10 Haunted Places in California Perfect for a Paranormal First Date

Bored on a Saturday night?

Are you and your cutie in need of something fun and new to do?

Check out one of these locations near you.

These haunted roads, parks and businesses are all home to various types of paranormal activity, and are guaranteed to spice up the old dating routine.

10 Haunted Places In California Perfect For A Paranormal First Date


10 Haunted Places in California Perfect for a Paranormal First Date

10) Phoenix Theatre – Petaluma, CA

Petaluma is the type of town that just seems to be a magnet for hauntings, and you already know what they say about older theaters...

nigel goodall/flickr

Updated 2/9/2020 – Do you and your significant other enjoy a good play or the hottest new bands?

Enjoy a night out at Phoenix Theatre, where ghosts are said to roam.

Visitors have seen full bodied apparitions watching the stage from the balcony.

Others report a constant litany of disembodied sounds in thewomen’s bathroom.

So watch a play or listen to some tunes while you and your date giggle over possible ghosts.

9) Fiddler’s Green – Modoc County, CA

Modoc County legend speaks of a horrific accident that took place at Fiddler's Green.


According to Modoc County legend, a woman was once killed at Clear Lake by a gang of robbers who invaded her home.

The robbers then proceeded to throw her body down a nearby well.

If your date wants to spend some quality time hanging down by the lake shore, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the apparition of the woman.

She is known to mess around with a phantom fiddle as well.

8) Hollywood Forever Cemetery – Los Angeles, CA

This Los Angeles cemetery is hope to many famous performers, and even after death - the show must go on.


Hollywood Forever is known for being the burial site of many celebrities.

Rudolph Valentino’s ghostis said to appear wandering in apparition form before meandering through the cemetery and disappearing over his own tombstone.

If you and your date enjoy old Hollywood films, and paranormal adventures, then be sure to check out this cemetery.

7) Gravity Hill – Altadena, CA

There are many Gravity Hills around the world, but you don't have to go far to experience one in your own backyard in Altadena, CA.


Many skeptics believe that gravity hills can be explained by an optical illusion, but a few of these spook hills scattered throughout the country is known for actual paranormal evidence versus simple gravity.

Loma Hill in Altadena happens to be one of those places.

As the gravity works on you or your date’s car, be sure to throw baby powder on the trunk.

As the car “rolls up” the hill, phantom fingerprints are said to appear in the powder as they help push your car away from danger.

Let the experience spark an interesting conversation with your date.

6) Knott’s Berry Farm – Buena Park, CA

Buena Park is home to America's first theme park...and perhaps one of the most haunted, but you won't find that on their sign.


Looking for an adrenaline rush?

Consider taking your significant other to this unique amusement park.

Many locations within are said to be haunted, including Camp Snoopy, and the Kingdom of the Dinosaurs ride.

Rumor has it that there was once a parachute ride, but it was shut down after a man committed suicide off of it in the 1980s.

Your date will not only enjoy the roller coaster, but the cold spots and disembodied noises in various spots throughout the park.

5) Carlsbad Inn Beach Resort – Carlsbad, CA

This Inn in Carlsbad is a lovely place to stay, especially if you're looking for a scare.

new hotell/flickr

This scenic beach resort is sure to please your crush.

Not only is it filled with luxurious amenities, but it is also home to what could be a poltergeist.

A watchful shadow has been seen in the Inn’s offices, as well as a misty, gelatinous form hovering in the courtyard.

Spend a romantic day on the beach, and a flirtatious evening hunting down an entity in the comfort of your hotel.

4) Battery Point Lighthouse – Crescent City, CA

This old lighthouse in Crescent City is surprisingly haunted, even for a lighthouse.


Want to take your loved one to experience a beautiful view?

Be sure to take him or her to this historic lighthouse.

Said to be haunted by the spirit of the former light keeper, some report hearing unseen feet climbing up the long stairwell.

Former caretakers have said that the spirit likes to sit in a rocking chair there.

Have your date listen for the ghost as the two of you make out to a glimpse of the beautiful sea.

3) La Paz – Calabasas, CA

La Paz in Calabasas is a tasty place to eat, and a great place to potentially run into some strange paranormal energy.


This restaurant is a great place to stop when you’re hungry for some delicious food.

Some visitors, however, are just hoping to experience something paranormal.

Whatever your motivation is, don’t leave without trying something off their menu – it’s just common courtesy.

Locals have reported seeing a strange Cowboy ghost, but investigations have yet to turn up anything concrete.

2) Vallejo Naval and Historical Museum – Vallejo, CA

This museum in Vallejo holds a lot of history, and some of it is paranormal in nature.

vallejo museum/flickr

This building was first constructed during the early 1900s.

It was said to be a community meeting place.

According to local legend, a woman by the name of Rose Borgia is said to have suffocated and died in the attic before it was a museum.

Today, her ghost is said to randomly appear amongst the displays, accompanied by the smell of gardenias.

Perhaps your date will enjoy a historic outing, and the sight of an apparition amongst the artifacts.

1) Duke’s Malibu – Malibu, CA

Duke's Malibu has a long, sinister history... If these walls could talk, they'd send you running.

jumar garcia/flickr

In need of a drink to calm your first date jitters?

Consider taking your date to Duke’s Malibu.

Those who consider the bar a favorite haunt have seen the ghost of Chris Polos, the former owner, hanging out behind the bar.

Female visitors have also reported seeing the spirit of an unknown woman in the corner of the bathroom.

Once a brothel, this spooky and sensual bar is sure to spark some interesting tales from both of you.


No matter if you’re devoted to the paranormal, or want to plan a fun date for the Halloween season, none of these romantic yet haunted locations will fail to deliver a night of fun, and frivolity—not to mention a couple of scares.