These 10 Genuinely Haunted Forests In California Will Terrify You

Forests and woods often present perfect fodder for a creepy night with friends.

There are many forests in California, but some of them are far spookier than others.

Consider checking one out…if you dare.

Updated 2/9/2020 – These ten California forests are known to be riddled with paranormal activity.

So grab your ghost hunting tools and hit the trails.

Just don’t say we didn’t warn you.

The things that go bump in the night do not always have a logical explanation.

These 10 Genuinely Haunted Forests In California Will Terrify You

10) Redwood National Forest – Orick

Redwood National Forest is old, beautiful, scenic, and haunted. One of California's best places for a spooky evening.

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This beautiful and popular forest provides multiple routes, whether you’re in the mood to challenge yourself to a nine mile hike, or if you’re looking for a scenic and easy way to access the beach.

Beware of robed and hooded figures who walk through the trees, however…

Many returning visitors who have seen these mysterious entities have reported suffering from chronic migraines and shudder-inducing visions for months afterward.

9) Lassen National Forest – Hat Creek

Lassen National Forest in Hat Creek, California doesn't have the same grandeur as Redwood, but it does have just as much paranormal activity.

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Lassen is one of the national parks in northern california and as such, it has many beautiful locations that you won’t want to miss.

Sulphur Works has boiling mud pots that are fun to check out.

Be sure to keep venturing down the trail until you reach Bumpass Basin, where there are many colorful streams and ponds for pictures.

If you’re looking for things to see in northern california, be mindful of any yellow colored orbs in this area…some people have reported suffering from seizures the moment they reach out to touch the bizarre balls of light.

8) Cleveland National Forest – San Diego

Cleveland National Forest in San Diego has been home to several accidents of the paranormal nature.

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Cleveland National Forest is a fantastic place for those who are looking to get away from the perpetual noise of San Diego, and prefer the sounds of target practice.

Those who are in the mood for a hike should hit Lawson Peak Trail.

Are you or one of your friends interested in ghosts?

Be sure to explore the trail right after sundown.

Chances are you may encounter the apparition of a woman who lives in the forest.

Those who have seen her have reported that she has only bloody sockets where her eyes should be.

7) Sequoia National Forest – Porterville

Among forests in California, Sequoia National Forest is one of the most well known.

Those who are looking for the perfect view should climb Moro Tock to really enjoy the wide expanse of forest.

Feeling brave?

Climb Moro Tock around midnight.

Legend has it that a headless apparition has been seen standing at the top.

Those who have approached it have reported that it attempts to grab bystanders as it screams and jumps from the edge.

6) Eldorado National Forest – Placerville

Eldorado National Forest is home to several reported entities that have been witnessed by visitors to Placerville.

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As far as Northern California attractions go, Eldorado is home to many reservoirs that provide a perfect quiet place for a romantic getaway with your loved one.

Enjoy the crisp cool waters and local camping sites available year round.

If you stay at the campground near Crystal Basin, be weary of a potential late night visitor.

A ghostly figure wearing an antiquated suit has been seen wandering from campsite to campsite.

A few unlucky campers have recently reported that they saw the figure looming over them in their tents, holding a knife over their heads.

5) Tahoe National Forest – Placer

Spanning over six counties, Tahoe is a forest that has much to offer and explore.

Feeling daring?

Be sure to take some of your bravest friends to the Pacific Crest Trail around three in the morning.

Rumor has it that a creepy black mass has been known to leap in front of hikers, shrieking.

4) Los Padres National Forest – Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara isn't usually regarded as one of the most haunted places in California, but a visit to Los Padres National Forest could change many minds.

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Los Padres is a beautiful span of forest spread along the coastline.

It’s an excellent place for walks and hikes, or just to get away from it all for a few hours.

Is someone in your family interested in ghost hunting?

Have them check out the Los Prietos campsite.

Late at night you can see the specter of a young girl with broken arms, wandering the area crying.

When one unlucky camper was dared to speak to the girl, he claimed to have become demonically possessed by her spirit until he was blessed by a priest.

3) Angeles National Forest – Arcadia

Make sure you come prepared if you visit Angeles National Forest in Arcadia, California.

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Angeles National Forest is made up of over 700,000 acres of trees, trails and desert-like terrain.

Be sure to take a trip on the Angeles Forest Highway…just be sure to avoid the road right before the sun rises.

Recently local residents have reported seeing misty white apparitions that suddenly appear on the road in front of your car.

Some people have gotten into accidents as a result.

2) Stanislaus National Forest – Sonora

Of all the forests in California, Stanislaus is one of the most secluded.

Enjoy an array of camping sites and picnic grounds as you escape the humdrum of everyday life.

Ready to test the bravery of your family?

Be sure to send them to the Utica Reservoir.

Rumor has it that the apparition of a little boy has been seen in the water.

Those who reach out to him to rescue him come back with large severe boils all over their flesh.

1) Forest of Nisene – Aptos

The Forest of Nisene is a great place for those who enjoy a rigorous ride on a mountain bike or just taking in the glory of nature.

Enjoy the paranormal?

Be sure to be on the lookout for apparitions hanging from ropes in the trees.

According to local legend the forest was once where several women were accused and hanged for witchcraft.

Don’t look these ghostly women in the eye…rumor has it that they will curse anyone who dare looks into their black eyes.