10 Scariest Haunted Houses In Texas (True Halloween Terror)

Interested in discovering the scariest attractions; the scariest haunted houses in Texas to visit this Halloween?

You’re in the right place so keep reading.

Updated 2/11/2020 – As summer comes to a close, many seasonal changes are quickly approaching.

The transition into fall means something a little different to everybody: for youth, it signifies the beginning of another school year, for sports fans it means that football season is nearly upon us, and for horror and paranormal enthusiasts it means that Halloween is just around the corner.

The official holiday only lasts one night, but diehard fans find ways to celebrate Halloween all month long.

In between costume shopping, and horror movie marathons, thousands of Americans like to test their nerves by visiting as many scary haunted houses as possible each year.

These days, it’s not hard to find a haunted house attraction near you.

  • But which ones are worth the cash?
  • Which attractions will truly terrify?
  • Where is the metaphorical diamond in the rough?

We have looked through countless haunted houses, and seen all sorts of things.

Among the average productions, we have listed ten of the scariest haunted houses in Texas that will test your limits and fears with every turn.

But be warned!

These are not for the faint of heart; you may even pee your pants!

The 10 Scariest Haunted Houses In Texas To Visit This Halloween

#10) Dark Hour Haunted House – Plano

Planning to spend some time in Plano, Texas? Don't miss this place.

Photo credit: darkhourhauntedhouse.com

This terrifying and theatrical haunted house builds on a dark and complex history.

The Dark Hour Haunted House, known as Coven Manor, is home to malicious witches of the Dark Hour Coven.

Intent on reigning over all that is evil, the witches attempt to gain control of all that is unholy by a ritual known as the dark hour.

From the cemetery that sprawls in front of the house, to the greenhouses behind it where the coven concocts poisonous elixirs, there is no safe place to hide from this coven of evil sorcerers.

Can’t wait for Halloween?

This Texas haunted house offers frightening tours every single month of the year except January.

So, put on a brave face and battle against the witches of Dark Hour Coven.

#9) Scream Hollow – Smithville

Scream Hollow is one of the best haunts in Texas, they open for 2016 in September.

Photo credit: screamhollow.com

Scream Hollow is located on a walloping twenty acres and is four miles away from the location of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

This park includes not one, but three haunted houses, each with a terrifying and unique theme.

The Mansion of Terror is the former home of a woman named Adella.

She ran a children’s orphanage out of the home.

Little did locals know that Adella often conjured up demonic forces by use of a spirit board.

These demonic forces would gain strength by devouring the abandoned children that lived with her.

In the factory, you will encounter your worst fears as you try to escape an evil horde of zombies.

Once a military experiment gone horribly awry, you must search for the cure amongst those who want to feast on your flesh.

In Slaughter Circus, a battle rages.

You must try to escape the evil clutches of both a murderous gang of circus clowns, and their enemies, a long standing family of horrific cannibals.

#8) Texas Terror Trail – Canutillo

Texas Terror Trail Scary Clown

Photo credit: texasterrortrail.com

Among the scariest haunted houses in Texas, there are a few gems that are not houses at all, but haunted trails.

The Texas Terror Trail was once home to a POW camp for German soldiers during WWII.

When a paintball facility was built in the area decades later, they unwittingly unearthed a mysterious and deeply disturbing force from deep underground.

Now, staff members are the victims of an inexplicable, evil force that like to terrorize them as they work.

Face the unknown at the Terror Trail and find out for yourself what undead creatures lurk behind the trees that surround you in all directions.

#7) Creepy Hollow Haunted House – Rosharon

Creepy Hollow is filled with horrors that will terrify you to the core.

Photo credit: creepyhollowhauntedhouse.com

If you’re near Rosharon and looking for one of the scariest haunted houses in Texas, check out Creepy Hollow Haunted House.

It has an array of attractions to stun and terrify.

Once a facility meant to experiment on feral hogs in the area, the factory has now become an infected zone of rabid creatures with a penchant for murder.

In the dark woods, you’ll encounter vagrants who have called the forest home for years.

These sadistic folks have been contaminated by the genetic fluids dumped there from the factory, and have evolved into gruesome half-human, half-animal hybrids of pure evil.

This Texas haunted house attraction is sure to have you on your toes all the way to the bloody end.

#6) Thrillvania Thrill Park – Terrell

Do you dare see what awaits you at Thrillvania?

Photo credit: thrillvania.com

Thrillvania Thrill Park is a fifty acre park that has three haunted houses, to fit your darkest desires.

In Verdun Manor, a psychotic werewolf enjoyed experimenting on travelers, turning them into violent creatures of the dark.

