10 Haunted Places in Texas Perfect for a Paranormal First Date

Want to go out on a date, but are tired of the same old movies and restaurants?

Want to woo your significant other by doing something unique—not to mention a bit spooky?

Need some interesting date ideas?

Consider these places in Texas.

Their romantic atmospheres paired with misty apparitions are sure to give your special someone a night they will never forget.

10 Haunted Places in Texas Perfect for a Paranormal First Date

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Ten Haunted Places In Texas Perfect For A Paranormal First Date

10) Lake Worth Castle – Fort Worth, TX

The old, haunted Lake Worth Castle in Fort Worth Texas is waiting for you to try to discover all of the secrets that are hidden here.


Updated 2/11/2020 – This enchanting castle sits on the beautiful Lake Worth, and has spectacular views, not to mention two very active ghosts.

A young man is said to often appear in the halls of the castle, walking around.

Others report seeing a young bride running into the street from the Castle property.

Whether you’re a history buff or are trying to communicate with the dead, Lake Worth Castle is an ideal spot.

9) Bragg Road Ghost Lights – Saratoga, TX

The Bragg Road lights in Saratoga, TX are notorious, often spotted, and completely unexplained.


Saratoga’s infamous ghost light would be perfect for a first date.

Picture cuddling up in the car as you both search for a mysterious floating white orb.

This, now historic, ghost light is said to be the phantom lantern of a railroad worker who was once decapitated during a train accident.

While the story may not be romantic, an evening of deep conversation by ghostly lantern light is sure to be!

8) Angel Rose Bed and Breakfast – Rockport, TX

The Angel Rose Bed and Breakfast in Rockport, TX is cozy, but it isn't small, and they've got no shortage of paranormal occurrences.

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Need an idea for next year’s Valentine’s Day celebration?

Look no further than the Angel Rose Bed and Breakfast.

Established in 1881, the Angel is one of the few remaining historic houses still intact in the area.

Enjoy a quiet evening with your significant other all the while waiting for the apparition of a woman to appear in every reflective surface in sight.

This may frighten your date at first, but you will be there to comfort them.


7) Alice Lake – Alice, TX

Are you afraid of the water at this lake in Alice, TX? You will be, or at least, you should be.


Want to spend time with your beau out on the water?

Look no further than Alice Lake.

According to local stories, the lake is said to be haunted by a little girl who drowned there many years ago.

Reports of cold spots, orbs and the disembodied screams of a girl pleading for help have all been experienced.

So if your date enjoys a leisurely swim and a good ghost story, be sure to check out Alice Lake.

6) Old Coupland Inn and Dance Hall – Coupland, TX

Be careful if you're ever dancing in the dark at the haunted Old Coupland Inn and Dance Hall in Coupland, TX


Enjoy a good dance and a suicidal ghost?

Welcome to the Coupland Inn and Dance Hall.

Built in 1910, a woman who once committed suicide there is said to appear from time to time.

Other paranormal activity has been witnessed, including disembodied footsteps, and cold spots, especially when a band plays Cotton Eye Joe.

So grab your significant other, request that song, and see what paranormal activity you guys can conjure up as you do your thing on the dance floor.

5) Anson Ghost Lights – Anson, TX

There's a stretch of highway in Anson Texas where people have reported seeing strange ghost lights.


If your date loves creepy, horrific stories…and isn’t too squeamish, then they might enjoy the Anson lights, and the story behind their eerie appearance.

During the 1800s a woman is said to have sent her sons out for firewood, and said to flash their lantern in case they stumbled into trouble.

The boys wound up being murdered.

Now their mother appears as a phantom, swinging the lantern to call her children home.

Let the experience and the tale open the door to more creepy conversation.

4) Port Isabel Historical Museum – Port Isabel, TX

Museums are great places to learn about the past, but in at the Port Isabel Historical Museum the past doesn't want to stay in the dark.

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Have a penchant for animals and Mexican artifacts?

The Port Isabel Historical Museum boosts Mexican war artifacts and century-old paintings.

Not only is the phantom of a young boy supposed to be present in the 1899 building, but so is the ghost of a cat.

The cat has been spotted running across rooms and down hallways.

So if your date is fond of furry creatures, this the ideal location for a quirky yet paranormal outing.

3) Mayan Palace 14  – San Antonio, TX

The Mayan Palace 14 in San Antonio, TX has a sketchy past, both paranormal and on our plane of existence.


Does your crush enjoy a good horror movie and then some?

Be sure to take him or her to the Mayan Palace in San Antonio.

Enjoy a show as you hear the sound of invisible chains dragging throughout the theater and a loud phantom bang that repeatedly knocks against the ceiling.

This heightened paranormal activity may be the perfect excuse to grab hold of your date’s hand in delightful fright.

2) Whistle Stop Cafe – Decatur, TX

The Whistle Stop in Decatur is a great place to visit, and apparently a great place to haunt - if you ask the spirits.


Everyone needs to eat, right?

Well if your date is hungry and wants to gush over the latest episode of Ghost Hunters, then be sure to check out the Whistle Stop Café.

Staff and diners alike have heard the sounds of ghostly voices, and chairs that move of their own volition in the dining area.

Get to know your date as you wait for the sounds of unseen entities to emanate through the charming restaurant.

1) Chambersea – Anahuac, TX

Can you even imagine the types of haunted things that have taken place inside of the Chambersea in Anahuac, TX?


This 1845 plantation home was once the private home of General Thomas Jefferson Chambers who was shot dead in the house in 1863.

According to history, Chambers was shot in his chest through a window.

The bullet then struck the exact same spot on a portrait of Chambers on the wall behind him.

Today, his ghost is said to pace the room he was murdered in.

Screams can also be heard on the anniversary of his death.

Nothing makes for a unique date like a tour of a haunted house.


If you are ready to finally ask that cute girl or guy out and are in need of a sure fire way to spook and impress them, then be sure to check out the locations on this list.

They will not disappoint!