Haunted San Pedro: Ghostly Voices Caught on Video

Welcome to San Pedro, California.

This is where a property development – once known as Ponte Vista and now dubbed Highpark – has been undergoing a lot of changes recently to make it a master planned community.

The idea was to take a huge lot filled with vacant homes, tear the old stuff down, and build new housing on the grounds.

Haunted San Pedro: Ghostly Voices Caught on Video

Photo credit left: youtube/dannycapone24 right: flickr/gkoiter

Updated 2/10/2020 – And this is just exactly what is happening.

But while it was just a lot, with vacant houses on it, something happened…something frankly terrifying.

Hauntings of the Master Planned Community

A Backpackerverse reader, working security in San Pedro, California, captured a ghostly voice on video...

Photo credit: flickr/gkoiter

Daniel Candelaria – a Backpackerverse and Paranormal California reader – used to work security for the area.

This job, among other duties, included driving around the site and checking to make sure that no one was breaking into the homes, or squatting there, or generally causing any kind of mischief.

House after house of boarded-up windows, fifty-five gallon drums full of construction chemicals, dumpsters filled with the things that were once parts of homes…all of these things that must be part of a destruction before there can be a construction were routine to him.

In the video clip below, you can see that Daniel is just going about his business.

All looks well, and all continues to look well throughout the duration of the video.

In other words, it isn’t what you see that will disturb you.

It’s what you hear.

Ghostly Voices Caught on Video in San Pedro

Right at around 1:23 in the video, the recording catches a low male voice stating, quite ominously, “We don’t want you over here.”

This is what is known in the ghosthunting profession as an EVP – an Electronic Voice Phenomenon.

It’s not uncommon for strange voices to show up in the background audio of recordings.

Often, people who go to cemeteries at night, or into haunted locations, will take a digital recorder with them to capture real EVP recordings.

They will leave it running while they are at the location, the hope being that when they play the recording back, they will hear what the human ear is generally incapable of hearing.

On this particular day, Daniel Candelaria’s video recording just happened to pick up something that wasn’t audible to his ears in the regular world.

It is soft but implacable, sincere yet malevolent-sounding.

When Daniel found out later what he had captured in the video, he has stated that he was glad he never went back to the site.

Check it out for yourself in the video below.

Watch The Video:

What lurks in the clapboard shadows of the former Ponte Vista?

What unfriendly force roams the torn-up lawns and slinks among the emaciated shadows of what was once a group of people’s homes?

Whoever it is, it seems to be more than one entity.

“We don’t want you over here” sounds like the will of a group, but who or what group is beyond knowing at this point.

We do know that other people besides Daniel have reported paranormal activity there, so he is not alone.

And in reality, given the situation, why would he ever want to be again?

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