Carlsbad Lagoon: A Sinister Siren Who Lures Her Victims

With summer finally here, it’s time for a little R&R.

And if you’re in Carlsbad, nowhere can be as tempting as Carlsbad Lagoon.

Perfect for paddle and motorized watersports, it’s one of the best places to enjoy wakeboarding and waterskiing.

Even if you’re not into these activities, you can simply lay back and soak up some sun.

Carlsbad Lagoon: A Sinister Siren Who Lures Her Victims

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Updated 2/10/2020 – Just make sure to pack more than some sunscreen for protection.

There are many things that go bump during both night and day, so you may want to be prepared before they make you their next victim.

The Carlsbad Lagoon Siren

The water is so clear that you can almost see deep into the lagoon.

As enchanting as this may sound, there’s one big drawback to this – you’ll get to see her.

Floating naked close to the surface, nothing about the Siren hints to her ferocious nature except the blood around her mouth.

Those who have the misfortune of seeing her are tricked into believing that she’s a corpse.

The water around her looks a little bit murkier, but anyone who has seen her and survived to tell about has had a difficult time explaining it.

Locals have speculated that she actually bites her own lips to create the blood, adding to the illusion that she’s injured and needs help.

But if she can bleed – does that mean she’s still alive?

Perhaps that’s the most chilling observation of them all.

She lays in the water, waiting for somebody to come over to help her…

We're not really sure if she's alive or dead, but she's definitely dangerous.

Photo credit: tumblr/xeirinix

Little do they know that this beautiful creature is just waiting to get closer to her latest victim to drag their lifeless bodies down with her.

A local legend says that a young couple became her victims when the husband spotted her floating closer to the hull.

Suspecting that she was one of the summer vacationers at the lagoon, he jumped into the water to save her.

The minute he touched her, she opened her eyes and held on to him tightly.

She bit at his throat and dragged him down with his blood swirling upwards.

His wife, who was watching them from the hull, was hysterical when officials found their boat.

Her husband’s body is yet to be found.

The Ghosts of Buena Vista Cemetery

Not many people know that the land surrounding the lagoon used to be a cemetery.

From 1885 to 1906, Oceanside’s Buena Vista Cemetery was the resting place for many locals.

Though many bodies were disinterred and moved over time, construction workers keep finding coffins and human remains regularly.

Because the resting dead have awakened, the residents of Carlsbad are used to seeing ghostly apparitions in their backyards and near the lagoon.

While most of these wander around, there are several who are out to get those who dared disturb their eternal sleep.

Many of Carlsbad’s residents have been found in the lagoon, drowned in its shallow waters.

Considering how a few victims are good swimmers and their corpses showed no signs of resistance, it was only natural for the locals to blame the jittery, angry ghosts.

Further confirming their suspicions are stories of a ghost who keeps on mumbling and calling residents’ names.

It makes its way easily to their homes, driving them crazy as it calls them out.

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