Angeles National Forest: “Animal-Like” Ghost Stalks Hikers

Hiking. Fishing. Exploring.

Recreational activities are abounding at and around South Mount Hawkins.

The mountain was named after a local waitress, by the name of Nellie Hawkins.

Nellie was known for helping tourists when they would stay at the Squirrel Inn, where she worked.

Angeles National Forest: "Animal-Like" Ghost Stalks Hikers

Photo credit: flickr/Little♥Krawler

Updated 2/10/2020 – South Mt. Hawkins is a part of the San Gabriel Mountains—a mountain chain that cuts through the magnificent Angeles National Forest.

South Mount is well known for its natural beauty and splendor.

But this natural wonderland is not untouched by tragedy.

Terror Reigns at South Mount Hawkins

In 1935, it was decided that the Angeles National Forest had be protected against wildfires.

A tower was erected on the summit of South Mount Hawkins.

The fire lookout tower was built entirely out of wood, making it one of the few all-wood towers in Southern California.

The tower stood for a peaceful sixty-seven years.

But on September 1, 2002 everything began to crumble.

A fire, now known as The Curve Fire, burned the tower to ruins.

Locals believe an occult group was responsible for the fire.

Members of this group scaled South Mount Hawkins and performed a ritual at its summit.

Little is known about the ritual that occurred, except that it involved several animal sacrifices.

Nearby residents were distraught by the fire, and the destruction of the tower.

But life quickly resumed as normal.

That is, until visitors began seeing animal spirits roam the summit.

Locals did not believe these claims at first.

They thought the tourists were merely unused to the environment.

But when nearby residents began making the same claims, the issue could no longer be ignored.

Birds, rabbits and cats have been spotted, roaming around South Mount Hawkins at night.

These animals are unnatural in form.

Their flesh has partially hardened and their eyes no longer sit in their sockets.

The hardened face of a sacrificed animal who isn't ready to fully cross over yet.

Photo credit: tumblr/blessedwildapplegirl

Locals have seen these bizarre animal-like creatures roam.

Their limbs are stiff and they walk with jagged movements.

At night, their shrieks cascade over the mountains and through the forest.

Their unearthly cries can be heard in nearby houses, keeping children up at night.

Some residents who have seen these animals are too scared to revisit South Mount Hawkins.

They are convinced these animals are evil.

Not to mention dead.

Shadow People Seen at the Summit of this Angeles National Forest Mountain

Historians in the area believe these spirits are the result of The Curve Fire.

The animals sacrificed in the ritual in 2002 have come back to haunt the area.

But these animals are not the only things that were revived that fateful day.

A handful of residents claim they have seen shadowy figures walking amongst the trees.

Many spiritualists are convinced that the occult practitioners had a very sinister agenda, and that whatever their intentions, something much more evil than dead animals now lurks at South Mount Hawkins.

Today, the area is haunted by more than just memories a tragic fire.

Dead animals and shadow figures constantly meander around the summit.

And some wonder what will be seen next.


South Mt Hawkins
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