10 Unique Restaurants in Florida that the Locals Love

You’ve spent your day at the beach and are in need of sustenance.

Maybe you’re from around here, maybe you’re just visiting.

Either way, try something different than the same ‘ol.

Not sure where to start?

Well, we’ve got you covered.

10 Unique Restaurants in Florida that the Locals Love


Updated 2/10/2020 – Even if you’re a local, you’ve probably missed some of these gems.

Discover the tried and true best restaurants and eateries throughout the state that the locals go crazy for.

Some of them are well-known, some are just not-so-well-kept secrets.

In either case, you’ll enjoy your meals at these quality restaurants from all around Florida.

10) Jaxon Social – Jacksonville, FL

An outside view of Jaxon Social, they also have a very nice patio.

Photo credit: Yelp/Amy S.

Jaxon Social – Jacksonville, FL

Photo credit: Yelp/Jaxon Social

In need of dinner after a long day outdoors? Jaxon Social is a go-to hotspot in Jacksonville.

This restaurant is ideal for the budget-conscious who appreciates unique food pairings with an upscale presentation.

Jaxon Social has been put on the map thanks to their delectable seafood options.

Enjoy a ritzy drink on the patio, or enjoy the intimate interior, that has a touch of glam.

No matter the occasion, Jaxon Social will surely not disappoint.

9) Rooster & The Till – Tampa, FL

This trendy spot has a lot of elevated dishes for a sophisticated evening out - Rooster & The Till – Tampa, FL

Photo credit: roosterandthetill.com

Rooster & the Till is a really cool spot to have some very nice food.

Photo credit: Yelp/Farhan C.

Hanging out in Tampa and feeling adventurous?

Rooster & The Till offer creative small plates that will fit a refined palate.

Try unique creations and flavorful combinations, such as persimmon and cilantro yogurt.

Feeling less adventurous?

Rooster has become a local favorite due to its outstanding pork belly based meals.

This rustic meets glam restaurant is perfect for a one of kind dining experiencing, and the restaurant’s wide range of craft sodas are sure to be a nice surprise for the kids.

8) Se7en Bites – Orlando, FL

Se7en is a quirky place with an obsession for making delicious food - Se7en Bites – Orlando, FL

Photo credit: Yelp/Julie T.

You've got to try some of the breakfast items at Se7en.

Photo credit: Yelp/Lisa W.

Don’t be intimidated by the line out the door.

This cozy restaurant has a reputation for killer breakfast, worth every minute of waiting.

While specials are in constant rotation, their breakfast staples are unique adaptations of classic favorites, such as a mac and cheese breakfast sandwich.

7) The Lunchbox – Ocala, FL

A casual atmosphere, with some tasty and interesting takes on classics - The Lunchbox – Ocala, FL

Photo credit: Yelp/Jade C.

This very casual diner is great for family outings, but with much better quality food than you might normally find at a casual family spot.

Enjoy unorthodox touches to family favorites, such as fantastic sweet potato fries.

The Lunchbox has extraordinary fast service for families on the go.

No kids? Enjoy a fantastic list of drink specials while still donning flip flops.

Enjoy the restaurant’s array of vintage lunchboxes as you pick out drinks and meals that already have the tax price included in the list price, which is always refreshing.

6) Urban Brick – DeLand, FL

This pizza joint is friendly, casual, and isn't just for a biker crowd - Urban Brick – DeLand

Photo credit: urbanbrick.com

In the mood for a big, greasy pizza? You're in the right place, but they have a LOT more to try, too.

Photo credit: Yelp/Jenny B.

This casual little restaurant is located in the heart of historic, downtown Deland.

It’s warm, industrial style atmosphere is super casual.

Known for their delicious pizzas, the Urban Brick also offers hand crafted paninis, and a to-die-for appetizer of homemade potato chips drizzled with blue cheese.

Unlike other pizza joints, Urban Brick also provides a great selection of vegetarian options.

