Paranormal Activity Near The Boiling Springs at Mt. Lassen

What would you do if I told you there was a place you could visit in California — a lake, where the water appears to boil?

Well, there is such a place, and it’s called Boiling Springs Lake and it’s located at Mt Lassen at the Volcanic National Park.

It’s quite the sight to see, especially after you spend a decent bit of time hiking to get there.

Paranormal Activity Near The Boiling Springs at Mt. Lassen

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Updated 9/23/2019 – The soil surrounding the lake comes in all shades of red, many hikers have described it as a very unique experience.

However, many don’t have the fortitude stick around to walk the entire perimeter of the lake, because it’s been described by many as being “too creepy,” and they claim that they feel as if they’re being watched from afar.

With the red dirt, and the boiling lake, in which the color of the water has a grayish tone to it, you can imagine why this place throws some people for a loop.

As a matter of fact, the place appears to be downright unnatural.

“Never Go Down The Rabbit Hole.”

These words should send the shiver up anyone’s spine that plans on visiting Boiling Springs Lake.

A famous local legend involving the lake surrounds that of what appears to be a young girl with hip-length black hair that dawns a bunny mask.

She’s also been reported to wear a white dress, and striped stockings that run the length of her legs.

The pretty woman in the rabbit mask has been reported to use her charms to lure men into following her into the woods near Boiling Springs.

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Numerous locals have reported seeing this woman walking the perimeter of the lake, and that’s one reason many hikers won’t walk the shoreline.

The forest surrounding the lake  is so dense that one misguided step could easily cause you to become lost.

Despite wearing a mask, the woman is said to be absolutely enchanting when you see her, and a lot of young men have been enticed by her beauty.

She’ll stand by the shore of the lake, just outside of the tree line, watching you from afar.

Locals warn that if she motions you to come closer, that you should never follow.

She will lead you into the thicket of the woods, and that’s only the beginning of the nightmare.

Locals say that once you go down the rabbit hole, you won’t live to tell about it.

The Boiling Springs are like a Witch’s Cauldron

It’s well-known in mythology that witches have been rumored to have a cauldron in which they mix their potions in.

Typically, these stories are associated with fairy tales, but the information in which you’re about to learn is certainly no fairy tale suitable for a child.

Boiling Springs is referred to by some locals as the “Witch’s Cauldron,” because the lake boils, which they say has attracted those involved in the occult over the years.

Some even say that human sacrifices have been made in the waters of Boiling Lake, and that those who were sacrificed have been trapped in the area since their execution.

Some have even said that you can hear the chants of witches at the midnight hour — or perhaps it the sounds of lost souls that have been sacrificed in the name of Satan.

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