Paranormal Signs to Look for in Haunted Museums

Haunted museums often catch visitors unprepared for the psychic turmoil then inflict.

Most places that are haunted you would certainly expect, such as an old house, a dark cave, or a creepy hotel.

There are other places however that the last thing you would expect them to be is haunted; such as museums.

Paranormal Signs to Look for in Haunted Museums

Photo credit: flickr/14405515@N03

Updated 2/11/2020 – They are filled with decorative art, statues, and wonders of the past.

Not the first place you would think to see a ghost (let alone capture paranormal activity on film).

In fact there are numerous haunted museums that feature paranormal activity.

The reasons for paranormal sightings and activities in museums can vary.

Perhaps the antiques and artifacts have an imprint left behind from the supernatural.

It could be that the museum itself has caused entities to roam the halls through some past atrocity.

Whatever the case, here are most likely the reasons a museum might be haunted and the signs to look out for.

Ghosts of Museum Benefactors

If you invest enough time and money into something, chances are you want to see the end product come to fruition.

For these ghosts, they don’t even let death stop them.

Most haunted museums are visited by ghosts that have helped develop the project.

They put so much time and effort into building something up that they return in death to see the finished product.

This is not uncommon as ghosts often return to end unfinished business before their spirits move on to the next realm.

Spirits of museum donors could appear during construction or when the museum is fist opened to oversee their last project.

Murdered Victims’ Possessions in Haunted Museums

Murdered Victims’ Possessions in Haunted Museums

Photo credit: drjaysinful

Most museums carry paintings and old antiques, but what happens when the antiques used to be owned by a murder victim?

The results are that the spirit of the victim will remain close by these items, usually haunting the museum and the people inside.

If an antique holds a special tie with a person who was wronged, they might frequently return to that object to try and make sense of what has happened to them.

Trapped Souls at Fort Museums

War museums within forts are constantly plagued with hauntings due to the vast amount of people that died at the location.

War is man’s most devastating and deadly creation so naturally these spirits haunt these locations as a warning for humanity’s terrible actions.

Various amounts of atrocities could have been committed at fort museums that keep the poor souls they were acted upon trapped within the museum’s walls.

Most ghosts in forts have been known to whisper ominous warnings to patrons and workers.

If you find yourself at a war fort museum and hear mysterious whispers then chances are it’s some spirit wandering the halls.

Supernatural Paintings

Some haunted museums have paintings that will make you gasp for all the wrong reasons.

Most of the time you look into a painting in a museum you don’t expect it to move and look back at you.

That’s exactly what happens when you visit certain haunted museums though.

Some places have paintings and pictures that are haunted within themselves.

There could be a supernatural tie to the artist who actually painted the work, or it could be to the person who is in the art itself.

If a woman was horrifically murdered after having a portrait painted of her, it’s possible that her spirit is now attached to the artwork.

If you see someone in a painting move in an ominous fashion then they might have been wronged in their past life, their soul now suffering within a painting.