True Texas Terror: Are You Ready For This Haunted Road Trip?

If you love fear and horror, look no further than these terrifying locations in the state of Texas.

Known for beautiful beaches and many other wonderful vacation spots, there are some places where only the brave dare to wander – especially at night.

Take a trip down spine-tingling lane.

True Texas Terror: Are You Ready For This Haunted Road Trip?

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Updated 2/11/2020 – From demonic spirits who want to drag you to Hell – to unholy monsters waiting for the flesh of the young – these terrifying locations promise to deliver more chills than thrills, as exhilaration takes a back-seat to horror, murder and mayhem.

Not even a set of blessed rosaries will protect you now.

True Texas Terror: Are You Ready For This Haunted Road Trip?

1) Bloodthirsty Girl at Former Magic Landing Site – El Paso

A peek inside the haunting, abandoned Magic Landing theme park before it was bulldozed to the ground.

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This site, formerly known as Magic Landing, was an amusement park where a little girl died after falling off a ride.

Now it’s a lot for a trucking company, but her restless spirit can still be found – preying on those who dare to seek her out.

No one knows why she’s so bloodthirsty or why she likes to torment the living.

You’ll sense her dreadful presence before you see her.

In a blood-splattered white dress, with glowing white eyes, she levitates as she builds up the power to tear your soul to shreds.

The thing is – to get to your soul – she has to rip through your quivering flesh.

2) Hollow-Eyed Ghost Children at Shafter Lake – Andrews County

Beware the hollow-eyed ghost children at Shafter Lake in Andrews, TX.


Shafter Lake was the site of a smallpox epidemic in the 1900’s, with many people dying terrible deaths.

Survivors asked a local witch to help, but the herbal medicine she supplied created poisoning and hysterical hallucinations.

This resulted in people gouging out their children’s eyes and these young spirits still roam Shafter Lake.

If you visit at night, beware the ghastly children who try to lure you into their games, where they inflict the same terrors inflicted on them.

How will you be able to see with your eyes boiling in their sockets?

3) Curse of the Evil Witch on Moeller Road – Electra

This road is Electra, TX is said to be where a young girl was burned because they thought she was a witch.

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If you end up near the Sheila Bridge on Moeller Road, pray that you don’t meet the evil witch who was burned there in the 1800’s for practicing witchcraft.

When you hear her guttural voice chanting dark spells, then it’s too late – because you’re already cursed.

Starting with a burning sensation on your skin, it leaves the mark of a sinister hand-print, solidifying the curse which will bring calamity and woe forever.

To see her terrifying spirit is to seal your doom, as her naked, bloodied and wretched presence will permanently burn itself in your tortured mind.

4) Creepy Shadow People – Lake Lewisville

Lake Lewisville in Texas is haunted by any number of entities, and perfect for a road trip.


Fancy a romantic stroll around a peaceful lake?

Then steer clear from Lake Lewisville, where dark and creepy shadow people surface at night – arising from the water like demonic water spirits.

They’re also seen stalking around the lake, looking for fresh victims.

It’s said that they’re made from dark matter – infused with a substance so evil that to touch it is to lose your sanity.

You won’t know what kind of terror you’ll inflict on others, as their sinister tentacles lash out through you until you cross over into their Hellish domain for eternity.

5) Evil Hitchhiker on Patterson Road – Houston

Patterson Road in Texas has some of the creepiest vibes in all of Houston.

Watch out for an evil spirit on Patterson Road and consider yourself damned if you do give him a ride and damned if you don’t.

The only consolation is – if you do pick him up – you’ll arrive at your destination without serious incident, even though his presence will fill your soul with dread.

Psychic sensitives warn others against traveling this road.

If you pass the entity by, be prepared to lose your way as he continues to appear – while the fear builds.

For every pass you make, there will be an increase in bad luck and disturbing nightmares filled with horror, which will plague you for the rest of your short life.

6) Demonic Monster of the Pond along the River Place Nature Trail – Austin

River Place Trail in Austin Texas, try to imagine a haunted trail but with that little extra bit of Austin vibe to it.

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Keep your children close when you travel along the River Place Nature Trail, as the dark creature from the pond is no joke.

This evil entity likes to lure children into the water to drown – so he can keep them for himself.

No one knows who or what the monster is and why he has a taste for the souls of children.

At first you’ll smell the sickly aroma of rotten flesh, then – in a flash – your children will run off, lured by the monster’s telepathic promises of fun in his dark, bottomless pit.

7) Evil Entity on the Bridge – San Marcos

They say this island is guarded by the ghost of someone who fought in the Civil War. He's not ready to put down his weapon quite yet.

Thompson Island is surrounded by the San Marcos River and is haunted by the spirit of a Confederate soldier, who marches back and forth across the bridge.

When you approach him you’ll notice a frightening chill in the air.

That means he’s already planted his seed of terror.

From that point onward, there will be no more sweet dreams.

You’ll be carrying his horror with you every time you close your eyes.

Images in your nightmares will include burning for eternity in a lake of fire with evil shadow figures swarming.

There’s no escape.

Your soul belongs to the soldier.

8) Banshee Birds of Death – Port Aransas Beach

One of the most haunted plots of land in Texas is Port Aransas Beach.


Ready for terror inflicted by evil spirits?

At Port Aransas Beach, these spirits use the many birds who nest there, possessing them so they can fly out and do their evil deeds.

From twilight until way past midnight – if you hear them screeching – run for your life.

Believed to be Banshees letting the living know that the end is near, they also like to swoop down and peck out the eyes of unsuspecting victims.

The most horrifying sight is a flock of birds forming into one huge Banshee – who appears just before your soul is about to be torn to shreds.

9) Demonic Donkey Lady – San Antonio

The Donkey Lady Bridge in San Antonio is one of the most famous haunted places in Texas that isn't a tourist spot. People are genuinely convinced of the evil under this bridge.

Dare to visit the bridge over Medina River and incur the wrath of the horrifying Donkey Lady.

She’s believed to be the spirit of a woman who in the 1950’s, was burned alive with her children by her sadistic husband.

Some say her children died but she survived, terribly disfigured and hungry for revenge.

Those who cross her path tell of a ferocious entity whose flesh and skin still hangs from her bones, burnt and festering with her fingers and toes fused together – forming devilish hooves – along with empty eye-sockets.

If you stop your car and turn the lights off, be sure that she’ll come and drag you back to her personal Hell.

Do you dare take this road trip?

Even if you make it back alive, you might not make it back the “same”.

There’s only one way to find out…