Unexpected Guests Haunt The Halls of La Quinta Resort and Club

Welcome to the La Quinta Resort and Club, in beautiful La Quinta, California!

Built in the 1920’s, this set of luxurious bungalows is a great place to stay and relax, or it can be the site of that next business meeting you’ve been planning for a while.

Beware, though; you may also encounter the paranormal along the way.

Unexpected Guests Haunt The Halls of La Quinta Resort and Club

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La Quinta Resort Is Known For More Than Just Their Hospitality

Updated 2/10/2020 – Visitors to the site often encounter a man running through the halls, and sometimes even through the walls of the rooms, screaming at the top of his lungs.

“He will alternately be angry and fearful,” says one self-proclaimed expert, a local psychic who declined to be named.

“When you see what’s chasing him, it’s hard to not be sympathetic.”

Sympathy is the furthest thing from most people’s minds, however, when they encounter the man.

“The night I stayed there,” says one man, “I kept having these bad dreams.

I had to get up and go to the bathroom several times throughout the night as well.

“When I came back out of the bathroom about three-thirty in the morning or so, I all of a sudden see this man – this ghost of a man, I guess – run through the wall right past me, screaming his head off and looking behind him as if he were being pursued by Satan himself.”

And was he?

The man shakes his head, and a shiver passes over him.

The Devil You Know, Or The Devil You Don’t?

“I almost wish it had been; the thing that was after him looked at first to me like a little person.

You know, a dwarf?”

Another shiver.

Guests at this resort in La Quinta have reported seeing eerie figures in the night, including an old man who runs towards them.

Photo credit: sadanduseless

“It wasn’t a dwarf, though, I can tell you that.

“It was a ventriloquist’s dummy, the creepiest damn thing I ever saw.

It came through the wall – the same as the man had moments before – and paused long enough to stop and look at me.”

There is a very long pause, during which the man takes a very long drink of water, coughs a couple of times, and looks off into the distance.

“I think he – it – marked me in a way.

It looked right at me as if to say, ‘If I ever catch this son of a bitch, I’m coming for you next.’

That was how I felt when he looked at me.”

It’s an odd story, even a little comical; the idea of a ventriloquist’s dummy chasing his master through the various bungalows of a vacation resort almost writes itself as a joke.

It is no joke to those who find themselves waking up in the watches of the night, staring as a man runs screaming angrily and fearfully from the pursuing beast that was – at least once upon a time – made of nothing more than wood and fake hair and a little fabric.

Who was this man?

And what, one is forced to wonder, did he do to the thing that is chasing him to inspire what must surely be the most violent of intentions?

If you want to find out – and if you’re brave enough to try – then you might just want to plan a stay at the La Quinta Resort and Club.