Beware The Horrific Dead Woman of the Glen Rose Hotel

In 1928, the town of Glen Rose became the site of a new hotel, called The Glen.

While the hotel was used as a makeshift home for women who awaited their soldiers to come back from World War II, it reopened as a hotel during the 1970s and has remained open ever since.

Many historical hotels have witnessed many strange and intense events throughout the years, but perhaps none have experienced them quite like The Glen.

The Most Haunted Place in Glen Rose

Updated 2/11/2020 – The lobby was once the site of a brutal shootout.

A man is also said to have drowned in the river that runs right outside the hotel.

But his ghostly spirit isn’t nearly as frightening as the spirits that dwell within the hotel’s walls.

Rooms 12, 18 and 29 are all haunted in their own right—from disembodied laughter to a pesky poltergeist who likes to destroy people’s toiletries.

But many people within the community agree that of all the rooms, Room 19 is the most haunted.

Caleb is one individual who experienced the paranormal activity first hand.

A Woman’s Touch

“A lot of my friends wound up moving to Texas after college, so I visit fairly often,” he said.

“I was in Glen Rose for a wedding, and had come back to my hotel room after a nice of drinking and general wedding debauchery.

When I first walked into the room, it felt extremely cold, abnormally cold.

“But at the time I was pretty intoxicated, and I couldn’t bother to do anything beyond take note of it,” Caleb shrugged.

“I crawled into bed still clothed and hoped I wouldn’t feel like death in the morning.

It was a couple hours later when I woke up feeling as though someone had just been touching my back…

Like it was not quite a feather, but softer than a normal human’s touch.

“There are many things about that trip that are hazy to me now, but I remember too well how unnerved I felt in that moment, thinking that there was someone else in the room with me.


I called out…and that’s when I began to hear the sound of someone breathing beside me,” he said with a visible shudder.

“With shaky hands I reached over and fumbled for my lighter on the nightstand.

“I finally got it to strike and I held it up in front of my face.

In the soft orange glow I saw the ghost of an old woman with rotted teeth grinning at me from underneath a lace veil.

I felt about ready to pee myself, if I’m being completely honest,” he admitted.

“I felt myself begin to hyperventilate as I lunged forward to turn the lamp on the nightstand on.

The moment the light flooded the room, the woman vanished without a trace.

Everything in the room appeared completely normal.

“I had just started to calm down again when I smelled this pungent floral odor in the air that reminded me of a perfume an old lady would wear.

I felt myself begin to panic all over again and I ran to the lobby just so I wouldn’t have to be in there alone.

I don’t know about any other place in Glen Rose, but that hotel is freaking scary.”