10 Most Haunted RV Parks In Florida

Each year, thousands upon thousands of people like to pack up their kids and the family dog and spend a week at various RV parks in Florida.

While most offer an array of standard amenities, such as free wifi and access to showers, there are certain parks that definitely provide more bang for your buck.

Today we are exploring RV parks that offer a great place to stay…

10 Most Haunted RV Parks In Florida

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And we will also explore the ghostly tales that accompany each resort.

10) Silver Dollar RV Resort – Odessa, FL

There's nothing lucky about the Silver dollar in Odessa, Florida.


If you or a guest enjoys playing golf while on vacation, you may want to check out Silver Dollar.

The resort has three 9-hole courses right on site.

Silver Dollar also offers an array of amenities, including numerous biking and hiking trails.

Gather with friends or make new ones in the clubhouse where various board and card games are available for use.

Those who are interested in the paranormal maybe enjoy spending time in the clubhouse alone at night…rumor has it that an entity likes to communicate with the living by knocking on the walls of the building.

Guests report that if you sit down at the center table, the entity will sit beside you in the dark.

You can hear it breathing between answering questions.

9) Yellow Jacket RV Resort – Old Town, FL

The Yellow Jacket RV site in Old Town Florida is absolutely haunted.


This river front resort is a great place for individuals who enjoy fishing, and spending their vacation out on the water.

Rent a boat from the facility, or simply enjoy a beautiful view of the river as you lounge by the pool.

The Yellow Jacket Resort is a short ride away from the Sports Hall of Fame as well!

Just be sure to never let your children swim in the river at night…Many years ago a little girl drowned.

Today, her spirit still lurks in the water, and has been known to try to drown any boy or girl who is close to her age.

Yearly visitors believe she is looking for a friend in the afterlife.

8) Carrabelle Beach RV Resort – Carrabelle, FL

The Carrabelle Beach RV Resort in Florida is a lovely place to setup camp, especially if you aren't afraid of things that go bump in the night.


This beautiful beach resort is a great destination for family vacations.

Enjoy quality time in the sand not fifty feet outside your RV or rented cabin.

Those who are health conscious can make use of the resort’s array of fitness equipment.

Carrabelle is also close to many attractions, such as the ever breath-taking St. Vincent Island.

Feeling brave?

Be sure to walk by the children’s playground around midnight.

Chances are you may see Carrabelle’s resident ghost.

The apparition of a woman wearing a white dress has been seen, walking backwards around the jungle gym.

7) Sugar Sand Beach RV Resort – Matlacha, FL

The Sugar Sand Beach Resort RV Park has gorgeous sand and beach space for you to enjoy, and some sinister spirits you might not enjoy.


There are many RV parks in Florida, but few that have their own private beach like Sugar Sand.

Take advantage of the resort’s free kayak rentals, or spend the afternoon napping in one of their comfy hammocks.

For those who like to be on the move, there are many nearby destinations, such as the Edison Ford Estate, or the Seminole Casino in Immokalee.

If you or one of your family members enjoy the paranormal, look no further than the hiking trails that start at the resort.

Recently, visitors have reported seeing a shadow person watching them from behind the trees as they walked.

One woman claimed that the shadow man appeared on the trail in front of her, and began to run at her.

She fled back to the safety of her RV and refused to come back out for the rest of the week.

6) Pioneer Village RV Resort – Fort Myers, FL

Pioneer Village is a fine place to park your RV and take a rest, but don't get too comfortable - you never know when you might need to make a quick escape.


Have an undying love for sports?

Pioneer Village offers an array of recreational activities to satisfy your inner athlete.

Enjoy a round of volleyball, or tennis—you can even try your hand at the lesser known game of Pickleball.

If that isn’t enough action for you, you can always attend a Zumba class at the clubhouse as well.

Be sure to bring the family dog, just be sure to avoid the dog park during sunrise.

