10 Florida Taquerias That Make Tacos As Good As Your Mom’s

Do you need a reprieve from your standard fare of seafood?

Then check out the taqueria’s on this list.

Not all of them are super well-known, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less amazing.

10 Florida Taquerias That Make Tacos As Good As Your Mom’s

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Updated 2/10/2020 – Even if you’re a taco junky, there’s probably a few options here that you’ve yet to try.

From al pastor, carne asada, carnitas and more…to an endless supply of homemade salsa, these taqueria’s make tacos so good your mom would say “Muy bien!”

Ten Taquerias in Florida That Make Tacos As Good As Your Mom’s

10) El Castillo Taqueria and Bakery – Jacksonville, FL

El Castillo makes our list of the top 10 places to grab a tasty taco.

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You'll want a lot more than one or two, so stack up that plate with all the tacos you can handle.

Photo credit: Yelp/Gabie R.

El Castillo may be hard to find at first, but it is so worth the extra effort!

Their simple menu boasts an endless supply of meat selections, but they are best known for their authentic street style tacos.

Complete your meal with exceptional refried beans or chili rellenos.

Want something to take home?

Enjoy freshly baked breads along with your leftovers!

With guacamole made to order and super low prices, El Castillo will satisfy any customer and fill any stomach.

9) Taqueria El Asador– Pensacola, FL

This place is literally a hole in the wall, and they make some of the best tacos you'll ever eat.

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Very authentic, very delicious. No frills, just incredible food.

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Some may turn their nose up at this less than posh atmosphere, but one taste of their tacos changes everything.

Look for this humble little taco shack behind the local Shell gas station.

El Asador provides quality food at super affordable prices.

Like chorizo? El Asador has killer chorizo tacos, which can be washed down with their exemplary horchata.

This truly is a hidden gem of Pensacola.

Not only do they provide amazing food, but the atmosphere is colorful and is sure to be a place where fun memories are made.

8) Los Comparres – Tampa, FL

Grab your tacos, pull up a chair on the patio, and enjoy!

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Four tacos are better than two.

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Los Comparres is housed in a taco truck, and is a local favorite among Tampa residents.

From amazing ceviche, to delicious pork tacos, you may struggle to settle on a final choice.

The only issue you may find with Los Comparres is limited outdoor seating.

But this inexpensive joint is the perfect go-to place for a meal that you can bring home to friends and family.

7) El Taquito – Miami, FL

This little place is the home to huge taste.

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A tray of tacos and a Jarritos, perfect way to spend your lunch.

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Try to visit El Taquito outside of peak hours—they have limited seating, but their huge crowds stand as a testament to the delicious meal options they offer here.

If you visit during their off hours, you’ll be able to grab a seat at the counter and savor their street style tacos, loaded with fresh onions and cilantro.

Taco sauces are always made in-house and go great with their favored steak tacos.

Complete your meal with a sangria soda, which is unique and absolutely worth trying.

No matter what you’re craving, El Taquito has a fun and relaxed atmosphere that only adds to their tasty fare.

6) Black Rooster Taqueria – Orlando, FL

Black Rooster doesn't look amazing from the outside, it looks fairly plain and simple, but once you get inside it's a whole other story.

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If this doesn't get your tastebuds watering, check your pulse.

Photo credit: Yelp/Jeff K.

This trendy taqueria is known for killer guacamole and a black bean side dish.

Orlando residents rave about the Achiote pork tacos, and a surprisingly good romaine salad for those of you who are a touch more health conscious.

Whether going for the pork or their noteworthy chicken tinga tacos, no meal is complete without their homemade plantains.

No matter what you ultimately select, their fun interior and colorful chairs and accents provide a great atmosphere.

They also have seating outdoors if the weather is nice!

5) El Taco Amigo – DeLand, FL

Keep an eye out for the sign, it's easy to miss this little place - but you definitely don't want to miss it! Once you've eaten here once, you'll definitely miss it.

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El Taco Amigo has some very tasty dishes, and is very worth a try.

Photo credit: Yelp/Matthew J.

El Taco Amigo is a hidden gem, smack in the middle of downtown DeLand.

Don’t be swayed by its seedy looking exterior—their food is a total game changer.

Grab an inexpensive and delicious meal of carnitas tacos and horchata.

Don’t forget about their freshly made chips and salsa! Complete a delicious meal with a noteworthy churro.

Whether you order your meal from the inside or outside counter, Amigo provides authentic Mexican at affordable prices.

4) Senor Taco – Daytona Beach, FL

Eat inside Senor Taco or enjoy the patio, either way - you're in for a treat.

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You can choose a lot of different styles here, what're you in the mood for?

Photo credit: Yelp/Celeste P.

This taqueria provides a menu that is fully customizable.

Whether you’re in the mood for their amazing chicken tacos or something else, each meal can be ordered in three separate styles, meaning different toppings and sauces for each!

Like your Mexican spicy?

Senor Taco offers a variety of hot sauces, all made in-house.

Whether you want to sit on the outdoor patio or enjoy the fantastic artwork indoors, their speedy service will leave you happy and full in no time.

3) Antojitos Mexicanos Tenorio – Miami, FL

You'll love the tacos in this small, family-run restaurant.

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After the first bite, you'll probabally demolish the rest of the plate in about 2 minutes.

Photo via: Yelp

This place may look like a hole in the wall, but what’s wrong with a hole in the wall when said hole is full of delicious tacos?

This little family-owned place is known for their authentic fare, and super-affordable prices, making them a favorite among locals but also a “must-eat” place for anybody who is visiting the area.

They’ve been hailed as having the best guac in all of Miami, which is high-praise, and definitely worth trying out.

2) Casita Taqueria – Saint Petersburg, FL

Casita Tacos has been open for a couple of years only, but they're already making a big splash. You've gotta try this place!

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Your tacos look like a colorful work of art, it's almost a shame to eat them. Almost.

Photo credit: Yelp/Melissa Z.

Enjoy a noteworthy barbacoa taco, or try one of their veggie burritos if you’re into that sort of thing instead.

Top it all off with a homemade habanero sauce if you’re in the mood for something spicy.

Authentic, delicious queso and homemade agave margaritas will complete your meal to perfection.

This taqueria has a colorful and cheerful interior with southwest style décor that is simply hard to beat.

1) La Tiendita – Tallahassee, FL

There's a reason this place took the number 1 spot on this list, but you'll just have to try it and find out for yourself.

Photo credit: Yelp/Daniel P.

Only one plate of tacos can take the top of this list, and this is the one. Find out why...

Photo credit: Yelp/Cecille R.

Looking for a cute restaurant with delicious cuisine?

Look no further than La Tiendita.

Homemade guacamole and fresh juices and horchata are the perfect complement to any meal.

Unsure of what to select?

Just try everything.



The Florida sun and seashore is enough to make anyone ravenous by lunchtime.

Don’t settle for touristy restaurants with lackluster fare.

These authentic taquerias will provide an experience worthy of south of the border.