10 Best Hiking Vacations In The World

Hiking vacations are a fabulous way to reconnect with yourself through nature.

Where you don’t have to function in the techno-stress world we live in today.

Time for you to unwind and get healthy; mind, body, and soul!

10 Best Hiking Vacations In The World

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Updated 2/9/2020 – Whether you are hitting the trails with your family, a group of friends, or perhaps your hiking club, there are amazing hiking vacation adventures to be had all over the world.

Utah, United States has the amazing Buckskin Gulch.

You’ll find Paine Circuit Trek in Torres Del Paine, Chile.

Or how about Everest Base Camp Trek in Khumbu, Nepal?

Boy did that make an awesome movie!

VIP – Be smart when you hike and make sure you’ve got at least one experienced buddy with you!

If you are set to throw your hat to the wind and experience the adventure of your lifetime in hiking, you are in for a real treat discovering these 10 fabulous hiking vacations you’ve gotta experience at least once in your lifetime.

There’s no time as good as the present!

Grab your gear, water and sunscreen, and it’s time to hit the wide open trails!

10 Best Hiking Vacations

1) Paine Circuit Trek – Torres de Paine, Chile

1) Paine Circuit Trek – Torres de Paine, Chile - Hiking Vacations

Hiking vacations spectacular are what you’ll find in the Paine Circuit Trek.

This is where you are guaranteed the view of a lifetime.

A 75 mile hike of crystal icy lakes, deep blue glaciers, forests, and breathtaking mountains.

You can choose from up to 8 days of hiking or just 4.

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2) Buckskin Gulch – Utah, United States

2) Buckskin Gulch – Utah, United States - Hiking Vacations

This is where you get to see amazing rock formations up close and personal.

You get to dip and dive and squeeze your way through the trek; up to 13 miles wide in some spots!

Oh what an experience.

Buckskin Gulch is one of the hiking vacations you will NEVER forget.

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3) Everest Base Camp Trek – Khumbu, Nepal

3) Everest Base Camp Trek – Khumbu, Nepal - Hiking Vacations

I’m sure you’ve heard of this climb before!

The good news is you can climb the world’s highest mountain without actually trekking to the tip-top.

Now that would be TRICKY dangerous!

Make the climb to experience beautiful rivers, ice falls, and suspension bridges that WOW.

Another fabulous hiking trip!

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4) Mount Kilimanjaro – Tanzania

4) Mount Kilimanjaro – Tanzania - Hiking Vacations

Wanna hike almost 20,000 feet straight up into the sky?

Even if you’re an inexperienced climber you can make it to the top.

And that makes this a famously popular hiking vacations challenge for many.

Sounds pretty impressive around the coffee table when you stop and think about it!

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5) The Snowman Trek – Bhutan

5) The Snowman Trek – Bhutan - hiking vacations

Now this could very well be one of your hiking vacations of a lifetime.

Get set for travelling beneath 6 mountains and 9 passes; past ancient Buddhist Monasteries and Himalayan blue sheep.

A beautiful sight to see with so much wonderful to discover.

A true test of your love of hiking and what nature provides.

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6) Kungsleden – Sweden

6) Kungsleden – Sweden - hiking vacationsOtherwise known as “The Kings Trail”.

This amazing 275 mile hiking vacations adventure takes you through a lot of Sweden’s magnificent landscape.

Something you just have to see for yourself.

Keep in mind you are wise-owl smart to start with the short trail and work your way up!

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7) Colorado Trail – Colorado, U.S.

7) Colorado Trail – Colorado, U.S. - hiking vacations

Talk about an awesome trail!

486 miles of spectacular adventure is what you get through majestic mining towns and ancient and alive Indian trails.

An exploration adventure that will challenge you in a comfortable and exciting way.

A little scary perhaps, but SO worth it just to say you did it!

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8) Roan Highlands – North Carolina/Tennessee, U.S.

8) Roan Highlands – North CarolineTennessee - hiking vacations

This Appalachian Trail Masterpiece runs almost 50 miles between HW 19E U.S. and the Nolichucky River.

It offers spectacular views of the forest ridges, and unbelievably beautiful mountaintops.

A great trail for all skill levels and ability.

Slow and steady wins the race here; and don’t forget to bring your camera.

Photo credit: flickr/twilliams-naturephotos

9) Superior Hiking Trail – Minnesota, U.S.

9) Superior Hiking Trail – Minnesota - hiking vacations

If you happen to be a tree lover, this is one of the MUST hiking vacations for you.

Where you’ll immerse yourself in a world of pine, fir, cedar, birch, and aspen.

Add to that incredibly diverse wildlife and unbelievably beautiful waterfalls.

You’re going to have to pinch yourself to make sure it’s real!

Photo credit: wildernessinquiry.org

10) Santa Cruz Trek – Cordillera Blanca, Peru

10) Santa Cruz Trek – Cordillera Blanca, Peru - hiking vacations

This is typically a 4 day hike; fabulous for hikers of all ages and skill levels.

And if you happen to overdo it a tad and need a break, you’ve always got relaxing steamy hot springs along the way.

You might want to wait till you are done hiking for the day because once you’re in you might never want out!

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Your Next Step

Hiking vacations built on memories that last a lifetime.

Becoming one with Mother Nature and all that’s essential to life.

Where you can’t help but open your stressed mind and body to the calming effect of nature, and slip instantly into your happy zone.

Never-mind the hustle and bustle and techno-crazy world that you came from; at least when you’re hiking.

Leave that one at the door when you slip your boots on.

It’s time for you to enjoy the beautiful world around you.

Do it by hiking one or all of these AMAZING hiking vacations trails.

Are you game?