Pensacola: The Dead Rise at St. Michael’s Cemetery

St. Michael’s Cemetery in Pensacola Florida has withstood the test of time. T

he King of Spain declared this space an official cemetery in 1807.

His intention was to have the eight acre plot of land be a designated resting space for those of the Catholic Church.

Pensacola: The Dead Rise at St. Michael's Cemetery

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Updated 2/10/2020 – However, many sects of religion live on at St. Michael’s, and can be seen by the dead who inhabit it.

But have all the spirits really and truly moved on?

The Dead Still Live at Pensacola

Visitors of the cemetery have reported hearing strange, whispering voices when they have come to visit.

Some claim it is the dead, telling the living the gruesome ways in which they died.

Other locals claim that they have started seeing unusual lights at the cemetery.

They said that orbs of light can be seen, flickering around headstones.

Those who have witnessed these strange lights, including a psychic medium living in the area, are certain that what they saw were not mere insects.

There was something seemingly unnatural about their movements, their shape.

What is even more frightening is a more recent report.

A woman went to St. Michael’s to visit the final resting place of her grandmother.

This woman said she goes to the cemetery at night to avoid other visitors.

She feels more comfortable mourning in private.

She stooped to place a bouquet of flowers at her grandmother’s headstone, when she saw something.

A glint of something white in the moonlight caught her eye and she looked up.

An acre or so away, on the other side of St. Michael’s, she saw something that scared her more than anything she had ever experienced.

There stood a human figure that was void of flesh.

A Frightening Encounter at St. Michael’s Cemetery

St. Michael's Cemetery in Pensacola cemetery has a lot of haunted secrets.

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The bones glinted white under the moon as he moved around, walking from grave to grave.

Terrified, the woman crouched low behind her grandmother’s headstone.

She wanted to run, but fear began to paralyze her.

The woman can recall details about the entity with perfect clarity.

The ghostly figure had anatomy like that of a skeleton.

Even from a distance, she could hear the awful sound of his bones rubbing against each other as he moved through the night.

Dirt and remnants of decayed flesh could be seen on his limbs and torso.

As the figure turned to walk in her direction, the woman got a clear view of his face.

His nose had rotted away entirely, but it was its eyes that shocked her.

Expecting to see empty sockets, the woman saw pupils and irises, surveying the Pensacola graveyard.

At once she recognized that these were not human eyes.

Their sinister expression, their milky glow…

These were the eyes of the dead.

The skeleton figure continued to walk toward her.

Scared out of her mind, the woman knew she would have to run or else be caught.

In the back of her mind, she knew that if she were caught it would be her last night on Earth.

She scrambled to her feet, and made a dash for the cemetery’s gates.

As she ran, she heard the skeleton emit the most terrifying sound she has ever heard.

It was a raspy shriek of rage for having missed this prey.

Today, the woman swears she will never revisit this cemetery.


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