Rumor has it that the park is haunted by a canine phantom, who is most active at the beginning of the day.

Nobody has seen the ghost dog, but if you visit during sunrise, you have the chance of being mysterious scratched on your legs.

5) Sunshine Key RV Resort – Big Pine Key, FL

Big Pine Key looks great from above, and it's a really nice area in general, so long as the ghosts leave you alone.


Does your spouse or children enjoy a night of dancing?

Then Sunshine Key might be the best place to spend your upcoming vacation.

This resort has its very own ballroom.

Attend an energetic dance class or kick cardio butt in a weekly exercise class.

If you do anticipate spending time at Sunshine Key, make sure to adopt a buddy system whenever you use the laundry facilities on site…

According to local rumor, a woman once shot her husband to death in that room.

Guests now occasionally report seeing the apparition of a man, crouched in the corner of the room, drenched in his own blood.

4) The Grand Oaks Resort – Weirsdale, FL

The Grand Oaks Resort is said to be haunted by horses who have lost their lives.


If you have a very active family, then look no further than Grand Oaks.

This resort is chock full of things to do, including salon services, horseback riding and water polo.

Or you could spend the day zip-lining in nearby Ocala.

If you come to this resort with your own RV, chances are you may be safe…but use extreme caution if you decide to rent out a guest bedroom at the club house.

According to a recent visitor, a ghostly figure crawled into bed with him sometime during the night.

Paralyzed with fear, the man was forced to endure listening to the ghost whisper about bloodshed and torture until the sun rose the following morning.

3) Sunshine RV Resort – Lake Placid, FL

You won't want to visit the Sunshine RV Park in Lake Placid Florida if you're very sensitive to the paranormal, otherwise... you'll love it here!

timothy muther/google maps

Of all the RV parks in Florida, few can brag that they have amenities that specifically cater to females.

If you and your girlfriends want a ladies retreat, then be sure to explore Sunshine RV.

Here, you can attend a class that’s all about targeting trouble areas on the female body, or you can finally learn how to belly dance!

Does someone in your group enjoy a good ghost story?

Direct them to the shower stalls around 3 AM each night.

A visitor last year reported encountering an unseen entity while taking a late night shower.

She said she could hear a deep, male voice murmuring to itself as it raked its fingers against the shower curtain.

The activity would stop the moment she peeked her head outside the curtain, but would immediately start again after she resumed showering.

2) Camelot RV Park – Malabar, FL

Camelot may not quite live up to the castle and court of King Arthur, but that doesn't mean you won't find a great time her...and maybe some strange paranormal sightings, as well.


This RV park sits right on the Indian River Lagoon and offers spectacular views in the summer months.

Enjoy the fishing pier at the resort or spend a day observing birds and various wildlife at the Malabar Scrub Sanctuary.

It’s believed that Camelot RV Park is almost home to the wandering spirit of a young man.

It’s rumored that many years ago a man beat his son to death after discovering that he would not be graduating high school.

Still bloody, the young man is sometimes seen wandering the resort at night.

Occasionally he can be seen peering into the campers, smiling creepily at any female who sees him.

1) Royal Coachmen RV Resort – Nokomis, FL

So, you've never been to the Royal Coachmen RV Resort in Nokomis, Florida? Why not? You're not afraid, are you?

Does arts and craft rank high on your list of enjoyable hobbies?

Then the Royal Coachmen could be the right place for you.

This resort offers a wide variety of art classes and projects, from ceramics and wood carving, to a class on staining glass.

Interested in seeing a ghost?

Make sure you’re the last person to leave the banquet hall after class has finished…yearly visitors are convinced that the spirit of a little girl haunts the resort and likes to play with art and craft supplies that get left out on the table.

Two years ago, an elderly woman was trapped by the ghost inside the hall as the dead girl made the supplies fly all about the room…just by looking at the objects with her cold, dead eyes.

Have you stayed at any of these RV resorts?

What did you experience?

Tell us in the comments below.