The Nightmares Are Just Beginning At This Newly Haunted Webster Swimming Pool

Texas Avenue Park in Webster, Texas, is a cute spot for families.

With fun activities for older kids at hand, as well as playgrounds for toddlers, parents can relax under the shade on picnic tables and watch the kids play.


Updated 2/11/2020 – …maybe the good times are reserved only for locals.

If you walk into the park on your own, at twilight after it rains, you might be in for a nightmarish surprise.

Do not wander alone at Texas Avenue Park in Webster, Texas

Especially not if you are new to the area.

Our psychic source, who prefers to be called Angela, had the strangest tale to tell.

“It all began a little while after I moved there,” she said.

“I am very peculiar about walking every day, but I always make sure to walk in the morning.”

However, due to heavy rain in the area, she wasn’t able to take her morning walk.

So, she decided to walk at twilight, once the rain had stopped.

“There wasn’t anyone nearby besides me,” she said, “even though there are usually a lot of people around.

Families with children.”

Yet, on that fateful day, Angela was alone at the park.

The darkness crept closer, the sun had set, and suddenly, her body wasn’t her own anymore.

“It felt like a compulsion,” she said, describing her experience.

“My legs felt alien.

My arms felt heavy.”

She wasn’t in control of her own body.

Left, right, left again, the park became a labyrinth of twists and turns as her body took her where she did not want to go.

“I smelled the water before I saw the pool,” she said.

“The air smelled like lilies.

I love lilies, my Mom used to grow them in her garden before she passed away.”

The scent would have attracted her anyway, even if she was in control of her body.

“I saw the green water then.

I slowly walked towards the edge and jumped.”

She does not remember climbing out.

She fell underneath the water.

The scent of lilies filled her nostrils before the water attacked her.

“I wanted to scream, but I couldn’t.”

Her legs still would not obey her.

She felt as if she had blocks of cement around her feet.

But she regained control of her arms.

She flailed, waving her arms around.

Then she touched the edge.

“I opened my eyes and found myself on my back on the wet grounds.

My clothes were dry.

The scent of lilies was gone.”

But the nightmares remained.

Unknown entity takes over an innocent swimming pool

Every town has its secrets, rumors, and legends.

Dig deep enough and you will uncover ghosts, ghoulies, and paranormal imprints frightening enough to give you lifelong nightmares.

Not this time.

The unknown entity is something that has never been seen before.

Some residents, and group of local psychics, believe it might be a demon.

Others believe that it’s just another form of a ghost.

A more powerful ghost than before.

And this one goes in for the kill.

If Angela had not touched the edge, which was when her torture ended, she might not have lived to tell the tale.

So be careful when you roam Texas Avenue Park in Webster because you might not be so lucky.