These 10 Evil-Infested Lakes In Texas Are Absolutely Terrifying

Everyone knows the south can be excruciatingly hot in the summer.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and need a reprieve from the heat, be sure to check out these lakes in Texas.

Not only do these lakes provide a place to spend time with your friends or family, but they have something to offer for paranormal enthusiasts as well:  sheer terror

Updated 2/11/2020 – So, be sure to grab your snorkel, and a crucifix, as you explore these ten lakes.

10) Whitney Lake – Bosque and Hill Counties, TX

Whitney is easily considered one of the most beautiful lakes in Texas, and is a fantastic place to go if you like to fish.

Rent out a cabin to make a mini vacation out of your journey.

Whatever you do, though…don’t swim out to the center of the lake at night.

Last year a couple reported being viciously attacked by something in the water.

When they examined the bites after, they found human teeth marks all over their legs.

9) Lady Bird Lake – Austin, TX

Like to stay active?

Lady Bird Lake has numerous trails that run along the lakefront.

After a rigorous loop, many people like to jump into the water to cool off.

Just make sure that you stay alert at all times…

Recently, people have begun to report that they felt something grab their legs and tried to pull them deeper into the water.

Some believe it is a ghost who is lonely and in need of companionship in death.

8) Possum Kingdom Lake – Graford, TX

Possum Kingdom is a great place to spend time with your friends, especially on the fourth of July.

Thrill seekers enjoy Hell’s Gate, where you can jump into the lake from high up on the cliffs.

You might want to close your eyes when you leap, however.

Rumor has it that many jumpers look down and have a vision of several dead bodies floating in the water, which causes them to improperly dive and hurt themselves.

7) Inks Lake – Burnet, TX

If you are interested in exploring wildlife while you enjoy a day on the water, then Inks Lake is a great place for you.

Nearby residents and campers have set up a ton of feeders and flowers that attract birds to the lake.

But if you spook easily, don’t look too closely…

According to a local rumor, some of the birds that flock to this lake are supernatural in origin.

You can see their skeletons as they fly overhead.

6) Ray Roberts Lake – Pilot Point, TX

Ray Roberts is an ideal place to spend an afternoon with friends.

Soak in some rays at their sandy beach, or play a round of volleyball on their court.

Just be weary as you gaze out onto the water.

Last summer a group of friends swear they saw a young woman calling out for help towards the center of the lake.

When two of their group members swam to help her, the woman had disappeared.

The two men were so weary, they were afraid they would drown swimming back to shore.

Some believe that was the woman’s intention all along…

5) Lake Granbury – Granbury, TX

Lake Granbury is an ideal place for those who enjoy a spot of fishing.

There are spots where folks can fish year round, and catch many different species of fish.

Just avoid looking too closely at the water…

Some fishermen have reported seeing ghost-like apparitions floating in the water, staring up at them on the docks.

Those who have seen these spirits were terrified and are still too frightened to return.

4) Lake Georgetown – Georgetown, TX

Aching for a quiet place to get away from the drama of ordinary life?

Look for further than Lake Georgetown.

This quiet, peaceful place is ideal for afternoon reading, or a leisurely swim by yourself.

Whatever you do, though, do not walk into the water at night.

Nearby locals say that a strange, unidentified creature lives in the water and will try to make you its next meal as it hunts for food after sundown.

3) Boerne City Lake – Boerne, TX

Boerne City Lake is an ideal place for families.

Enjoy a nice swim, kayak or paddle boarding.

Just don’t leave the family dog unattended…

Many folks who frequent this lake have said that there is something—or someone—in the water that dogs do not like.

If you let go of your dog, chances are they will leap into the water and try to defend the family from the unseen entity.

Some of them do not make it back to the shore…

2) Lake Ray Hubbard – Rockwall, TX

Many people flock to this lake because of their Yacht Club.

Many fun filled social gatherings are held there all season long.

If you attend an event or hang out at the bar at the club, chances are you might see a misty white apparition, walking on the surface of the lake.

Locals say it is the ghost of a woman who was left at the altar, then drowned herself in the water.

Now she is on the lookout for a new husband to spend all eternity with.

1) Lake Lewisville – Lewisville, TX

Of all the lakes in Texas, Lake Lewisville has many activities to offer, including a playground for the children and a disc golf course right by the water.

While by day the lake is great to spend a few hours, at night the water becomes infested with shadow people who emerge from the water and lurk near the shoreline.

A few folks have tried to approach these entities, only to go mentally insane when they touch the strange black substance.

To this day, none of them have recovered.

Have you spent any time at these lakes?

What did you experience?

Tell us in the comments below.