10 Most Haunted RV Parks In California

Between numerous state parks, and fun-filled attractions, California is a great place to explore with friends and family.

While high end hotels can be costly, RV parks in California are not only budget friendly, but offer a wide variety of activities for those who stay on site.

Given the sheer number of RV parks in the state, it’s small wonder that some have become the permanent resting places of paranormal entities.

10 Most Haunted RV Parks In California


Updated 2/9/2020 – Today, we are looking at RV resorts that are considered to be the most haunted in the state.

10 Most Haunted RV Parks In California

10) Sunbeam Lake RV Resort – El Centro

El Centro plays host to one of the most eerie RV parks you'll find in all of Cali.

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Do you have a soft spot for theatrics?

Sunbeam Lake RV Resort in El Centro is a short distance from Southwest Performing Arts Centre, where performances are held year long.

Like to gamble?

Sunbeam offers trips to the neighboring casino, as well as poker tournaments.

However, anyone who participates in said tournaments should be aware that the game has been known to rile an entity that lives on site.

According to local legend, the spirit is of a man who was fatally shot in a dispute during a game.

Now, his spirit has been known to choke anyone who attempts to cheat during a tournament.

9) Flag City RV Resort – Lodi

The Flag City RV Resort in Lodi California is popular for both the living and the deceased.


Do you or your loved one appreciate high-end wines?

Flag City is nestled between over 75,000 acres of vineyards, and fifty different wineries.

Not big on wine?

No problem.

Flag City is minutes away from Lodi Lake, where boating, fishing and water skiing are all readily available.

Rumor has it that the library at the resort is where an elderly man once passed away.

Now, his spirit is said to live there.

Visitors have reported feeling phantom hands graze the back of their neck when they sat down to read in the room.

8) Sugar Pine RV Park – Twain Harte

Twain Harte in California hosts one of the most haunted RV parks, and it is called Sugar Pine RV Park.


Out of all the RV parks in California, Sugar Pine is one of the few resorts that is a short distance away from spelunking opportunities.

Folks can explore a local cave system, as well as Columbia State Park.

After a fun filled day, relax and unwind by the pool

Just be sure to steer clear of the pool after midnight.

Lately, guests have started claiming that a spirit has appeared, always under the surface of the water.

When one guest mistakenly assumed it was a fellow vacationer, and dove under the surface to say hello, he was terrified to see that the woman had a large black hole where her face should have been.

7) Three Palms RV Park – Fresno

The Three Palms RV park in Fresno California is haunted, obviously.


If your idea of a great vacation includes back to back activities, then Three Palms in Fresno could be a great place for you.

Over a thousand miles of trails, waterfalls and spectacular views are within reach at Yosemite National Park.

Or if you have kids, they are likely to enjoy the Fresno Chaffee Zoo.

No matter what entices you, the park will be a welcoming and clean place to return to every night.

Have an interest in the paranormal?

Yearly guests swear that Three Palms is haunted by a headless ghost who likes to appear on top of RVs around four in the morning.

The ghost can be heard walking around and pounding his fist on the roofs.

Some believe he was once a criminal who was decapitated in the area long, long ago.

6) Palm Springs Oasis RV Resort – Cathedral City

You'll find out why this Cathedral City RV park is among the most haunted in all of California.


Palm Springs is an ideal location for those who like to stay busy but conveniently close to an array of amenities.

The Palm Springs Clubhouse hosts many activities, from line dancing to preplanned arts and crafts.

If you visit you may notice that many folks who stay at Palm Springs have a penchant for the supernatural.


Because the restaurant on site is riddled with three spirits.

Rumor has it that a woman once checked into the resort to kill her two children.

When she failed to do so, the siblings decided to work together and murder her instead.

Now, her spirit can sometimes be seen in the restaurant, sitting at a table by herself.

Every once in a while she can be seen vomiting blood onto the table in front of her.

5) Beach RV Park – Santa Cruz

Beach RV Park in Santa Cruz is right by a fun boardwalk, a beautiful beach, and a few haunted entities that appear every now and then.


Those who are looking to spend some time with family should check out what Beach RV Park has to offer.

With an array of concerts and festivals at your fingertips, Beach RV is an inexpensive way to enjoy the many festivities of Santa Cruz.

Surf the day away, then come back to cook BBQ ribs at the park’s outdoor kitchen.

Do you have a spouse or friend who thinks they are really brave?

Put them to the test by having them hang out by the picnic area late at night.

It’s been said that a malevolent spirit will scratch people if they attempt to communicate with it.

4) Shadow Hills RV Resort – Palm Desert

Shadow Hills RV Resort in Palm Desert lives up to its name, as one of the shadowier places in California to see a ghost.

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This resort is within short driving range of numerous attractions, including rentable jeeps for tours—even balloon rides that can be taken out for an afternoon joyride!

The resort itself has numerous amenities, including indoor shuffle boards and pool tables and a library.

Anyone who spooks easily should stay out of the card room, however.

It’s been said that an entity likes to visit the room just before sunrise.

Those who are unfortunate enough to encounter the spirit have claimed that they heard the sound of a phantom gunshot, then felt an inexplicable pain in their abdomen, as if they had been shot.

If that wasn’t bad enough, those who “met” the entity have said that now they have chronic nightmares about the spirit.

3) Indian Wells Sun RV Resort – Indio

Indio is home to Indian Wells Sun RV Resort, which is one of the most haunted RV parks in all of California, and most of America for that matter.

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Sometimes, families struggle to agree on any one thing to do during a vacation.

Indian Wells is a fantastic resort as it has plenty to offer no matter what people are interested in.

From billiards to bocce, crafts and karaoke, Indian Wells provides numerous amenities, and all ages are welcome.

While your children may be safe with other vacationers, you may want to keep them away from the office on site…

According to recent visitors, a malicious poltergeist likes to lurk behind the counter in the office.

While it tends to leave adults alone, children who come into the office often say they have felt cold hands around their throat, making it hard to breathe.

2) Hope Valley Resort – Markleeville

Hope Valley RV resort and campground is home to many strange entities in Markleeville, California.

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Of all the RV parks in California, Hope Valley has an extensive list of amenities that will satisfy those who like to enjoy the great outdoors.

Test your horseback riding skills, or take a rigorous mountain bike ride through the trails.

Like to swim?

Be sure to exit the pool before the sun goes down…

Long term campers have witnessed a misty apparition entering and exiting the pool around 9pm.

Those who have seen it suffered from chronic nightmares, until said campers fled the campsite for several weeks out of fear.

1) McCloud RV Resort – McCloud

The McCloud TV resort has beautiful greenery, and is only somewhat haunted most of the year.


Do you or your spouse like recreational water sports?

There are four rivers within a short distance from the resort available for white water rafting, regardless of skill level.

Like to rock climb?

Nearby Mount Shasta is available for climbing and has spectacular views of the area from the top.

Intrigued by paranormal entities?

The brook on site is reportedly haunted by the apparition of an elderly woman.

According to local legend, the woman once slipped and drowned in the pond after breaking her hip.

Now, her entity has been spotted lingering by the edge of the water.

Those who dare to approach her have stated that when they look at her reflection in the water, her eyes turn completely black as she screams into the night.

Have you visited any of these RV parks?

What did you experience?

Tell us in the comments below.