10 Amusement Parks In Texas With Insane Paranormal Activity

Do you live in Texas and are in need of something fun and unique to do this weekend?

Do you have relatives coming into town and looking for a good time?

Are you, or one of your friends, interested in the paranormal?

10 Amusement Parks In Texas With Insane Paranormal Activity

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Updated 2/11/2020 – If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then look no further than these ten attractions which are considered to be the best amusement parks in Texas.

Not only are the rides and attractions sure to amuse your family, but each of these parks have developed a reputation for being haunted as well.

Ready to be scared?

The Best Amusement Parks In Texas To Spot A Ghost

10) Kiddie Acres Amusement Park & Miniature Golf – Austin

Kiddie Acres in Austin, Texas is fun for the little ones, and if you can spot a ghost - it'll be fun for you, too.

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Kiddie Acres is one of the best Texas theme parks for children.

They can enjoy a mini-boat ride out on the water, or take in all the park has to offer via the train ride.

No matter what, this old school amusement park is sure to be a hit for any kid around five or younger.

Be sure to keep an extra eye out for your children while near the pony ride.

Some kids have complained about being scratched by an entity while waiting in line.

Nobody is sure who or what the entity is, but it makes many of the children cry when they encounter it.

9) Bedford Splash Aquatic Center – Bedford

The Bedford Splash Aquatic Center is perfect on a hot Texas day.

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There are several water parks in Texas, but none that satisfy quite like the Bedford Splash Aquatic Center.

This park is ideal for those of you with little ones.

They love the large kiddie pool, and the various slides you can go down on.

Be sure to keep a close eye on them in the restrooms…

Recently visitors have reported seeing an apparition of an older woman whispering into the ear of their little ones.

When the children are asked about what the woman said, they refuse to answer—but try to drown themselves for the remainder of the day.

8) Zero Gravity Thrill Amusement Park – Dallas

Zero Gravity Amustment Thrill Park in Dallas Texas will shoot you up towards heaven, before you plummet back towards hell.

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There are many fun things to do in Texas, but none will get your heart pumping quite like this amusement park can!

Whether you’re a long time thrill seeker or looking to challenge yourself in overcoming a fear, Zero Gravity has something to offer.

Enjoy a turn bungee jumping, or rocket through the air with a buddy.

Just be sure to keep your eyes away from the perimeter of the park while you’re up there…

Rumor has it that the ghost of a young woman has been seen lurking around the edges of the park.

According to some of the best psychics in the area, the girl supposedly broke her neck on one of the rides and she now walks with her head permanently sideways, scaring anyone who sees her.

7) Fun Plex – Houston

You can find all sorts of fun activities and spirits in Fun Plex in Houston, Texas.

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Fun Plex is considered one of the best amusement parks in Texas.

This large scale park in Houston has something the whole family will enjoy, from arcades, to bowling.

Enjoy a trip around the indoor Ferris wheel…just hope that you don’t get into a haunted seat…

Rumor has it that a man once committed suicide by throwing himself off the Ferris Wheel many years ago.

Now his restless spirit haunts the seat he once had, and has been known to scream and yell at guests, trying to get them to jump as well.

A medium tried to channel his spirit to put him at rest, but unfortunately he is still stuck between worlds.

6) Morgan’s Wonderland – San Antonio

Morgan's Land in San Antonio is one of the most haunted amusement parks in all of Texas.

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Morgan’s Wonderland in San Antonio is one of the lesser known best theme parks in Texas.

What’s so great about this park?

It was specifically designed for kids who have special needs.

It’s also great for children under the age of seven.

They are bound to love the carousel and the miniature train.

The water works area is also a ton of fun to explore and experiment.

Occasionally visitors will experience hearing the sound of a disembodied baby crying near the fake tv/news station.

A few have even reported seeing the screens distort, and then a grotesque looking baby appear on the screen for a few seconds.

They said the sight was so terrifying, they left the park immediately.

5) Adventure Zone – El Paso

Adventure Zone in El Paso, TX even looks like it's haunted.

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Adventure Zone is one of the Texas amusement parks that offer package deals for birthday parties.

Enjoy a round of mini golf, or whizz around the go-kart track.

If your kids or friends want to use the bumper boats, be sure everyone is securely strapped in…

Some folks have reported that they have seen a strange black creature in the pool water while they were in the boats.

Said creature knocked into the bottom of their boat repeatedly, trying to knock them into the water.

It seems as though this place isn’t under the greatest repair in recent years, but that kind of just adds to the spooky ambience.

4) Funtrackers Family Fun Center – Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi is a little bit more haunted thanks to having this place in it, one of Texas' most haunted fun centers.

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Itching to hit a few balls at the battling cages?

Want to be able to do that AND ride a roller coaster?

Funtrackers has something to offer for the whole family, despite diverse interests.

One of their best features is an obstacle rope course you can spend hours on, racing your family members.

Just be sure to get out of the park around ten minutes before closing…

Former employees have reported that a misty, shapeless apparition has been seen in the park, wandering by the concession stand.

When one approached the mass, he said he suffered from strange hallucinations for three days afterward.

3) Colorado Canyon – Beaumont

Colorado Canyon Family Fun Center in Beaumont Texas is especially fun for the prankster ghosts.


Colorado Canyon is a great place to bring a date for a fun filled evening.

They have two challenging mini golf courses, as well as a slew of arcade games to play solo or as a team.

Be sure to do the laser run together…

According to some frequent visitors a ghost likes to scare women who go through the run by themselves.

They have been known to touch the back of their necks and shoulders and try to lure them into the dark corners of the facility.

2) Kiddie Park – San Antonio

Kiddie Park in San Antonio is said to be home to numerous ghosts, but who knows if they're really telling the truth?

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Kiddie Park is one of the theme parks to visit if you’re looking for a carnival-like experience to enjoy with the children or grandchildren.

Their rides are simple, but fun enough that your kids will want to ride them over and over again.

Face painting is available for an extra charge, but be sure to remain close to your child during this process.

Over the summer a few kids reported seeing a scary looking creature standing behind the girl who painted their faces.

The creature was said to vomit a green substance when the kids looked into its large black eyes.

1) Summer Adventures at Fair Park – Dallas

donatella c/tripadvisor

donatella c/tripadvisor

Summer Adventures in Dallas is considered one of the best amusement parks in Texas.

This park offers one of a kind attractions, such as a large Lego area, and giant sand castles.

Some people greatly enjoy being able to watch a dog show at the fair, but others report that a ghost likes to hang out in that area of the park.

The spirit is of a little girl in wet clothes.

Rumor has it that she was on family vacation and wanted to go to Summer Adventures but they went to a nearby lake instead.

When the little girl drowned she ventured to Summer Adventures and has never left.

A few people believe she isn’t a ghost at all but a demon, because her eyes have been known to glow red.

Have you visited any of these theme parks?

What did you experience?

Tell us in the comments below.