At Cassandra’s Labyrinth of Terror, resident clowns have been the victims of another of the werewolf’s horrific experiments, making them descend into deranged madness.

This maze of horrors distorts time and space for all that dare to enter.

In the Trail of Torment, you will find Sam, who was bitten by the vampire Cassandra.

Enraged by his fate, Sam now takes his anger out on unsuspecting victims who dare to enter his lair.

#5) Terror Nights Haunted House – Tyler

Terror Nights is one of the best haunted houses in all of Texas.

Photo credit: terrornightshaunt.com

Claimed by locals as one of the most terrifying haunted houses in Texas, Terror Nights Haunted House now has two chill worthy attractions on its premises.

At Chiseltooth Manor, you will find a backwoods, barbaric family with a penchant for torture and chainsaws.

Use your wit to escape their house from hell, or become a permanent play thing for this depraved family.

A beloved toy maker once had a store full of his creations.

But the untimely death of his daughter sent him into a manic state, and now those who enter Nightmare Factory must battle against the psychotic toy maker, or face becoming a toy themselves.

Battle for your life, in this factory of evil.

#4) Cutting Edge – Fort Worth

The Cutting Edge Haunted House is one of the best in all of Texas. Real sharp place, you might say.

Photo credit: cuttingedgehauntedhouse.com

Among haunted houses in Texas, Fort Worth’s Cutting Edge is by far one of the most intense.

The Cutting Edge is located at an abandoned meat packing plant, which provides a fantastic setting and makes it the perfect location for scaring the crap out of your date.

Once used to process animal meat, the facility has since developed the grotesque purpose of grinding up and processing humans for consumption.

Demonic creatures, sadistic humans and other ghastly figures have been attracted to the evil emanating from the plant and now call the facility their home.

Race against the clock and all of the plant’s evil entities so that you can escape with your life—and all of your body parts intact.

#3) Houston Terror Dome – Houston

The Houston Terror Dome is absolutely terrifying and a must-see for anyone in Texas that loves to be afraid.

Photo credit: houstonterrordome.com

The Houston Terror Dome has earned it’s spot on our list for good reason.

The Terror Dome is where some of the most demanding of Halloween enthusiasts get their scare on.

Filled with Hollywood quality props, you won’t know what is real and what is fake in this horrific attraction.

Littered with demonic creatures, bloody spirits and flesh eating zombies, the Terror Dome is so downright terrifying because it is drastically different every single year.

#2) House Of Torment – Austin

House of Torment is a huge haunt with tons of terrifying things to experience.

Photo credit: houseoftorment.com

Austin’s House of Torment will thrill you, and scare the crap out of you.

This award winning Texas haunted house contains three terror-inducing attractions.

Sadistic clowns have taken over a local slaughterhouse, calling it the Laughterhouse.

These evil clowns derive power from the fear and screams of others, so try to remain composed or else you’ll be their next victim.

At Hex of the Harvest, a coven of witches is bent on summoning an evil ancient being to Earth, known as the Ancient of the Harvest.

You must make your way through the pumpkin vines safely if you do not want to become cursed by the evil coven.

The Dead End District is a dilapidated town, now home to half-human, half-insect creatures bent on devouring any who enter their city.

Join forces with the remaining humans to rid the town once and for all from this grotesque horde of violent insects.

#1) 13th Floor – San Antonio

13th Floor is easily one of the best, biggest, and most intense haunts you'll ever encounter.

Photo credit: 13thfloorsanantonio.com

#1 on the list is the 13th Floor.

This Texas haunted house is based in San Antonio, and has gained quite a nasty reputation.

At the Burial Ground, you will explore the basement of an antique building, where victims of depraved experiments were held captive.

Go face to face with a horrific warlock who still oversees the grounds, and see if you can successfully escape through the tunnels underground.

Think you’re safe once you reach the tunnels?

Think again.

You will find yourself in The Void, a dark and creepy space where cold spots and horrible apparitions lurk for you in the corners of the dark…

The attraction concludes on the mysterious thirteenth floor of the building, where few dare to tread.

The spooks and terrors that await you there are very little talked about, so come prepared for the ultimate evil.

Check it out and see for yourself why the 13th Floor is the scariest haunted house in Texas…

And bring an extra pair of underwear.

You’ll need it.

Final Word

These Texas haunted houses are bound to thrill and chill you to the bone, whether you are a haunted house aficionado or new to the terror scene.

So many haunted house attractions across the country provide uninspired, lackluster scares all the while breaking the bank.

But these ten are worth every penny, and every blood curdling scream.

This Halloween season is sure to be a promising one if you visit any of these frightening attractions.

And remember that some of them provide year-round frights, so you don’t have to endure the agonizing wait for September or October to roll around.

Happy Haunting!

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