10 Scariest Haunted Things To Do In Dallas This Weekend

On the hunt for some fun and Halloween-oriented things to do in Dallas this weekend?

Be sure to check out the attractions and businesses on this list.

Rather than spending the weekend on an overly hyped, overly priced haunted house, why don’t you explore these places that are genuinely haunted all year round!

Updated 2/11/2020 – You’re guaranteed to have fun, and hopefully spot a spirit or two somewhere along the way.

10) Texas Discovery Gardens

Interested in butterflies and moths?

Be sure to check out the beautiful array of species at Texas Discovery Gardens.

They also have a ton of spiders and waterbugs for your viewing pleasure.

You can also choose to get married at the gardens…rumor has it that a ghost bride haunts the venue room.

Her dress is said to be covered with the blood of a groom, whom she supposedly murdered on their wedding night.

9) Zero Gravity Thrill Amusement Park

Looking for a thrill? This amusement park provides death-defying rides that are sure to get your heart racing, including bungee jumping.

According to local legend, a man once died at the park before safety regulations were put into place.

Now his decapitated body wanders the park, attempting to warn others away from experiencing the same fate.

8) State Fair of Texas

Of all the things to do in Dallas this weekend, the fair can’t be beat!

The Texas Fair is a great place for a date or family outing.

Indulge in a variety of different foods, some of which are award winning.

Enjoy the rides, games and the general carnival-like atmosphere.

Also be on the lookout for a ghostly girl, said to crawl around on the ground near the rides.

Both of her legs are broken, and to watch her move around is downright terrifying.

7) Pie Tap Pizza Workshop Bar

Often called the best pizza place in Dallas, Pie Tap offers gourmet style thin crust pizzas in a trendy and upbeat atmosphere.

Enjoy a nice meal and good company out on the patio, complete with fantastic beers on tap.

Don’t be surprised if you hear whispers when you’re alone in the bathroom…

Rumor has it that a young woman once killed herself before Pie Tap opened.

Now she is said to sit in one of the stalls, quietly begging for help.

6) Katy Trail

If you need a quick and easy way to enjoy some fresh air and maybe a jog, look no further than Katy Trail.

The trail is a couple miles long—ideal for mid-day exercise.

Recently, a few visitors have seen a shadowy mass walking around the Katy Trail Ice House.

Those who have seen it said that they heard a demonic voice in their head, telling them to kill themselves.

5) Bachman Indoor Pool

Bachman is a great place to enjoy a refreshing dip in the pool, swim laps, or relax in their eight person hot tub.

Tickets are inexpensive making this a great place to bring the kids or a large group of friends.

Last month an anonymous visitor claimed to have seen the apparition of a young boy appear in the pool beside her.

When the girl looked at the ghost, he opened his mouth and began coughing out water.

Many folks think he drowned in the pool, and is on the hunt for a dead friend.

Make sure it won’t be you.

4) Trinity Forest Adventure Park

Ready for a challenge?

Trinity Forest offers obstacle courses at varied difficulty levels, as well as a zip line that is sure to put a smile on your face as you whiz through the trees.

This place is great for kids—even teens will have a blast.

Just be sure to keep your eyes open when you’re by the restroom near closing time.

A misty apparition is said to appear and shriek at onlookers.

Some people the park was built where a historic cemetery once stood.

3) Mike’s Chicken


Mike’s Chicken has some of the best fried chicken you may ever taste.

They also offer mouth-watering catfish for all those pescatarians out there.

The casual atmosphere is great for an inexpensive meal out.

If you see a young, transparent woman lurking in a corner of the restaurant, steer clear.

She has been said to scratch people without even touching them.

2) Klyde Warren Park

This wonderful park offers plenty of things to do in Dallas this weekend, and every weekend.

Attend a fitness class, a concert, even a film on one of their movie nights.

The restaurant in the center of the park is said to be haunted.

Anonymous visitors have seen a grotesque, arm-less figure wandering through the tables, growling and frothing at the mouth.

1) Perot Museum of Nature and Science

Feed your inner nerd and explorer at this educational gem.

Enjoy an exhibit on the solar system, dinosaurs and several others.

Just be sure to use extreme caution when walking around on the top floor of the museum.

Some anonymous visitors have started reporting seeing a ghostly figure of a young girl who will dissapear into an elevator shaft shrieking the entire time.

Have you been to any of these places?

What did you experience?

Tell us in the comments below.