5) The Magnolia – Pensacola, FL

Magnolia is a great restaurant with real tasty, comforting food- The Magnolia – Pensacola, FL

Photo credit: magnoliapensacola.com

Photo credit: Yelp/Marlon T.

Photo credit: Yelp/Marlon T.

Do you desire a dining experience the entire family will enjoy?

The Magnolia is a family friendly restaurant that has a little something for everybody, but without trying to appeal to the lowest common denominator, either.

Terrific appetizers set the tone for a memory-worthy night out with friends.

Laugh and enjoy company over a fantastic selection of beers and wines.

Or, if you’re looking for a pleasant dining experience with family, enjoy their plethora of entrees, all selected and prepared with comfort in mind.

No matter the outing, The Magnolia’s casual yet classy ambiance is a total crowd pleaser.

4) Sonny’s BBQ – Florida City, FL

Sonny's BBQ is a classic, authentic BBQ pit with amazing food - Sonny’s BBQ – Florida City, FL

Photo credit: flickr/snappyjack1

The sampler platter from Sonny's, but the portions are much, much more generous than a mere sampling.

Photo credit: Yelp/Jeff A.

Craving some serious BBQ?

This family friendly joint is a total crowd pleaser.

Solid slabs of melt-in-your-mouth meat is served, along with several custom made BBQ sauces to choose from, right at your table.

The restaurant also boosts a delicious salad bar as well.

This casual and unassuming joint is a perfect place for kids.

Want to continue spending time outside?

Enjoy the Florida sun and some delicious ribs on Sonny’s outdoor seating area.

3) Kush – Miami, FL

Kush is a unique spot, with great beer and unique burgers - Kush – Miami, FL

Photo credit: cr-eate.com

The Kush burger is branded with their logo, not that you'd need a reminder where it was from - all of their sandwiches are memorable.

Photo credit: Yelp/Diana R.

This trendy little restaurant is ideal for adults or parents who are in need of a meal away from kids.

Enjoy classic Florida appetizers, such as alligator bites.

Kush has an amazing beer selection on tap, and most of them go perfectly with their famous frita burger.

Top it all off with an award winning Key Lime Pie, and you have yourself a delicious meal.

Intimate in size with a warehouse style feel, it’s a bit rough around the edges but that’s the charm.

2) The Fox & Hounds Public House – Kissimmee, FL

There's a certain old school appeal to The Fox and Hounds - The Fox & Hounds Public House – Kissimmee, FL

Photo credit: Google Street

A unique sampling of the fare you can expect at The Fox and Hounds.

Photo credit: Yelp/Robyn L.

Looking for something beyond your run of the mill restaurant or bistro?

Look no further than The Fox & Hounds.

This pub style restaurant has old time charm, and a menu full of authentic Scottish, Irish, and English style food, including Bangers and Mash, Scotch Eggs, and a rich Shepard’s Pie.

Like to sing?

Visit them on karaoke night and enjoy a few drinks with friends.

This tried and true pub atmosphere is great for a night of fun.

1) Caribbean Jack’s – Daytona Beach

A look at the front of Caribbean Jack's during the evening - Caribbean Jack’s – Daytona Beach

Photo credit: Yelp/Mike G.

A delicious salad with a Caribbean twist.

Photo credit: Yelp/Kira T.

This fun and friendly restaurant offers spectacular views of the water, both from the outdoor patio and within.

Sample exemplary crab cakes as you listen to a live band.

This relaxing and fun restaurant is made to look like a historic downtown street corner.

So relax, unwind and enjoy some tunes as you peruse the drinks menu at the tiki bar, and enjoy a taste of the local and legendary seafood.


Explore these wonderful restaurants around Florida, as they are sure to not disappoint.

No matter your tastes or the crowd you’re with, this list is bound to have a little something for everyone.

While you’re at it, why not go for something you wouldn’t normally try?

Are you used to upscale, fancy dinners?

Try something a bit more casual.

Or, if you don’t often treat yourself to higher-end meals, go try something new the next time you’re dining out!