Haunted Homestead: Dead Children Appear at South Dade High School

South Dade High School first opened its doors in 1953, in the town of Homestead, Florida.

The new facility was built with consolidating populations from Homestead and neighboring Redland.

From outside appearances, it looks and feels like any other high school.

Updated 2/10/2020 – However, many students, past and present believe the school’s auditorium is haunted.

Rumor has it that if a small ground going into the auditorium, apparitions of a boy and girl will appear on the stage.

Bobby, who used to go to the school several years ago, decided one random day during his Junior year that he wanted to try to see the infamous ghosts.

“It seemed like most people knew about the haunting, but nobody ever said where the boy and girl came from,” Bobby recalled.

“Who were they, and what had happened to them to make them haunt the school? As far as anybody knew, nobody had ever been murdered there or anything like that.

“So at lunch time, I asked two of my friends whether or not they wanted to be late to their fifth period and try to track down the boy and girl ghosts.

They agreed, as curious about the legend as I was.

When the bell rang, and everyone scurried off to class, we crept into the empty auditorium.

Communing with Ghosts

“Most of the lights were off, but the house lights were on and dimmed—which is usually how they kept it during the day,” Bobby explained.

“We slowly made our way towards the stage, and stood about ten feet in front of it, unsure of what to do.

‘Maybe we should try to contact them?’ one of my friends suggested.

“’Little boy, little girl…if you are here, we would like to speak with you.

Can you tell us what happened to you?

Can you tell us why you haunt this room?’

I called out.

I tried my best to seem respectful and friendly.

We stood around for a few minutes and waited.

“After ten minutes had past, my friends started to get bored.

I had wanted to see them so badly, I was hard pressed to give up…but I had to agree that it didn’t seem like they would be revealing themselves to us.

“We turned and walked halfway to the exit when all of the sudden the lights in the auditorium began to flicker,” Bobby said, animated.

“We all stared at each other wide eyed, and walked back toward the stage again.

The whole time the lights kept flickering all around us.

“’Little boy, little girl…we thank you for making your presence known,’ I called out to them.

‘We mean you no harm, and we mean you no disrespect, all we want to know is if you died here, and if so, how?’

We stood and waited, and that’s when I felt a wash of cold wrap around my body out of nowhere,” Bobby recalled and visibly shivered.

“Suddenly, a large metal structure with lights on them came falling from the ceiling onto the stage.

The noise and movement was so loud, it scared the shit out of us,” Bobby murmured.

“We went running out of that auditorium as quickly as we could.

“Some people in Homestead think the ghosts at Dade are just rumors.

But I think that light falling was there way of communicating with us.

That is where they lost their lives in a tragic accident.”