgeous mountain ranges.

There are lakes and hills to explore.

This range is especially scenic in the fall, when the leaves change color.

You can go on short hikes or longer ones, depending on your activity levels.

3.) Jomolhari, Bhutan

3.) Jomolhari - hiking trails

When you want longer hiking trails, look to Bhutan.

This one to two week trail has plenty of great views.

You can catch sight of different ruins and landmarks on the centuries-old path.

It’s also possible to enjoy the hiking trails slower and see lots of mountain views.

4.) Buckskin Gulch, Utah

4.) Buckskin Gulch - hiking trails

This beautiful trail in Utah is famous around the world for its rock formations.

The hiking trails cut through one of the longest canyons in the world, and the red rock is quite scenic.

The best part is that this trail can be completed in less than a day.

Try out this hike with a family.

5.) Bibbulmun Track, Australia

5.) Bibbulmun Track - hiking trails

These hiking trails take anywhere from one to two months.

That might seem like a lot, but it’s a gorgeous way to walk through different types of scenery.

There is plenty of expansive beach space to enjoy.

You’ll also get to walk through beautiful green spaces on the coast of Australia.

6.) Cordillera Apolobamba, Bolivia

6.) Cordillera Apolobamba

These hiking trails follow the border between Peru and Bolivia.

The entire trail is about seventy miles long, but it can be completed within a week.

It’s not traveled that often, so tourists can enjoy plenty of peace and quiet as they hike.

Check out all the awesome plants that you’ll see along the way!

7.) Pays Dogon, Mali

7.) Pays Dogon

One of the best parts about these hiking trails are their unchanged nature.

Many of the villages you’ll see have been there for hundreds of years.

There are beautiful views from the rock formations all across the hiking trails.

It’s also great to see what life might have been like hundreds of years ago.

Check this trek out!

8.) Gunung Rinjani, Indonesia

8.) Gunung Rinjani

Sometimes people don’t pay attention to Mount Rinjani.

That’s a shame, because it’s one of the largest active volcanos in Indonesia.

Don’t worry, the hike is perfectly safe.

Make sure to leave three or four days to complete the trek, but it’ll be worth it.

The mountain gives you lovely views.

9.) Santa Cruz Trek, Cordillera Blanca, Peru

9.) Santa Cruz Trek

This trek is one of the most popular ones in Peru.

If you have four or five days to hike, make sure to check it out.

You can see plenty of mountains, lakes, and rivers.

You’ll also avoid the tourists who head to more popular spots.

That means more space and fewer people when you hike.

10.) Israel National Trail, Israel

10.) Israel National Trail

When you want to see all of Israel, try out these hiking trails.

There are nearly six hundred miles to choose from.

If you do the hiking trails from start to finish, you can go from the Lebanese border all the way to the Red Sea.

The views from the mountains and valleys are incredible.

11.) Cape Wrath Trail, Scotland

11.) Cape Wrath Trail

This trail is challenging for everyone.

Even an experienced hiker will need about three weeks to finish it.

However, the payoff is worth it.

The views from these mountains will make up for your tired legs.

Plus, you can brag about finishing the toughest hike in the UK!

12.) Long Range Traverse, Newfoundland, Canada

12.) Long Range Traverse

There are a few challenges with this particular trail.

Not everyone can hike it.

First, you have to get a permit.

You need to show that you have navigational skills.

The plus side is that these 21 miles of unmarked hiking trails are pristine and beautiful.

Take your chances and see if you can get a permit!

13.) Laugavegurinn Trail, Iceland

13.) Laugavegurinn Trail

Only a few hiking trails in the world have as much variety as this trek in Iceland.

There are hot springs for you to swim in and glaciers to admire.

You will pass through so many different types of landscapes, and there are plenty of plants and animals to enjoy.

Put this trail on your list!

14.) Muliwai Trail, Hawaii

14.) Muliwai Trail

The eighteen miles of this trail are pretty tough.

Thankfully, there are stairs to get you through the steeper sections.

The trail passes through two different valleys.

At the end, you can relax on one of the black sand beaches Hawaii is famous for.

Just make sure to leave time for the whole trail.

15.) Torres del Paine Circuit, Chile

15.) Torres del Paine Circuit

When you have a free ten days, look for this trail.

The fifty mile trail runs around the mountain range it’s named for.

Instead of spending all your time hiking up and down, use this trail to go around the whole range.

There are plenty of spots for awesome pictures.

16.) Simien Mountains National Park, Ethiopia

16.) Simien Mountains National Park

You might not have heard of this park before.

Fix that mistake now!

There are miles of different hiking trails to enjoy in this park.

The best part is enjoying the view of different rock formations.

Whether you want to hike for a day, a week, or more, there will be a trail here for you.

17.) Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

17.) Mount Kilimanjaro

You’ve definitely heard of this beautiful mountain before.

The trail to the top is steep.

Make sure to leave about a week to complete the hike.

