7 Creepy Waterfront Trails in SoCal Perfect for A Haunted Hike

As shows like Ghost Hunters and Ghost Asylum continue to grow in popularity, many Southern Californians seek to explore locations where they may have a ghost encounter of their own.

After much research, we have found these seven beautiful and scenic hikes that have also been reported as haunted.

7 Creepy Waterfront Trails in SoCal Perfect for A Haunted Hike

John Rizzitelli/flickr

Updated 2/10/2020 – Visit them, if you dare.

Seven Creepy Waterfront Trails in Southern California Perfect for A Haunted Hike

7) Laguna Lake Park – Fullerton, CA

This Fullerton park has a nice, easy trail in terms of hiking. In terms of the paranormal entities you may encounter, it's not so easy.

Photo credit: flickr/rockgod5150

This beautiful park has a relatively easy trail that is right beside a small body of water.

Recently, however, many locals who visit seeking fresh air on their lunch breaks have started reporting seeing an elderly man sitting down on a bench by the water’s edge.

A few passersby have struck up conversations with the man, as they enjoy the warm sunshine and the nature that surrounds them.

But a few have reported that as they said goodbye to the man and went to return to their cars, they glanced back at the older gentleman to find he is suddenly missing his head.

6) Corral Canyon State Park – Malibu, CA

Recently a group of tourists claimed they were stalked by a ghost while on their walk. They said that while on the trail, disembodied whispering from an unseen entity followed them during the entire hike.

Photo credit: sheribienstock.typepad.com

This lovely 2+ mile trail is nestled in the Santa Monica Mountains, yet is still an easy hike.

Surrounded by mountains on one side and the ocean on the other, many people visit the park to enjoy its breathtaking views and taking pictures of wildlife.

But recently a group of tourists claimed they were stalked by a ghost while on their walk.

They said that while on the trail, disembodied whispering from an unseen entity followed them during the entire hike.

One of the tourists swears that she felt an invisible hand on her shoulder when she temporarily stopped to tie her shoe.

After she cried out in fear, and caught up with her family, the disembodied voice grew louder and closer to them.

5) Mission Bay Park – San Diego, CA

Many locals enjoy the park, beach, and paths at Mission Bay Park. The ghosts seem to enjoy it, too.

Photo credit: flickr/Anthony Saputo

Mission is a large park that was built around the gorgeous Mission Bay.

Many locals enjoy this park, as it provides access to easy three mile hikes, all the way up to strenuous nineteen mile trails and everything in between.

According to a little known local legend, Mission Bay Park was once the site of a tragic murder.

Wanting to collect on his mother’s life insurance policy, a young man is said to have knocked her unconscious and buried her alive somewhere in the park.

Many locals have claimed to have seen the apparition of a middle aged woman wandering the park at night, crying and in search of her son.

4) La Jolla Coast Walk – La Jolla, CA

Here's the view from the walking path at La Jolla.

Photo credit: flickr/Iga Supernak

This trail extends from the La Jolla Cove to the beautiful beach shore in town.

Littered with tall cliffs, a couple who recently visited the area from out of state visited the park for a romantic evening of star gazing.

While there, they saw a pale woman in a long white dress walking along the cliffs at a short distance.

They were shocked to see the woman walk to the edge of the bluff and flung herself off the edge.

They cried out in fear, knowing she would likely suffer serious injuries upon landing, but the eerie woman disappeared before she hit the ground below.

3) Point Dume – Malibu, CA

Point Dume historically has a very eerie, almost creepy vibe about it.

Photo credit: flickr/segamatic

This easy two mile hike includes a beautiful ocean view and several different types of wildflowers.

When a woman, who considers herself a sensitive, came to hike the trail with her boyfriend, she claims she felt an eerie sensation the moment they arrived at Point Dume.

She kept getting the feeling that the two of them were not alone on their journey, though nobody was nearby at the time.

Overwhelmed by the feeling, she insisted they return to their car.

After she sat in the passenger seat, she happened to glance at the rear view mirror and saw a misty white apparition perched in the backseat.

2) Bluff Cove – Palos Verdes Estates, CA

This mile-long hike at Bluff Cove at Palos Verdes Estates takes you along the cove. Be careful, you'll feel isolated, and people have been known to lose their minds here.

Photo credit: flickr/satmary

This 1+ mile hike was once a perfect waterfront location for families to take hikes together.

However, recently, many visitors have claimed the Bluff Cove is haunted.

One group of runners were at the park one morning, completing a warm up jog.

As they rounded a corner they came upon a group of pale white children on the trail, facing the water.

When one of the joggers approached and asked if they needed help finding an adult, two of the children turned to face him.

Expecting innocent, normal children in search of a parent, the jogger was shocked to see that they had eyes as black as coal.

The group of runners quickly fled the area, and have since found a new park to train at.

1) Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve – Huntington Beach, CA

The trails at Bolsa China include many board walks that go over wetlands. Fish have been mistaken for ghosts here, or was it the other way around?

Photo credit: flickr/socalisme

The Bolsa Chica is comprised of over a thousand acres of protected nature.

Scattered along the many trails are docks that are built over pockets of wetlands.

Recently, a woman moved to Huntington Beach and decided to check out this beautiful preserve.

As she stood along a dock, taking pictures with her phone, she heard a small splash in the water below.

She had assumed it was a fish until a ghost emerged from the water below and grabbed at her ankle, attempting to pull her in.

Terrified, the woman could not get free.

Desperate to escape, the only thing she could think to do was to throw her phone at the apparition.

The spirit momentarily released her, and she fled from the reserve, scared out of her mind.


Many people think that they can handle encountering the dead if that is what they intend to find.

But the spirits that haunt these trails are terrifying enough to scare even the most mentally prepared.