10 Rivers In Texas As Beautiful As They Are Haunted

It seems strange to some that beautiful locations can be haunted, but in the afterlife, there are no rules about where ghosts can roam – and that includes the wonderful rivers in Texas.

Most people ignore the warnings about frightening places but you might want to take note if you plan to expose your immortal soul.

10 Rivers In Texas As Beautiful As They Are Haunted

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Updated 2/11/2020 – Whether you’re the type of person who enjoys swimming, fishing, kayaking or you just love the great outdoors for a nice hike, you’ll come across creepy shadows under water, nasty spirits in the woods and much more in these locations where beauty takes a back seat to the dark entities of the underworld.

10 Rivers In Texas As Beautiful As They Are Haunted

10) South Llano River – Junction

South Llano River – Junction

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Some say that the spirit of a baby who drowned many years ago haunts this river.

The result of a tragedy involving a mother suffering from post-natal depression, visitors say that the screeching cries can turn even the toughest person’s blood to ice.

One kayak enthusiast recalls the time she heard the screams.

It was a chilly afternoon when she decided to call it a day.

As she made her way back to the banks, she heard the cries coming from under the trees.

She paddled over and was horrified when she saw a baby face down.

When she jumped into the water, the baby was gone but she could still hear the terrifying screams.

9) Frio River – Uvalde County

Frio River – Uvalde County


One thing about this beautiful river is the occasional sighting of apparitions floating over the surface – looking like three white nuns ice skating – even in summer.

Witnesses advise they appear when twilight descends, along with the eerie sound of whimpering.

They leave a dark sense of foreboding in their wake.

A retired policeman reports that he was packing up after a day of fishing when he heard the whimpering on the breeze.

He froze when he saw the apparitions floating over to him.

The closer they got the more afraid he became so he raced back to his car.

When he turned to look behind him, he saw them floating off down the river.

8) Brazos River – San Felipe

Brazos River – San Felipe

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Visitors have reported that it’s hard to ignore the screams of a drowning swimmer in any body of water but trying to save the old woman in one of the longest rivers in Texas could mean your own demise.

One witness still shivers when he recounts the time he swam out to help the scrambling woman whose screams turned his blood cold.

Once he got to her, he saw her skeletal face and wicked sneer as she leaped over him and dragged him under.

All he could see were the ghostly limbs climbing and pushing him down as he fought for his life.

Suddenly he was dragged up and onto the banks of the river.

No one believed his story and no one found the old woman.

7) Pedernales River – Johnson City

Pedernales River – Johnson City

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Locals say that this is one of the most beautiful rivers in Texas and it’s haunted by strange spirits who like to play tricks on people, but visitors say there’s something more nefarious going on.

First you’ll see what appear to be footsteps on the water – which is strange enough – but then the skipping stones start flying across the river.

The thing is, no one appears to be on the edge of the river, so the stones come from nowhere.

One witness states that he was swimming and was hit by one of the stones.

When he strained his eyes to see who threw it, the footsteps came rushing towards him, like a ghost was running over the surface.

They disappear as quickly as they appear.

6) Sabine River – Orange

Sabine River – Orange


Visitors to the Sabine River say that it’s hard to ignore the ghosts who peer out from behind the trees on the edge of the water.

Apparently they are female and gruesome in appearance, with long black hair covering their otherwise naked bodies.

Some say they are witches and that they will curse you if you look at them.

A camper stated he heard something in the trees one night and decided to go for a look.

Soon the creepy spirits appeared and started weaving through the trees.

He felt a prickling sensation all over his body, before seeing a terrifying woman who turned into smoke, leaving him covered in red rashes for days.

5) North Sulphur River – Lamar County

North Sulphur River – Lamar County


Many visitors have reported seeing ghastly green faces under the water, who first appear to be large fish.

Two avid fishermen grew excited when they saw what they thought were fish, so they set up their fishing gear and began to throw their lines into the water.

They report that it was only a few minutes before they got a bite.

One of them pulled up a nice plump fish while the other couldn’t believe his eyes.

He saw long blonde hair attached to the hook and when he looked down in the water he saw pale green eyes and a terrifying face leering up at him.

He screamed and ran away, making his friend pull up the line.

Nothing was there.

4) Pecos River – Mora County

Pecos River – Mora County

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Some visitors warn to stay away from the sporadic whirlpools that appear out of nowhere in this river.

Said to be mini-portals for ghosts who like to spiral up after dark, witnesses report that these spirits will drag you down with them and drown you in order to join their deathly gang.

Swimming or boating seem to be the activities that mostly attract these spirits, who look like white fire emanating from the small whirlpools.

It’s believed that if you throw a stone into the whirlpool you can scare these entities off, but be sure your aim is true or they’ll come after your whole family, according to witnesses.

3) Bosque River – Clifton


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Swimmers who don’t know about the shadows under water might think they are swimming with the fish in this river, but it’s no fun when the slimy hands grab onto your ankles.

Witnesses report that these entities are people who were drowned by an evil cult leader, but no one knows for sure.

One older woman says her granddaughter was yelling for her to come and get her when she felt hands on her legs.

She thought it was due to the young girl’s overactive imagination, but when she picked her up, slimy hands slipped back into the water.

They haven’t gone back to Bosque River since.

2) Big Bend River – Terlingua



Wherever you see a waterfall along this river, be sure to keep as far away as possible.

Locals say that evil spirits lie in waiting, especially for lonely men.

Believed to be the ghosts of women of ill-repute, they call out in beautiful voices, luring many men into the falls and to their death.

One man barely made it out alive, after venturing behind one of these waterfalls when he heard what he described as the most beautiful voice he’d ever encountered.

As he approached, he saw red eyes looking right into his soul.

He stumbled backwards and swam to safety, but still has nightmares about the river.

1) Canadian River – Hemphill County

Canadian River – Hemphill County

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This location has many visitors stumped after coming into contact with strange, bobbing heads that flow down the river.

One woman advised that she thought they were turtles but when she saw strange human faces from the nose up – staring as they drifted along – she felt her blood run cold.

Some believe they are the spirits of Native Americans, stalking for intruders when darkness falls.

Even though they are sometimes seen during the day, they are more prevalent at night.

Their white eyes are almost fluorescent and if you hear their voices, it’s believed they’ve marked you for their ghostly hunt.