You’ll need the prep time to adjust to the altitude.

Once you reach the top, you’ll get a beautiful view above the clouds.

Enjoy the scenery!

18.) Fitz Roy Trek, Patagonia, Argentina

18.) Fitz Roy Trek

This hike is another famous route.

You can see all of Mount Fitzroy if you do this hike.

The average trail length is about 40 miles, but hikers complete that distance in different times.

Be prepared for lovely mountain views, and maybe even some awesome lakes.

There will be plenty of great pictures.

19.) Everest Base Camp Trek, Nepal

19.) Everest Base Camp Trek

This particular mountain trek doesn’t really need an explanation.

Even though this hike takes you to the base camp, that’s already about 17,000 feet above sea level.

You might not get to the top of Everest, but you get close.

There are plenty of opportunities for awesome pictures!

20.) Queen Charlotte Track, New Zealand

20.) Queen Charlotte Track

The hike around this circuit only takes three to five days.

That’s easy to fit into a vacation.

When you complete this trek circuit, you’ll see forty miles of gorgeous scenery from around New Zealand.

That includes jungles, plenty of beautiful lakes and oceans, and lots of wildlife.

21.) Zion Narrows, Utah, United States

21.) Zion Narrows

Even National Geographic thinks that this hike is a must-do.

The trail only reaches about four miles.

Don’t let that fool you.

The beautiful rock formations and colors make it a gorgeous few hours.

You’ll love the river and the canyon as you walk through.

Put this trek on your list.

22.) Yosemite Grand Traverse, California, United States

22.) Yosemite Grand Traverse

When you have a spare week, check out this trail.

It ranges through the beautiful Yosemite national park.

You will get to see famous mountains and rock formations.

There are pretty lakes throughout the trail.

There’s also a chance that you might see some native animals!

23.) Overland Track, Australia

23.) Overland Track

You’ve probably heard of this particular hike.

This trek covers about fifty miles, and it allows you to walk across plenty of land in Australia.

It’s one of the most popular hikes on the continent.

You can go through different mountains, enjoy a huge lake, and walk on a wooden path through forests.

24.) Mountains of the Moon, Uganda

24.) Mountains of the Moon

These mountains aren’t very well-known.

That’s great for you, because there won’t be lots of tourists!

There are many different hiking trails that you can take.

When you need a break, the forests and surrounding plains give you options for resting.

Make sure to look up this mountain range.

25.) Tour de Mont Blanc, France

25.) Tour de Mont Blanc

The hiking trails around this mountain take about ten days.

However, some marathon runners can finish the trek in 24 hours!

Don’t let that stop you from checking out the awesome mountain peaks.

You’ll enjoy plenty of forest and mountain scenery if you choose to walk these hundred miles.

It’s so beautiful it’s well worth the effort.

26.) Chilkoot Trail, Alaska and Yukon Territory, U.S. and Canada

26.) Chilkoot Trail

This trail is famous because of the Yukon gold rush.

Maybe if you hike it, you’ll find some gold!

Even though that probably won’t happen, these hiking trails are worth a visit.

You can go through plenty of mountain terrain, but there are also great river views along the way.

Make sure to check it out!

27.) Bay of Fires, Tasmania, Australia

27.) Bay of Fires

What an awesome name for a trail!

This four day hike takes you along part of Tasmania’s coast.

You can enjoy scenery from several different bays in the area.

The hiking trails pass right along the beach, which is great when you need a break.

Check out the pictures.

They’ll make you want to visit.

28.) Rim-to-Rim Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA

28.) Rim-to-Rim Grand Canyon

You’ve definitely heard of the Grand Canyon before.

There are many hiking trails to choose from.

If you want the full experience, try the rim to rim trip.

You’ll need two days and great hiking boots.

The payoff is that you get to enjoy both sides of the canyon, as well as the river in between.

29.) Appalachian Trail, United States

29.) Appalachian Trail

Here’s another famous trek.

The Appalachian Trail goes across fourteen different states and covers more than 2000 miles.

Only about half the people who start end up finishing the hiking trails, just because of its length.

You can always start with a few section hikes, if you want to build up your hiking skills.

30.) North Drakensberg Traverse, South Africa

30.) North Drakensberg Traverse

This trail is one of the best circuits in the world.

The trek lasts for forty miles.

It goes along the border between Lesotho and South Africa.

Take these hiking trails and you’ll get to see scenery from two different countries!

You’ll love the mountain scenes and the African wilderness.

31.) Polar Route, Greenland

31.) Polar Route

You can see the second largest glacier in the world on this hike!

There are a hundred miles of beautiful landscape on this trek.

You’ll pass through some of the most remote places in the world.

The scenery is gorgeous, and you’ll meet plenty of awesome people along the way.

32.) Sarek National Park, Sweden

32.) Sarek National Park

The best part of this national park is its size.

It covers nearly eight hundred square miles.

That means there’s room for you and plenty of tourists, but it will still feel like your own park.

There are so many different types of hikes to do.

You can explore the mountain terrain and take breaks by the rivers.

33.) Tiger Leaping Gorge, China

33.) Tiger Leaping Gorge

Hiking trails here are tough, especially during the rainy season.

Make sure to go when the weather is nice.

If you time the trip perfectly, you can enjoy beautiful waterfalls and jungle scenery.

The river running through the gorge also makes for great pictures when you need a break from the path.

34.) Grindelwald, Switzerland

34.) Grindelwald

This trek might have a complicated name, but the hikes aren’t tough!

There are day trips, hikes that take an hour, and ones that take a few days.

If you’re a beginner, make sure to check out the options here.

There are even family friendly hikes that everyone can do together!

35.) Sentiero Azzurro, Cinque Terre, Italy

35.) Sentiero Azzurro

This hike goes through several different towns.

The buildings in this area are famous for their colorful walls.

You’ll get to see five different villages, and you can choose among four beautiful hikes.

If you have time, see if you can go on every single trek in this area! It’ll be worth it.

36.) West Coast Trail, British Columbia, Canada

36.) West Coast Trail

This backpacking route covers about fifty miles.

The trail originally helped people rescue shipwrecked sailors.

Now, it’s a great way to see part of Canada.

You will get to explore caves, enjoy ocean views, and rest in the shade of forests.

It’s a great hike with plenty to see.

37.) Haute Route, France-Switzerland

37.) Haute Route

You have probably heard of this trail.

It covers over a hundred miles from France to Switzerland.

People often ski the route in the winter, but it’s also nice to walk in the summer.

There are gorgeous lake views, and of course you can spot great views of the mountain ranges.

38.) Desert Trek to Petra, Jordan

38.) Desert Trek to Petra

Petra is famous because it’s full of buildings carved right into the canyon walls.

That makes it a great spot to visit on a hike.

Instead of taking a crowded tourist bus, use your feet and see more of the ancient city.

The whole hike takes about a week, but the views of the rock buildings are worth it.

39.) Tongariro Northern Circuit, North Island, New Zealand

39.) Tongariro Northern Circuit

Here’s another awesome hike to try in New Zealand.

Lots of famous movies were filmed around here, so you might even recognize different locations.

The trek takes about four days.

You will get to see Mount Ngaruhoe from different angles, and you can see views of beautiful colored lakes.

40.) Inca Trail, Peru

40.) Inca Trail

Everyone knows about the Inca Trail, which is how most people get to Machu Picchu.

This is a worthwhile stop on anyone’s bucket list.

You should leave about five days to finish the trail.

Sometimes it’s tough to adjust to the altitude, so plan for a day of resting and recuperating.

41.) Kalalau Trail, Kauai, Hawaii, United States

41.) Kalalau Trail

This trail is beautiful, and its 22 miles lead you past all kinds of mountains.

The trail is a little dangerous because of the steep ranges it crosses, but you’ll get a wonderful view of Hawaii.

You can even take side trips to visit the beaches when you need a break.

Make sure to research this trail!

42.) Croagh Patrick, Ireland

42.) Croagh Patrick

When you only have a few free hours, try out this hike.

The entire three miles take about half a day, so it’s a popular hike for families and tourists.

The beautiful views of Ireland and the lakes are worth the trek.

You can even catch some mountain views along the way.

43.) Zillertal Alps, Austria

43.) Zillertal Alps

There are hiking trails here for everyone!

You can pick longer hiking trails through the Alps, or weekly trips, or anything in between.

The beautiful mountain views are incredible.

No matter what trail you pick, you’ll be rewarded with lovely scenery.

The snow-capped mountains are especially nice in summer.

44.) Kungsleden, Sweden

44.) Kungsleden

In the winter, this awesome trail becomes a skiing track.

In the summer, the route gives you nearly three hundred miles of beautiful hiking trails.

There are lovely mountains and valleys, and of course the typical scenery you’ll spot in Sweden.

No matter what your hiking goals are, you can accomplish them here.

45.) Annapurna Circuit, Nepal

45.) Annapurna Circuit

Depending on your goals, this trek can take anywhere from a hundred to a hundred and fifty miles.

There is diverse scenery throughout the hike.

You could spend one day walking through a village, and the next exploring rice paddies.

There are so many beautiful mountains to see, too!

The Next Step

There are awesome places to go hiking around the world, and we hope that this list inspired you!

Depending on your length of time and hiking experience, there’s always a new goal to reach and another country to explore.

Do your research and pick a few hikes that appeal to you.

Do you want to climb mountains?

Go somewhere tropical?

Stop by the oceans or lakes along the way?

Once you know what’s best for you, start planning your trips!

Just remember to take it slow.

You want to make sure that you enjoy these beautiful views.

Bring your hiking boots and a camera.

The rest is up to you!